Laptop Repairman to Sue

| May 5, 2022

Hunter / Mac Repairman Isaac

Lawsuits have been falling like autumn leaves of late. First, Nick Sandmann of Covington Catholic High School fame settled with CNN after suing for defamation, and now has other targets in mind, including HuffPo and NPR.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s $400 million lawsuit against ABC’s The View passed grand jury review in less than 24 hours. Watch out, Whoopie.

Now it’s computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac’s turn.

Hunter Biden laptop repairman sues Schiff, CNN, Politico, Daily Beast

Hunter Biden laptop whistleblower sues CNN, Politico and more for accusing him of Russian disinformation

By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi | Fox News

John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repairman who was left with Hunter Biden’s laptop, has launched a defamation lawsuit.

Suits were filed against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, CNN, The Daily Beast and Politico – each is charged with defamation after accusing him of distributing Russian misinformation.

“After fighting to reveal the truth, all I want now is for the rest of the country to know that there was a collective and orchestrated effort by social and mainstream media to block a real story with real consequences for the nation,” Isaac told The New York Post.

Isaac, the owner of what was The Mac Shop in Trolley Square, told Fox News his life was turned upside down after the public found out he had given the contents of the laptop to the FBI and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

“Once the story was out and my name was leaked to the public, it had been a matter of at first running and hiding. Now it’s trying to just rebuild my life and then do it in a manner that’s not restricted by public opinion of me being involved in some Russian disinformation campaign,” he said.

Fox News

Hit ’em where it hurts.

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Welp, might take a bit bit, but I doubt that he’ll ever have to repair computers again to put food on the table.

If we can’t string the domestic enemies of our Republic to a lamp post, maybe we can make them broke…legally.




I can hardly wait to watch the Rittenhouse lawsuits to play out. Mostly because I think they’ll be settled out of court. Paying attention, Le Bron? Pedo Joe?ABCNBCMSDNCCNNCBS?


The Left likes “Lawfare”. Let them reap that which they have sown.


Probably evidence of a lap dance or two on the laptop.


At least…

Green Thumb

By underage girls…

Green Thumb

More I think about it, I wonder if Hunter and Anthony Weiner ever kicked it together?

Skivvy Stacker

I wonder if, when Adam Schiff got served the papers telling him he was being sued, if his eyes managed to get bigger, or if they just went ahead and sprang out.


Watch out for Q.I.