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| May 29, 2022

M-1 Garand

Self Defense Gun Stories
Episode 277 with David Cole
Self Defense Gun Stories

Woman waves gun in road rage incident, man fires back in self defense

By WBRC Staff
Tuscaloosa police arrested a woman Thursday afternoon after a road rage incident led to a shooting in a parking lot.

According to witnesses, Kayla Figgers pulled into a parking lot and confronted a man and his girlfriend, believing they had cut her off in traffic. Figgers reportedly pointed a gun at the man and he fired a weapon in return, hitting her vehicle.

A Tuscaloosa Police officer was in the parking lot at the time and heard the shots. The officer confronted the man and took him into custody. After investigating what happened, Figgers was taken into custody and charged with menacing. Her bond was set for $1,000.

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One inconvenienced. Briefly.

Tyranny is always better organized than freedom. —THOMAS PAINE

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Does she step into that outfit from the bottom or slither into it from the top?

Power Point might actually have a useful purpose.

Yeehaw, ride’m cowgirl.


Imma gonna say she slithers into it. Them shades might hide the cray cray in her eyes, but I can see them rattle headed cobra moccasins from here. The blouse bunnies are fake, but that is a real nice hawgleg she’s sporting…and her legs ain’t too shabby either. Howsomever, you can ride that one Tally. I learned long ago not to stick my Mr. Man in cray cray Ms Thang…’specially a Sister Golden Hair.

I figger that Kayla is on the cray cray side too.

Maybe those of us that love freedom should organize against all of the tyranny we’re facing?

Remember when you could get an M1 Garand for a real good price? Made of wood and metal as…well…you know.


Around 1960 a store called Two Guys was selling them out of galvanized garbage cans, cash and carry, less than $20. Granted, $20 was worth a bit more in those days.

Now, if only I could find my spurs!


Giddy up! Want the loan of mine? I could also let you borry my genuine Stetson (gray) or Bailey (black) hat. Lariat? Quirt? Good luck taming that mare.


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The Pirates Cove

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great article on the M-1 Garand and the M-1 thumb which I received by not removing my thumb fast enough from the receiver plus the 1917 US Enfield which we carried in the Great Lakes Navy Boot camp back in 1963 and I used to do the 96 count manual of arms to a speaker blastin music if I remember correctly or I could be wrong about the number count at the large drill hall almost every other night to work off the many demerits I received. While I did the drill hall thing, all the other recruits in the barracks were in the lounge room smoking and coking. I was the only recruit in the company that received demerits that had to be worked off.