Five more Russian generals fired

| June 3, 2022

Putin fired four generals in the backdrop of things not going as fast as planned in Ukraine as well as within Russia. This is not the first time that he has fired high ranking officers. The Russians are slowly advancing in eastern Ukraine, but at a very high cost in manpower and equipment.

From Newsmax:

Five Russian generals and a police colonel were fired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a report from Moscow.

RBC reported that Putin on Monday issued a decree that resulted in five generals at the Russian Ministry of the Internal Affairs being dismissed from their posts, according to Newsweek.

The report came more than three months after Russia began its unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

Putin’s forces have suffered military setbacks and have failed to take the capital city of Kyiv.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a leaked recording of a phone conversation between two Russian colonels included expletive-filled criticisms of Putin and other members of the Kremlin leadership.

Also, it was reported that a phone call, intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, revealed Russian troops nearly killed a general who ordered them to the front lines, Ukrainian Security Services said.

Newsmax has the article here.

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Hack Stone

It probably wasn’t a good idea for those Generals to agree to an interview with a reporter from Rolling Stone.

RGR 4-78

You are McCrystal clear on that one, Hack.


That, or it is indicative of the lack of fear of Putin. With rumors of his failing health, the blatant tactical errors Putin has made, the widespread resistance to the entire situation in Mudder Ruskia… one has to wonder just what is ailing the Bear.


You’re on to something there, GB. The widely reported low morale among the rank and file surely has to be reaching up into the officer corps doncha think? 🤔 


One staff member was quoted as saying; “Putin? You mean poot-it-in-me?”

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Putin’s supposedly got terminal cancer. He’s got about 6 years to live.
I wonder what will happen after he dies? He, like Stalin, doesn’t have any strong successors in line to take his place. Or will he pull a Louis XV “after me, The Flood”?,_le_d%C3%A9luge


Let’s see, criticize the Putin the Declining and get fired, go to Ukraine and get killed…
Choices, choices….


You mean Russkie Generals don’t get hired by a Russian Defense Contractor? Wow…who knew.


As I understand it, those who qualify get to join the Russian Nazi mercenaries, like the general who flew his fighter into the ground like Ber-nasty.


How corruption destroys ARMYs.
Worth the click


A Proud Infidel®™

Good stuff, makes me wonder if Russia even has any missiles left that are even capable of launching.


I wasn’t sure that Vlad had 5 Generals left to fire.


So far, the Ukes are beating him better than two to one in reducing his general officer corps… 😜 


Vlad on a roll… must be a hoot working for him:
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Just An Old Dog

Was watching a video of a Russian POW talking to Ukrainian Captors,,,, The entire Operation was/ is a Goat Rope. His Unit was barely formed, Understrength and Had no real training before they invaded from Crimea.
They were issued some gear that was promptly collected just before they crossed over the line and then it ” disappeared” ( Translation: it was stolen and sold by higher ranking officers) They also had Conscripts join just before the invasion, and their officers forged their ” Contracts”. Everything was fucked from the beginning,, no comms, no coordination between units, shitloads of Friendly Fire, Etc. Lots of the Soldiers wanted to just go home but were given a line about the US and Nato being in Ukraine and launching an Attack on Russia…