Biden’s drink at the tap of stolen valor

| June 15, 2022


Let’s be honest here. It’s obvious that Biden has no legitimate memory left. He lies about everything in his history. He always has, but it’s gotten worse the last few years as he sundowns. His handlers and spouse seem okay with this, so we can only continue to point it out. Maybe eventually they’ll see that elder abuse is real and reprehensible.

This one actually happened a while back, but one of our ninjas wanted to make sure everyone saw it. You see, like Hillary’s attempts to gain some credit by claiming she had once attempted to enlist with the Marines, Joe too wants you to know that he was an almost-military man. This despite his years of deferring military service when he was in the prime age group for the draft.

From New York Post;

Joe Biden says he applied to Naval Academy, but dates don’t add up

President Biden told graduating midshipmen at the Naval Academy Friday that he applied to the school in 1965 — but a quick check of his biography shows problems with the story.

Biden said he applied to Annapolis with a letter from then-Delaware Sen. J. Caleb Boggs, but the year he cited — 1965 — is the same year he graduated from the University of Delaware. The academy doesn’t offer graduate degrees.

“I was told the Class of ’72 is here. I was appointed to the academy in 1965 by a senator who I was running against in 1972 — never planned it that way. I wasn’t old enough to be sworn in. I was only 29 years old when I was running,” Biden said.

“He was a fine man. His name is J. Caleb Boggs,” the president went on. “I didn’t come to the academy because I wanted to be a football star. And you had a guy named [Roger] Staubach and [Joe] Bellino here. So I went to Delaware.”

Bellino and Staubach are the only two Navy football players to win the Heisman Trophy as the best college football players in America. Bellino won the award in 1960, while Staubach did so in 1963.

“But all kidding aside,” Biden continued on Friday, “the best line of the debate was after it’s all over, the announcer, the questioner — who was a good guy, but supported my opponent, who was a good man as well, I might add — and he said, ‘Sen. Boggs, is there anything else you want to say?’ And he said, ‘Yes, just one thing.’ And he took the microphone. He said, ‘You know, Joe, if you accepted my commission to the — my appointment to the academy,’ he said, ‘you’d still have one year and three months’ active duty and I’d have no problems right now.’”

It’s unclear if Biden has told the story before, but it surprised political journalists who have covered his many campaigns and his presidency. Biden’s 2008 autobiography “Promises to Keep” does not mention the Naval Academy.

Spokespeople for the White House and academy did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for additional information.

The US military was heavily involved in the Vietnam War by the mid-1960s and had Biden attended the academy, he would have had to serve in the Navy upon graduation.

Biden received five student draft deferments during his four years at the University of Delaware and subsequent three years at Syracuse University College of Law.

After Biden graduated law school in 1968, he reportedly was deemed unfit for military service by citing childhood asthma. His memoir doesn’t mention the condition while describing his football exploits or his work as a lifeguard. A report released in November by his doctor also doesn’t mention asthma.

Biden has a habit of seeking to relate to his audiences by sharing questionable anecdotes about his personal experiences — as well as making false or exaggerated claims.

In September, Biden told Jewish leaders that he remembered “spending time at” and “going to” the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh after the mass murder of 11 people in 2018. The synagogue said he never visited and the White House later said he was thinking about a 2019 phone call to the synagogue’s rabbi.

About two weeks later, Biden told an Idaho audience that his “first job offer” came from local lumber and wood products business Boise Cascade. The company said it was news to them and Biden had not previously described an interest in moving to the state.

In January, Biden told students of historically black colleges in Atlanta that he was arrested during civil rights protests — for which there also is no evidence.

In perhaps the most infamous example, Biden in 2020 claimed he “had the great honor of being arrested” in South Africa when he was “trying to get to see [Nelson Mandela] on Robbens [sic] Island,” where Mandela was in prison until 1990. He said Mandela thanked him for it. Later, Biden admitted that it was untrue.

Biden dropped out of his first presidential campaign in 1988 due to a scandal involving plagiarism of speeches and a law school paper and controversy about claims he made about his academic record.

The president’s critics often accuse the 79-year-old of being in mental decline. During his remarks Friday, the president said “North Korea” when he meant to say “South Korea” as he listed supporters of US sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

At least Trump’s lies made sense. They were all to stroke his own ego. Biden’s lies are just plain stroke-like.

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It doesn’t matter. At least 30-40% of the population would still vote for him again anyways. Even with the current situation effecting their daily lives (gas prices, inflation, etc.).

USMC Steve

That is what one can only call people stuck on stupid. Actually one would have to be delusional to be so dedicated to a political party that one would willingly get screwed in the ass on a daily basis and not feel it or acknowledge it.


