Steven Eggert – Fake Special Forces Fire Starter

| June 5, 2022

A Wisconsin man, Steven Daniel Eggert – 24 years old, is facing a pile of criminal charges for allegedly setting a dead man’s house on fire and stealing his firearms, is now facing stolen valor charges.

I say ‘allegedly’ but Eggert was quoted in several articles telling reporters that he set the fire.

Man accused of setting dead man’s Waupaca Co. home on fire, now faces more charges
by Brian Kerhin, FOX 11 News | Wednesday, June 1st 2022

WAUPACA (WLUK) – A man who allegedly set a dead man’s home on fire, rather than reporting his death to the authorities, was charged Wednesday for allegedly trying to hire another jail inmate to kill a witness in the arson case. And, Steven Eggert was also charged for allegedly lying about serving in the military.

Eggert was originally charged with arson, mutilating a corpse, burglary, and other counts in connection with the April 27 fire in the town of Harrison.

After the fire, two people called police, saying they talked with Eggert about the man’s death before the fire. Eggert says he showed up at the victim’s house and found him dead. They told him to call police. Instead, worried police wouldn’t believe he wasn’t involved in the death, Eggert allegedly set the house on fire and stole several firearms from the house.


The complaint also includes a count of ‘false statement regarding military service,’ which alleges Eggert “did knowingly and with the intent to receive a tangible benefit falsely claim that he was a service member in the military.”

One of the witnesses told police she was afraid of Eggert because of Eggert’s claims he had served with Special Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, and had been shot in the chest while in the service. Waupaca County District Attorney Veronica Isherwood told Fox 11 investigators confirmed with the military Eggert had not served.

If convicted of the ‘stolen valor’ charge, as it is sometimes called, could result in nine months in jail.

In an earlier article…

Arson, mutilating a corpse charges filed against man in Waupaca County house fire
by Brian Kerhin, FOX 11 News | Tuesday, May 24th 2022

“Eggert told Witness 1 that he lit the fire to cover his tracks. Witness 1 told Eggert that if he did that, he was an idiot and Eggert screwed himself. Eggert told Witness 1 that when he started the fire “it made look natural.” Eggert stated that “it’s fine” and he didn’t use an accelerant or anything. Eggert stated that he was in Special Forces and they taught him how to not get caught.

Well, I guess if you’re going to start a fire you may as well rely on your non-existent Special Forces training and do it how you imagine you’ve been taught.

Some of you may remember that course. I think it was called “How to Properly Set Fire to a Dead Guy’s House Before Making Off with his Stash of Firearms… and Not Get Caught.”  That one.

It’s all coming back to you now.

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Special Forces week 3 of training, “Fire starting without getting caught”.

Something tells me he killed the man and that’s why he feared they would link him to the death.

The stupid here runs deep, really deep.

Green Thumb


Phil Monkress better get Lori Benton spun up and in action.

All-Points Logistics is about to lose their BBQ Pitmaster.


If I found a dead guy in his home, my first thought would be to call the police, not “I better set the house on fire so the police don’t think I killed him.” Why commit a crime if you are innocent in the first place? Eggert is probably guilty of more than just starting a fire… prolly killed the guy, but that’s just me.”


“Whelp, I better steal what I can and light this bitch up. Lest someone get suspicious. Because of my super Awesome-O-2000 non-existent Spec-Ops training.” Yea, that worked out well.

Green Thumb

Phil Monkress would have probably robbed him first.


“Found” the “certificate.”

Steven Daniel Eggert certificate for burning dead mans house and stealing weapons.jpg

In light of this, I’m gonna have to call him legit.

Pineywoods NCO

Wonder what ole Doc Blobfish is doing these days, other than ignoring / declining my offer to come to the Pineywoods and get his ass kicked?


Soooo…we have a FIRST (ht2 CW) in an embellishing, Valor stealing, possible murderous, pyromaniac thief? Interesting combo there. I’m sure that Bubba, Thor, Julio, and “Mr. Tiny” will start a fire in his special feces orafices.


He tossed a flaming squirrel at the house.

Daisy Cutter

I don’t care who you are — that’s funny right there.


In that part of the state, there are a bunch of black furred squirrels. I call racissss.




But wait…..there’s more.
This dirt bag lives about an hour west of me and according to the local paper:
1) A convicted felon already, he purchased an AR15 & a M44 bolt-action rifle through a straw purchase.
2) Stole 8 more guns from the dead guys house.
3) 10 counts of felon in possession of a firearm
4) Tried to pay $60,000 to an inmate to kill off a witness
(solicitation of first-degree intentional homicide)
5) One count of first-degree reckless endangerment
6) Conspiracy to commit first-degree intentional homicide
7) Making false statements regarding military service
8) Mutilating a Corpse
9) Charged with arson

His bond was originally $250,000 but was just increased to
California and the other liberal states need to take a lesson on how much bond is set for.


Too bad it’s not Manhattan or San Fran. He could just sign his own bond and will pinky promise not to use his SF training to commit more crimes.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

 💩 Dummy should have googled “cremation” before he acted.
That’s just not how it is done. Now his “Pubic Defender” may have to prove he did not kill the homeowner first. 😜 

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(Prisoner 1 fighting with Prisoner 2 over Steven’s……uhhhh…….services.

“Leggo my Eggert!”

That’s bad! Wish I’d thought of it first.


They spelled his name wrong. It’s Eggbert.
Google for more photos.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I recall taking an MCI course on “Start a Fire and Not Get Caught” back in my earlier days. I have the certificate of completion around here somewhere.


Well in some courses you are taught to start a fire and not be observed, so maybe he failed the class and got confused.

Or just maybe he is a total retard….

A Proud Infidel®™️

Judging by the look in his eyes, it appears he KNOWS he’s a-gonna get welcomed by Bubba & Thor come shower time!




Who signed his arson qualifications off? Dude needs that sig scratched pronto.

Skivvy Stacker

“Uh-oh; there’s a dead guy in the house. Looks like he died of natural causes. Damn cops will think I did it. I better make it look like it was an accident, and that I didn’t have nothin’ to do with it…hmmm…I know; I’ll set his house on fire and take some of his guns that everyone in town knows are his. Then I’ll tell my buddies what I did, and that I’ll be able to get away with it because I’m a Special Forces Ninja, and I’m sure that they won’t tell the police”.

What a smart guy. I wish I thought like that.