Survivalist Randy Weaver Dies at 74

| May 14, 2022

RANDY Weaver, who had an 11-day stand-off with federal agents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho in 1992 has passed away.

Weaver was arrested in 1989 by the BATF for selling counterfeit guns, but erroneous court dates given resulted in him failing to appear.

A warrant was issued for his arrest, and the standoff between his family and federal agents ensued.

Poetrooper sends.

Randy Weaver, Man At Center Of Ruby Ridge Standoff, Dies

By John Rigolizzo

The man at the center of the Ruby Ridge standoff died Wednesday.

Randy Weaver, the Idaho survivalist whose refusal to surrender to federal agents led to the 11-day siege of his remote cabin in Boundary County, Idaho, passed away at the age of 74. His daughter Sara confirmed his passing in a Facebook post Thursday morning.

“Love you always Dad….? ‘See ya next time I see ya’ ? January 3, 1948 – May 11, 2022 ??,” Sara Weaver wrote. A cause of death has not been made public. According to an earlier post on the page, Weaver requested prayers in late April for her father, indicating that he had been sick at least since then, KXLY reported.

Weaver was a survivalist who built a remote cabin in the woods of Boundary County, near Ruby Ridge, in the 1980s. Federal agents began investigating him in the 80s over allegations by a neighbor that he had made threats against government leaders. Then, in 1989, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms accused Weaver of selling sawed-off shotguns to an ATF informant. Charges were filed in June 1990; Weaver was arrested by ATF agents in January 1991, and told to appear for trial in February, but the court gave participants conflicting travel dates, and Weaver refused to appear, leading the judge to issue a bench warrant.

The United States Marshals Service initially put off the warrant until March, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office convened a grand jury a week before the Marshals intended to enforce the warrant. According to the U.S. Sun, Weaver simply chose not to surrender and remained inside the cabin in Ruby Ridge for a year and a half with his wife and children.

Daily Wire

Fair winds and following seas.
The stand-off resulted in the death of his wife and 14-year-old son. I believe Poe sent this one in for a reason.

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I guess that hero Lon Horiuchi can sleep easy now? /s

Weaver ain’t the good guy in all that noise, he just became the ‘least bad’ due to f*ck-ups-in-spades by the men and women we taxpayers ‘hire’.

May Mister Weaver be reunited with his wife Vicki, his son Samuel and rest easy in the Kingdom.


I hope he haunts Lon


Interesting how the article makes no mention of the murer of his wife and son by the govt. And they wonder why we don’t trust em…


Spot on Fyrfighter. IMO, all of this recent talk (over the last few years) of “weaponizing” the various Federal Agencies, against American Citizens, has been going on for a long time. And seems to be getting worse. Love or hate Bush the 1st, remember he was deep state CIA back in the 60s, he and The Clintons have been a$$hole budies for a good while, and the FIRST (ht 2 R-D) Bitchlary and Slick Willie did when taking over the WH was go raid the Febbies offices for JEH’s “personal files”. We won’t even talk about Hitlerly’s gf Janet Reno and her cult.

Trust in the Fed.Gov.Org.? Hells to the naw! Not since Ike warned us about the MIC and LBJ made sure the JFK murder investigations got squashed and/or went the way he wanted them to go. Knew it then as a young’un…know it even better now as an old man.

ChipNASA has a better chance of wooing OAM than the Fed.Gov has of gaining my trust.

The South was Right! The oppression continues.


Freedom will Ring when the ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is just a .gov discount store along with other agency’s. Old Bill Barr and a few others helped Lon escape real justice.
This Just-Us System hasn’t changed one bit since but just morphed into what we see today.


Whatever happened to “shall not be infringed”?

Green Thumb

FBI = The Federal Bureau of Intimation or Insinuation.


FBI=Famous But Incompetent!!

A Proud Infidel®™

Friendship Before Integrity
Fan Belt Inspectors


Rest In Peace Mr. Weaver.
I hope you have been reunited with Vicki, Sammy and Striker.


We might well look at Randy Weaver as the canary in the coal mine. Back when the Ruby Ridge standoff took place, most Americans simply couldn’t believe our FBI was corrupt and not to be trusted.

Poe thinks a current survey would show a huge shift in that attitude. After witnessing how Democrats have fully politicized our national police agencies, most American citizens would be well advised to not even speak to any federal agent without a lawyer present, other than to invoke that right to counsel, regardless of the circumstances.

It breaks this old man’s heart to write that, but sadly, it is the reality in this country today…


Agent Zip Connolly of Whitey Bulger fame did it for me.


I recently watched a clip of James O’Keefe and Sheryl Attkisson testifying before a group of Congress-persons about their experiences with the Fan Belt Inspectors. They have both been victims of this corrupt outfit. An agent told Sheryl that she is lucky they didn’t plant kiddy-pr0n on her husband’s computer and send him to prison, cuz they have the ability to do that. She took it seriously because they had already hacked into her computer a couple of years ago and spied on her doing her job, real journalism and reportage.


That is absolutely chilling. The government can selectively imprison and ruin the remaining life of anyone they choose to for whatever reason they find to be convenient.

That is full-blown totalitarianism…

Last edited 6 months ago by Poetrooper

If they can try to frame the duly elected POTUS, indict his officers, and imprison his supporters for trespassing, they can come for any of us.