World War II nurse celebrates her 100th birthday by skydiving for the first time

| May 5, 2022

This lady’s got more balls than me, that’s for sure. I guess it proves that no matter how old you are, you should never stop living. I just had to make sure it wasn’t Maggie before posting it.

From NY Post;

She set her sights sky-high for her centennial birthday.

A courageous Florida woman who once tended to injured soldiers on the frontlines of World War II marked her 100th birthday this week by leaping out of an airplane, according to a report.

Raymonde Sullivan, of Sebastian, had once pledged to disbelieving friends that she would take the pulse-pounding plunge if she made it into triple digits, NBC 5 reported.

Accustomed to feats of bravery, she made good on that promise Monday.

“I had never done it,” she told NBC 5 after landfall. “And I’ve done a lot things in 100 years. I thought I must do it while i can.”

Originally from England, Sullivan had served as a nurse during World War II and was tasked with caring for wounded soldiers, according to the outlet.

Still fearless more than 70 years later, Sullivan coolly hopped out of the plane with an instructor and made a successful landing.

“It was scary,” she said. “I would say it is.”

While Sullivan was pleased with her feat, she said it was a one-off experience.

Asked if she planned to do it again, there was no hesitation.

“No,” she said with a laugh. “No.”

Sort of reminds me of old Abe Simpson’s line.

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Green Thumb


I bet Ms. Sullivan could still kick some ass.


Had a grandmother like that; didn’t stop league bowling till she was 96. Miss her…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



Since she is from England, I propose a toast to her bravery and birthday.

Guinness of course.


Guinness is Irish.




She may not be the “Little Old Lady form Pasadena” but she can still do the Go Granny Go Granny Go Granny GO!

Prior Service

Sweet! And, as a five-jump-chump myself, I’ll say it was a good call to stop at one.

RGR 4-78

Well done MS Sullivan.

PollyGrip missed a chance for a great commercial.


She used a parachute? Pfffft.

Go Granny!


My Nana went skydiving for her 75th birthday. There was drop zone/muni airport very the golf course she played a couple of times a week for 20 years. She did the tandem jump with the instructor from 13,000 ft (or something close). She wanted to do it again at 85, but her health was fading, and they won’t clear her to jump. My Pop-pop did a training jump in WW2 and figured that was enough. My friend who’s a retired paratrooper does the tandem instructor gig, and he always wants me to go. I pass…I play golf for excitement instead.


Had to do a triple take,
to be sure it wasn’t Maggie DeSanti
coming out of her woodwork.

Here’s a photo of Maggie in DC,
enjoying a free trip
courtesy of Honor Flights Arizony,
telling others “See, that’s ME.”

Maggie DeSanti photo caption board 2.jpg

Is she still getting away with riding the Phony Pony?

After all of the exposure that she’s had?