It’s IDAHOBIT day, have you put put your non-gendered tree and informed your neighbors of your pronouns?

| May 19, 2022

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s newest alphabet mafia flag

Breitbart reminds us that it is IDAHOBIT today. I’m not sure if that’s pronounced “Idaho-Bit” or “Ida Hobbit”. Either way it sounds stupid. In the bizarre reality we find ourselves living in, IDAHOBIT stands for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. I can’t keep up with all this. London Mayor Khan though unveiled this new flag that is so inclusive it hurts.

Breitbart helps with decoding the flag;

The post from Khan was accompanied with what appears to be an updated version of the “Progress Pride” flag, which was crafted in 2018 by “non-binary” artist Daniel Quasar, who added chevrons featuring the baby blue and pink colours of the transgender flag as well as black and brown for queer people of colour to the traditional rainbow flag.

The flag featured in the London Mayor’s post featured another chevron on its right side, including Quasar’s colours as well as an additional hot pink line, which has been used by other flags to represent women.

I guess hizzoner only wishes to exclude white men from his decade of progress.

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….and it’s flying from a white flag pole.

Sure looks purtyier than my “rainbow ribbon”.


Look at that! It takes a white privileged pole to fly the flag.


If they keep adding to it the color will become saturated and it’ll appear like a Jolly Roger of, um, ‘pirate’ fame (iykwim).

OR, the black standard flown by islamists.

Either way, appropriate.

Does this indicate they will seek no quarter and grant none either?!?

Iffin’ so this is like Christmases and a smattering of birthdays all wrapped up into 69 Forths of July!!!!!


“…represent women”
What is a woman nowadays? I mean, I know what a woman is, but what do “they” think a “women” is?


Anyone’s guess, HT3. “They” seem to think men can become pregnant and have abortions.


Today is also (NOT Joking…)

World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day.

Lag b’Omer Day

National Devil’s Food Cake Day
National May Ray Day
National Scooter Day

International Accounting Day

National Notebook Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Someone’s Birthday

Someone’s Anniversary

Personally, we think we will enjoy the National Devil’s Food Cake Day…Does AW1Ed’s recipe for Lava Cakes count?

 😉  😎 


Hack Stone

World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day, otherwise known as Daniel Bernath Day.


May 19, 2022 – Holidays on This Day


61 years ago today, 19 May 1961, Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy.


And there you have it, Folks.

A Woman singing Happy Birthday to POTUS…

Bet if that took place today, there would be protests from those folks from “THE VIEW”…or Joy Reid from MSNBC..


Today? Would be a duet of George Takei and Ru Paul.


Pete Townsend & The Who. Best.Rock.and.Roll.Band.EVAH! Change my mind. Good Luck, I’ll wait. Thanks ninja! gabn/rtr/hbtd

Leaving the eating place this evening after a meeting and heard a person(?) holler out I da ho bit. I asked, “So you selling it for 2 bits?” She (?)/It(?) tried to hit me with a sack of quarters.


90% silver or nickel-clad subway tokens?

Know what, don’t matter. You probably deserved it for sundry reasons.  😘 


Bet KoB is gonna enjoy this:

Today, 19 May, is Pete Townshend’s (The Who) 77th Birthday.

“The Who’s closing performance at Woodstock 1969, which includes Townshend’s classic stage performance at the end.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

WOW, Townsend is 77 today. He’s 6 months 4 days older than me. where did the time go.


My second SIL’s birthday…he’ll be thrilled.




Yes please.


Daniel….QUASAR. Ok.

I swear, sometimes the best comedy just writes ITSELF.


Funny thing is, that flag actually represents the opposite of progress.


I just hope Khan’s jihadist buddies don’t learn about this one; they might be a little unhappy with this.


Actually, 17 May was IDAHOBIT Day….😉

And hopefully, the last…

Hopefully, someone will come up with InAGaddaDaVida Day… Sounds so much better than I Da Ho Bit You Day…😆

A Proud Infidel®™

Those of us who JUST want to be left alone are already pissed off to no end about having this shit shoved down our throats. I personally don’t care one asscrack of a Chihuahua fuck WHAT someone does in their own time as long as it isn’t kiddy-diddling, but when they wear it on their sleeve, shove it in my face and DEMAND that I openly accept it is when I take issue.


So…apparently the Bisexual and Trans communities they supposedly represent aren’t members of the “Rainbow Alphabet” community represented by the plain Rainbow Flag?
It’s like the BIPOC (Black Indigenous People-Of-Color) label. They’re not half-Black and half-American Indian. It just represents African-Americans, not Black people from Africa, the Caribbean islands or the Americas.
This represents and encourages separation rather than unity and is the opposite of all the pretend tolerance nonsense they’ve been spouting.

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I’ll just leave this here…