VA “patient advocate” attacks Vietnam Veteran patient

| June 22, 2022

A VA employee, who was a patient advocate ironically enough, has been arrested for assaulting an elderly Vietnam Veteran patient. Naturally he still has his job while the legal proceedings play out. Only in government, folks!

Local news has FOIA’d for the surveillance video and it’s pretty shocking. Of course there’s no audio and it doesn’t show anything leading up to the incident.

Task & Purpose has the story;

A Department of Veteran Affairs patient advocate who was recorded on a security camera assaulting a veteran patient still has his job.

Video of the encounter, released by WSB-TV, shows Phillip Webb, a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran, being choked, body-slammed, and thrown to the ground at the Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic at Fort McPherson. The assault took place on April 28, 2022.

Lawrence F. Gaillard Jr., a patient advocate at the clinic, was arrested that day and charged with felony assault.

In the video, Webb can be seen in a waiting room. After Gaillard points his finger in Webb’s face, he grabs Webb and throws him against a wall, choking him with both hands. He then throws Webb to the ground and repeatedly kicks him in the head before leaving the room.

The initial charging document from the U.S. Attorney’s office in the northern district of Georgia notes that Webb was initially treated by a doctor at the clinic who observed several injuries including a large hematoma over his right eyebrow and a contusion on his elbow. Webb was later hospitalized for three days with a “brain bleed,” according to WSB-TV.

Webb was at the clinic for an appointment to discuss a hernia surgery. He told WSB-TV that he doesn’t remember much of the attack itself, but the incident began when he knocked on the door of the waiting room to tell Gaillard that he was going to use the restroom.

“He was Mike Tyson-ing me there,” Webb told the news station. “I’m just stunned. I don’t know what to say.”

Gaillard was later released after paying his bond following the initial charge.

The Atlanta VA office confirmed to Task & Purpose that Gaillard was still under employment.

The case has since been turned over to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office because of jurisdictional issues. That office is now leading the investigation.

The press secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Terrence Hays, told Task & Purpose, “We are horrified at the video of a VA employee assaulting a veteran at the Atlanta VA Health Care System on April 28. This disturbing behavior is contrary to our core values of treating veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve. We take this matter seriously and will cooperate fully with Fulton County law enforcement.”

According to the VA, a patient advocate is “an employee who is specifically designated at each VHA facility to manage the feedback received from veterans, family members and friends. The patient advocate works directly with management and employees to facilitate resolutions.”

With friends like these…

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Daisy Cutter

Rumor has it that after he attacked the veteran, the VA patient advocate calmly walked out to the waiting room and said “Next.”




After finishing the rest of the veterans in the waiting line, Lawrence Gaillard rushed to the Chamber of Commerce sponsored event having audiences hailing from the main businesses in the area. The topic of his speech: Providing superior quality customer service.

Lawrence Gaillard beat elderly veteran most interesting man.jpg

He’s not bigoted; he treats all those no-good nazi babykillers the same!


Lawrence F. Gaillard Jr. needs some educational beat-down his own self.
And why d’fook is he still working at the VA? I don’t care what is said to you are what other issues are at play, there is no excuse for this behavior.
Am I racist to note this is a black-on-black attack?


Jr. identifies as a white RAAAYYYCCIIISSS, henceforth the attack on a black man. Jr felt that was the only way he could get a white privilege card and make street cred with the Krazy Kooky Klowns. Which, as everybody knows, 96.69% of the Georgia population is a member of that group. He’ll probably make employee of the year. A cross burning, followed by a lynching, will be held this weekend, on top of Stone Mountain, to commemerate Jr.’s induction ceremony.


Graybeard…You asked:

“Am I racist to note this is a black-on-black attack?”

Nope. The ninja family watched this last night…and THAT SAME THOUGHT came outta of our mouths…

It happens everyday in Chicago, DC, Atlanta…

So Sad.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I watched the video of the B on B assault

AW1 Rod

This piece of shit shouldn’t even still be BREATHING, much less still employed!


Fort McPherson?

