Fake Soldiers Put Genuine Soldiers at Risk

| June 28, 2022

Everybody here predicted this would happen.

The UK Mirror writes:

Fake soldiers being deported from Ukraine – despite having no frontline experience

By Sean Rayment & Jack Clover | 25 Jun 2022

Dozens of fake soldiers have been deported from Ukraine ­after being exposed as fantasists with no military experience.

British volunteers who boasted of heroic military careers are among those booted out of the country.

Some even appealed for donations on Go Fund Me pages, claiming they needed the cash to keep fighting the Russians even after they had returned to the UK.

Others used fake pictures of themselves holding airsoft pellet rifles and claiming they were taken in Ukraine.

The problem was revealed when ­veterans’ group The Walter Mitty Hunters Club was contacted by genuine British ex-soldiers fighting in the country about the extent of the blight.

Someone can make a lot of money selling a “Fake Ukranian Soldier Starter Kit.”  From photos I’ve seen, medals don’t seem to come into play so if you just have some cammies and a knit cap you can go far.

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Fake targets causing collateral damage.


Darwin Award nominees. (Try not to be nearby when they draw Russky fire.)

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was thinking of Danny Kayes Walter Mitty flick which I saw in the early 1950’s after a re release and when I read the bottom paragraph, there it was mentioned.


And an awesome short story by an awesome writer, James Thurber!


Pocketa! Pocketa! Pocketa!

Old tanker

I’m kind of surprised they just didn’t make up a squad of them and send them out to clear a mine field or on a scouting mission as a diversion.


Have them earn a shit burner patch.


“This is no shit! There I was, in the shit, with nothing between me and a Spetsnaz Death Squad but a dancer I met at an art gallery. A price on my head for taking out Russkie Generals. She hooked me up with a gas company official that used his Dad’s private plane to whisk me out of the ‘Kraine just in time. I did have to pay the Dad 10% of my mercenary sign on bonus. It was almost as bad as what I saw at Macho Grande! I have just enough of my bonus to get me a motor cycle…and maybe a vest. A group out in Nevada is holding a chili cook out to raise money for a comfort dog.”

Dan Fraser

Pffft. Me, John, freaking, Wayne and Al Gore in the ‘Nam. Barry Sadler bleeding out next to me, Roy Rogers trying to hold his guts in. Tracers flying everywhere and I was out of freaking gummies.


What color is the boathouse at All Points Logistics?

Green Thumb


My thoughts exactly.

Green Thumb

The All-Points Logistics Brigade.

I wonder if they (Phil Monkress et al.) have found a way to squeeze some funds from the stream of money headed that way based upon any fake claims?


 “The Walter Mitty Hunters Club” That just sings!


I bet things like this were happening during the War Between the States, too.
I know General Lee commented on the omniscience of the newspaper editors.
Some things never change.


An entire new legion of POSers has now been spawned.

We KNEW that this was inevitable.


If there’ could be a Walt kit, maybe an all- US version would have a do-rag, 87 medals, motorsicle vest, aviator glasses, and a joint lawer/pilot license.


Go big or go home. Pin on the Order of Lenin or GTFO.

tom reynolds

So their Call of Duty service doesn’t count? Are you saying all those wasted hours don’t make them soldiers? Going to be a lot of hurt feelings. LOL


No, not butthurt! No! /sarc