Democrats… there’ll always be Free Sh*t in it for ’em, they feel.
comment image

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

My friend/dancing pard who is a staunch democrat and hated trump when he was in office told me last week while in the Texas Roadhouse that if Pres. Trump ran again, she would vote for him. All she said was that she made a big mistake. 81 and she can out dance me and her grand kids. Man what a chick


That’s because 30-40% of the population is of a younger generation that did not get taught history. History began
when they were born.


Thank You, Mason, for sharing this..
Great Minds Think Alike!!

Here is the recent article (14 June 2022):

“No Record Of Biden Naval Academy Appointment He boasted Of In Speech”

“President Biden claimed last month at the Naval Academy’s graduation ceremony that he was appointed to the military school in 1965 by the late Sen. J. Caleb Boggs (R-Del.), but a search of Boggs’ archives has failed to turn up evidence to back the claim.”

“Curators at the Delaware Historical Association in Wilmington were able to find records of Boggs’ academy nominations for just one year in the early 1960s and could not locate records for either 1965 or the more plausible year 1961.”

“That means, barring evidence from an unlikely third party, that it’s probable only Biden — who often shares incorrect or exaggerated memories — can prove his claim.”


“To be safe, we searched the full range of dates from 1960 to 1965. It does seem extraordinarily unlikely that an appointment would have been made in 1965, given
President Biden’s years of matriculation at the University of Delaware, but we wanted to be thorough,” Rifenburg said.”


“Our staff devoted a large chunk of last week to this project. We hauled and sorted through a few dozen boxes from the relevant years, which proved to be a needle-in-a-haystack proposition, as we feared,” chief curator Leigh Rifenburg told The Post.”

“Rifenburg said the three-person library staff was able to find a list of Boggs’ academy picks for 1962 after a “box-by-box” search, but that Biden wasn’t on that list. A congressional nomination is needed to attend the academy, but it’s unclear if Boggs nominated candidates each year, Rifenburg said.”

“There are basic biographical problems with Biden’s claim that he was appointed in 1965 — most significantly, the fact that Biden graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965 before attending law
school at Syracuse University. The academy doesn’t grant graduate degrees.”


“We were unable to find appointments for entry in 1961, 1963, 1964, or 1965,” she said.”

“The Naval Academy, meanwhile, “does not keep preliminary applications” and therefore would have no relevant records, director of media relations Elizabeth Wrightson told The Post.”

Biden’s speech on May 27 cast his supposed near-enrollment at Annapolis as a laugh line. According to the president, during a 1972 Senate election debate against Boggs, the then-incumbent remarked that his young challenger would have still been in the military if he went to the academy in 1
965 — as he would have graduated in 1969 and then been commissioned for five years.”


“While vice president in 2010, Biden told a slightly different version of the story at the Naval Academy’s graduation that year.:

“In the earlier version, Biden, who graduated from high school in 1961, said he was “considered” by Boggs. He said that happened in 1960, which also is potentially problematic because Boggs didn’t become a senator until 1961.”


It would be interesting to see the list of Naval Academy appointees who entered while already having an undergraduate degree. I would be surprised if any fell into that category.


Next thing you know, he will be telling us that he ALMOST became the 1st Man to walk on the moon…or that he was sitting on the bus next to Rosa Parks in 1955…or he was at Kent State in 1970s, the day of the shooting, just minding his own business…or he ALMOST made it to Woodstock, but his Van got stuck in the mud….


He is kinda like Forrest Gump


Jeff probably remembers this song from 1956 from The Platters. Fits Ole Joey Boy to the T…

“The Great Pretender”


Not a good look.

Daisy Cutter

I *ALMOST* went to medical school had it not been for a few minor obstacles – Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Organic Chemistry.


I’m the King, I’m the King… of nothing.

Forrest Bondurant

Biden said, “I didn’t come to the academy because I wanted to be a football star. And you had a guy named [Roger] Staubach and [Joe] Bellino here. So I went to Delaware.”

Roger Staubach graduated from Annapolis in 1964, and Joe Bellino graduated before that, so…

RGR 4-78

I wonder if old Joe lied like this in grade school and high school. I knew one like that growing up. It would be interesting to hear from some of his childhood class mates.

USMC Steve

I cannot prove this, mind you, but I really seriously doubt that motherfucker ever in his life had any shred of integrity.


Welp, he was accused of plagiarism back in college or law school in the 1960’s.

Forrest Bondurant

I think his own record shows that he’s been a prolific liar and known plagiarist his entire adult life, which probably grew worse from childhood -likely because he was never held to account.

