Public Reaction to Covidiocy in . . . the PRC?

| May 7, 2022

Yes, in the PRC. Apparently even residents of the PRC are getting rather fed up with draconian measures imposed by their government to halt the spread of the omnicron variant. (From late March until a few days ago, the city of Shanghai was apparently under lockdown.) From the Wall Street Journal web site:

Discontent has been widespread on Chinese social media ever since Shanghai started a rigid lockdown in late March. Now, it is moving into the real world.

Sharply falling case numbers have allowed more than half of the city’s 25 million residents to step out of their homes – and many are venting a month’s worth of frustration at being isolated with insufficient food via public acts of disobedience.

The article can theoretically be viewed here. I say theoretically, as it requires a either a subscription or an account (formerly was free, but now may require a paid subscription) to view the rest of the article – and I have neither.

It appears that even current Chinese public opinion is that draconian measures aren’t appropriate for the Wuhan Coronavirus any more. Hmm.

It’s interesting that there’s little mention of the current Shanghai unrest in the US mainstream media. If it’s there, I certainly missed it.

It’s also interesting that this WSJ article – which is among the most recent published on the matter, and is by a well-regarded source of longstanding prominence in the published media – doesn’t come up anywhere near the top of Google’s search for “civil unrest shanghai”. All of Google’s top stories are from the first half of April.

A cynic might think that the US media is trying to bury this story. But they’d never do something like that, right? (smile)

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Democrats and Fauci’s favorite sexual fantasy.

Shanghai residents right to be ticked-off.

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Meanwhile, Russians have gotten broad-minded and “woke” lately… They’re now raping men, women and children (age and gender is no object!) instead of just all the women as they did in Germany in ’45:

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Of course, they may only be raping all the women age 8- 80 they can (no men or little boys) there, but it’s still awful.

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Imagine, if you will, a world in which a bunch of pissed off Chinamen found a stash of WWII leftover arms and munitions, factory fresh from the Burma Road, or a cache that the ChiComs themselves had stashed as a ready reserve? Talk about a Red Wave….

And yep, you’re right Hondo…there was a very short blip on a news feed the other night as a “developing story”. Since then? Crickets.


Our pinko media and NBA wouldn’t offend the Chicoms.

A Proud Infidel®™️

It’s quite obvious that most people are shit-sick and tired of the propaganda campaigns trying to turn the masses into fearful Branch Covidians once again.


Just wait until next Fall when the especially contagious and virulent version of the virus arrives. It should be called “mid-termicron.”

It will require quite voting only by mail ballots and drop boxes. The D-rats will recruit 50,000 more ballot mules than the 2000 uncovered in Desouza’s movie, “2000 Mules.” By the way, anyone who thinks Gropey Joe won fair and square needs to watch it.


Communism good! Orange man bad! Plow that field. Wash my Volvo. Be quiet good people. Only terrorists and racists have protests.


Da, comrade, are “mostly peaceful,” expressions of approved opinion when Democrats do them! 😉

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P.S. Not mocking Hondo.


It’s being covered on conservative websites.
Powerline has had some articles on the situation in Shanghai


Looks like the WSJ article was archived before it was yanked behind the paywall. Anybody can read it here: