American airman arrested in connection with April attack on US base in Syria

| June 22, 2022

Air Force Times is reporting on the arrest of an American airman in regards to an “insider attack” on a Syrian facility that resulted in the injury of four American servicemen.

Military law enforcement on June 16 arrested an American airman as part of an ongoing investigation into an insider attack on a small U.S. base in northern Syria that injured four service members in April, CNN reported Tuesday.

“An airman was taken into custody stateside in conjunction with the attack in Green Village, Syria,” Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek told CNN. “After reviewing the information in the investigation, the airman’s commander made the decision to place him in pretrial confinement.”

Stefanek did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Air Force Times Tuesday evening.

She declined to disclose the airman’s name unless he is charged in military court, which could come in the next few weeks, according to CNN. Stefanek has not provided the man’s unit, career field or whether he was an active duty member, or where he is being held.

U.S. Central Command has described Green Village in northeast Syria as a “Syrian Democratic Forces base with a small coalition advisory presence.” It’s unclear which airmen work out of that post.

On April 14, one week after the attack, Operation Inherent Resolve officials announced that the explosions were not caused by indirect fire on the installation, but “the deliberate placement of explosive charges … at an ammunition holding area and shower facility.”

CNN previously reported that the explosives were more powerful than hand grenades, but did not specify what type of weapon was used. Stefanek did not answer whether the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division are looking into any other suspects.

The service members who were injured in the blast were treated for traumatic brain injuries and returned to work. They are among approximately 900 American troops who remain in Syria to back government opponents in the ongoing civil war there, now in its 11th year.

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It was bad enough when the guys working “with” our men in Iraq were, shall we say, of uncertain loyalty.
This take Blue Falcon to a deeper level.


Marianas Trench deeper.


Remember THIS GUY???

Maybe they were are cut from the same cloth?

We Shall See. Due Process. Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

Course, if one is a Conserative, one is Guilty Until Proven Innocent…


So,, Purple Hearts for wounded?


If guilty, and due to the cost of scaffold lumber, I recommend execution by musketry. Can organize a detail that will give an historically accurate depiction of loading and firing .577 Minne’ Rounds by the 9 count. Drags out the ceremony and gives the dirtbag time to think about the error of his ways before he begins his one way trip to Hell. Volunteers to a man, will provide Rifled Muskets and hand rolled cartridges. These skilled marksmen can also place that slow moving round into a painful spot v a fatal spot. End result is the same, just takes a little longer.

Yes, I know that hanging is a less honorable way to go, but, again, seen the price of lumber lately?


Since they failed in taking away our guns, the Libs are now trying to shut down an Ammo Plant that makes 5.56 for DoD…

Say….When was the last time you saw a gun with hands and legs…and eyes…

Guns Don’t Kill People…


Spot on, ninja…been following the whole “where ya gonna get your BBs from” thing for a bit now. DotMil pushing the new 6.8X51 round to replace the 5.56 for the Active Military. Neither the weapon OR the cartridge will be available to the public. Reminds me of Ms Thang’s Pop Song from awhile back; “One way or another, I’m gonna getcha…”. All part of the Master Plan, Comrade.

Before that tragic boat accident I had firearms scattered all about the house, vehicle, shop, ect. Some of them for 50 years or more. Within reach of children, dogs, visitors and significant others. Not a single one killed anybody. Must be the new, late model weapons that have that feature of killing folks on their own.

“…shall not be infringed.” Pretty simple. gabn/rtr/hbtd

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Big Country Expat’s take on the 6.8 debacle; starts at the bottom half of the post

Yep, don’t know why my linky didn’t attach on my comment. Been lurking on his site for a while since you put his linky up the FIRST time, back yonder. IMHO, BCE has moved from being a Conspiracy Theorist to an “I told you so”. Guess you been following his thoughts on the food situation too. Placed another order for rations from mypatriot the other night.

The Stranger

I’m sure that I can find a less expensive way to build a scaffold.


Third floor porch of a triple decker.
Plenty of those in most major cities left over from the
last round of urban renewal.

The Stranger

Used to live on the third floor of a Chicago 3-flat….


“seen the price of lumber lately?”

Or good Manilla rope.


Air Force.

We brought you the Navy.

And now the Army Reserves. Please give us time to find the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard…

You Be The Judge…

Hack Stone

And Senator Edward Kennedy, who served in Paris during the Korean War, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. If you have a D following your name you are bullet proof.


someone used the wrong pronouns?


Of course the airman isn’t named. Will likely be one of the Aloha Snackbar crowd.


My thoughts exactly