As one saying goes, a liar can’t be trusted with big things if they lie about small things.


Original Corn_pop video.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Randy: “Is that you talking, Mr. Lehey, or the liquor?”

Mr. Lehey: “Randy… I AM the liquor.”


And Crazy Joe’s magic hairline!


TWO outrageos stories I read today. Unbelievable:

“DHS Set To Punish Border Patrol Agents Accused In Haitian Migrant ‘Whipping’ Incident”

‘Biden Threatens Oil Companies With ‘Emergency Powers’ If They Don’t Boost Supply Amid Inflation Spike”


They made a very limited challenge coin for it, the GOV is trying to recover all of them.

s-l1600 (1).jpg

May have something to do with things now…

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Looking at the whipping boys with a post in mind, ninja. Another low point for Joe’s Handlers.

Oil companies fault? No one seriously believes anything coming out of Joe’s pie hole these days.


We should all understand by now that it is not the accuracy of the story, but the premise it is trying to convey that is its importance.


Brandon’s lies are typically very elaborate, not to mention pointless. They can’t even be blamed on a mistype by the teleprompter operator as Osama’s were.


The guy is a world class bullshitter.

biden ford theater.jpg

That is an awesome Brandon parody.


comment image

Prior Service

Lt CDR Corn Pop (USNA, ‘65) was unavailable for comment.


I understand where he’s coming from, though. I almost applied to be president of the united states when I was 16 but I decided to wash dishes at a Denny’s instead.

Daisy Cutter

I was driving by a Denny’s the other day and the sign out front said “Free Dinner on Your Birthday.” My initial thought was that was really nice, but then I thought – “Wait a minute. If it’s your birthday, and you’re at Denny’s… your life has to suck.”


Joe Isuzu was much more believable and charismatic

USMC Steve

I loved that guy’s commercials. Had a major in the Marines that looked just like him.


The leaked audio of Hunter bragging he can do whatever he wants cause of his daddy just adds more sugar to this. And people said Trump was bad… hah! Top to bottom scumbaggery in this family.


Make “Who You Know” Great Again!


When will he claim that he landed under sniper fire in Bosnia?


5 deferments – thought 2S was limited to 4 times? Unless he got a 2HS if he turned 18 while still in high school. Interesting that in 4 years undergrad and 3 years grad, that for two years at the height of the war he was never called. Funny as well that Trump was called ‘Bone Spurs’ and draft dodger for 5 deferments and a medical (1Y, 4F) when Biden’s record is so similar – albeit with two additional fishy years thrown in. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat…



GWB completed USAF pilot training and flew F-102 Delta Dagger interceptors in the Texas ANG.

Trust me on this: successfully completing any service’s flight school program and then going on to fly operationally is no easy task. It takes a hell of a lot of hard work, dedication, and tenacity, regardless of one’s background or pedigree.

GWB’s critics regarding his ANG service didn’t/don’t know shit.


Gropey Joe spent seven years continuously as a college and law school student. There is no way he would have accepted and appointment to any academy. As someone else observed, if he wanted to serve in the military, he could have taken ROTC, like I did. But Joe knew he would have likely had to serve in the Viet of the Nam. I graduated only a few years after he did. Those of us in Army ROTC in the late 60’s knew we were likely to get a tour in that lovely SE Asian paradise. And most of us did.


he wanted to fight the Viet Corn Pop


I don’t blame prezzy sniffy creepy’s lies on him being old, senile, demented, or forgetful. I blame it on him having been a lying sack of sh^t his entire lifetime and never being taken to the woodshed as a child. He has told so many lies to so many people so many times that he is not capable of telling the truth. He probably even lies when he’s asked if his nasty diaper needs to be changed.

Just as joe was oblowme’s insurance, thus the reason the despots choose the ho to be insurance for joe.

tom reynolds

What did trump lie about? I actually don’t recall any.

A Proud Infidel®™

Next, he’ll be telling us all about how he almost went to Vietnam to save his lifelong pal Sergeant Corn Pop and how he was almost picked to be the first man to walk on the moon, has he ever told the truth about anything? Once a lying POS, …

Hack Stone

He told the truth while campaigning when he said “I don’t work for you.”



I heard Joe was giving a speech at Notre Dame and talked about how Rockne recruited to him to be The “5th” Horseman of the Apocalypse.


So if he wanted to be a Navy officer, why didn’t he join ROTC at Delaware?


At this point, Joe probably “remembers” that he flew Apache helicopters for the Marines while fighting the Viet Cong in Germany during the Civil War.

Hack Stone

If only Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton had served, the Cold War would have ended decades earlier.