I thought Tyler Perry bought the ENTIRE post??



VA got some of that unfortunately. Hope they like the six dozen non-migratory Canada geese who live there, make a daily circuit of the post and sh*t on everything along the way, too.


Maybe he had Daddy issues.

His Father was a SFC in the US Army…


SFC Lawrence F. Gaillard Sr. would be so proud of his boy. Too bad he can’t visit him to tell him just how proud he is.


Daddy issues?

USMC Steve

This doesn’t really sound all that out of character for the government’s most well deserving to be abolished organization.


Another mennonite unable to control their emotions.


Maybe Amish.


Are you saying this adult “gentleman” has impulse to commit violence control issues?


Yes, pissed me off. And now I am again hating the scum that did it all over again. Too bad he didn’t get 50 years in the federal pound. I’d say another case of impulse control, but he planned his vile attack of throwing gasoline on her and setting her on fire. His supervisor should be his cellie.


Can’t find a pic of Currie in any of the associated stories.

Hmm, wonder why that is?  🤔 


Here ya go, Poe.


I found that as well, but you obviously know where it is published.


Am trying to find the original source, rgr769…Had this saved when the story came out because just as you, we were POed about his sentence. And just as you, we STILL are…

So glad she stood up to DoD and the Army…!!

Maybe things will change? Look what happened with that Kid in Texas. Everyone knew he was a basket case…heck, NOT NORMAL..(carrying dead cats)..Innocent children MURDERED..

You do know the Dude who MURDERED those innocent people with his car is now claiming Insanity…THAT is gonna be interesting…

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

We saw that as well, but found the photo from another source a couple of years ago that may now be archived due to political correctness…

Am trying to remember if this was also posted on TAH a while back (the story with his photo).

Thanks for sharing.


I fixed this for you.  😀 

Man who set Army woman on fire base 03.jpg



Guy with a bush like that should not be
playing with flammable liquids.


Even the photo-happy won’t publish a pic of Currie, despite it publishing over a dozen photos of 1LT Blanchard. They apparently don’t want us to see that he was a 52 year old Black man when he committed this heinous crime. One has to go to a for realz white-power publication to find a pic of him.

I find it absurd that his lawers on appeal argued that he doused her with gasoline, attacked her with a straight razor and stabbed her with scissors but that he had acted in the “heat of passion” so he couldn’t be legitimately convicted of intent to kill her in his attempted murder of the LT. This, despite the evidence that he researched on his computer how long it takes for someone to die after their jugular is severed, brought a water bottle full of gasoline to work with matches (he didn’t smoke), along with a straight razor (he had a full, untrimmed beard).


But hey, don’t worry about his oppression as a POC by “the white Man,” he will be back on the street in ten years.


It’s the job of defense attorneys to make absurd appeals. It is the job of good judges to throw them out. Which is what happened. The crime was black on white but not racially motivated. Currie was a straight up nutter that hated everyone.


I did quite a bit of appellate work in 39 years of lawering, albeit in civil cases. I never made obviously absurd or false contentions to an appellate court, or a trial court. In fact, making provably false statements of fact to a court is grounds for discipline in many states. But I agree lawyers making unreasonable arguments in criminal cases is quite common.

And I am not saying race was a factor in his behavior, except we don’t know whether it was on his part or not. But I am sure there is no shortage of progs who believe it was the LT’s white privilege that caused the conflict.





PLEASE read this about that Dirtbag, Currie…

We are still ticked off about his light sentence:


The message is pretty clear; “come to the VA for medical treatment and do anything the staff doesn’t like and they will beat your ass without consequences to them.”

Oh, and if you didn’t get it the first time; “Fuck you”



Only Army Mom

Of course he still has his job. It’s not like he used the wrong pronoun or misgendered the elderly veteran


Mom, can you just imagine the outrage in the black community and the screaming demands for additional hate crime charges if the races were reversed?

Betcha there wouldn’t be any problem finding the white perp’s images all over the Internet… 🤔 


And…you can also bet a white perp assuredly would have been terminated forthwith…