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| April 27, 2022

I have two pieces of info for all of you, so please take heed.

#1 – Putin’s health seems to be deteriorating. He’s displaying signs of physical deterioration, including being unable to look normal, but appears to be on the verge of tossing his lunch in the Easter Orthodox church service.

#2 – Jamie Dimon, the head of J.P. Morgan, has some sound observations, so please read what he’s said and take it seriously.

Regarding Putin’s health – either cancer (thyroid?) or possibly Parkinson’s disease, both are guesses (not by me), but he appears to be experiencing extreme discomfort in the church service as well as his earlier meeting with his Defense Minister Shoigu.

Frankly, in the brief video from the church service, he looks like he’s about to toss his lunch.

Also, I found the following article, which you should also take the time to read.

Jamie Dimon (CEO JP Morgan/Chase Bank) says Russia’s attack on Ukraine will have long-term effects on the entire world.

I do believe that supports my view that the markets will slowly start to tumble, and possibly become a cascade. It has happened before, and while I’m no expert, I’ve seen this before with the housing bubble in 2008: a feeding frenzy followed by a disastrous “house of cards” crash that was the result of using credit default swaps certificates as back-up for supporting bad mortgage loans. It should have been a warning, but people forget these disasters almost as soon as they’re “in the past” and not current. Everything is overpriced at this point, whether it’s gas at the pump or those crispy crackers you like to munch on with some cheese, or even something as simple as a 1/2 gallon of 2% milk. We’ve all been through a disastrous debacle of financial stupidity, but this is something that you should be aware of. I know that I pound the drum a lot on stocking up, but it’s better to have a stocked pantry and cupboards than to open those doors and find nothing.

Whatever is coming, it just might gut the invisible money known as Bitcoin, which is digital dollars attached to digital currency, an electronic poker fame that should never have been allowed to start. And the people who are in it now are not going to be smart enough to get out when they should.

From Yahoo article:  To quote Jamie Dimon (CEO JPM/Chase):  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and penalizing sanctions against Moscow have roiled financial markets and wreaked havoc on global supply chains. And JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon thinks the worst is yet to come.

Dimon warned in his closely-read annual letter to shareholders on Monday that Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine is expected to meaningfully slow the U.S. and global economy.

JPMorgan economists predict consequences from the war and resulting sanctions against Russia will reduce the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) by as much as 12.5% by the middle of this year. The potential spillover effects have also led the bank to cut its forecast for the rest of Europe, with their GDP projections now at an annual rate of 2% in 2022, compared to the pace of 4.5% economists had expected just six weeks ago.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan estimates the U.S. economy will advance roughly 2.5%, compared to the institution’s initial forecast of 3% — but Dimon cautioned in the letter that forecasts were based upon a “fairly static view” of the war.

The reason I included this article here is that you are all smart enough to know when things are starting to go sour and take such warnings seriously. We’ve already had to put up with a lockdown that could have been handled better.  The ongoing war on Ukraine was instigated by an egocentric jerk who could have done a deal with Ukraine for access to the Black Sea ports. Now Putin, as of this morning and per Bloomberg’s news, has cut gas to Poland and Bulgaria until he gets paid. I do not know what kind of deal he has with Germany, but GazProm also supplies gas to Germany and other Eurozone nations. He may be planning to do the same to other “customers” if he can’t have his way.

And therein lies the problem: as do many European countries, Germany relies on external sources of gas for commercial and domestic uses, and now they owe Russia money, but haven’t paid it yet, because as is happening everywhere, the economic “state” of the Euro zone is heavily affected by financial losses caused directly by the Covid bug business – and that appears to be starting again, with a new variant. Meantime, Putin is threatening to refuse to sell gas to countries that don’t want to pay in rubles.

I read last week that Biden decided to turn on the gas here in the good ol’ US of A, from our own reserves, but nothing was said about returning to constructing the Keystone Pipeline. And yet he crows over being told that the economy is on an uptick. No, it’s on an inflationary ride that can prove to be disastrous.

I will not speculate on any of this. I’ll leave that up to you, and if you have “stuff” to add, please do so. It’s a real good idea to trade ideas on what to stock up on (besides bullets, you goofs!) I hear that channel catfish are very tasty if they are deboned properly and that a freshly baked stuffed meatloaf is a good economical choice. I have the recipe for that some place.

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As to stocks – I’m not sure, m’lady.
I do advocate planting a garden. I may have to start trying to bait our land next to the National Forest to draw some bacon-on-the-hoof to where I can legally harvest it after dark.
I am concerned that with the auto-deposits of pension and Social Security some transactions may be endangered.
I’m also wondering if the law-abiding folks will eventually decide to go all BLM on the tyrants responsible.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

A possible 2nd stage dementia for comrade biden was mentioned which I heard on either WFTL 850 AM radio or NewsMax and I forget which one. “Miss You” Ex. Hey that sounds like a ballad done by the NYC Crows 1954 on the Rama label.


If I can throw my two cents into the pot, Graybeard.

I also have a garden and grow tomatoes (had to plant them in a different spot last year due to the closeness of black walnuts, green beans, peppers, cukes, beets, etc.. Then, when they mature, I make & can salsa, dill pickles, bread & butter pickles, carrots, tomato juice & spaghetti sauce, to use in the winter months.

I’m also a big user of “suck machines (i.e. vacuum sealers).
Meats will last up to two years, cheeses six months or longer (don’t freeze them, just suck wrap and put into a refrigerator).
Can also be used to suck wrap rice, Also suck wrap & freeze homemade stuffed peppers, soups, cookies, chilli, pulled pork and of course cookies & other baked goods, and enjoy them any time of the year. (One note, suck wrapping bread does not work very well…..ask me how I know (smile))

Just scored a deal last week on meaty country style pork ribs for .99 /lb and chicken thighs for $1.00/lb.


One note, rotate your stock occasionally, whether in your pantry, refrig or freezer. Otherwise, you might just find some meat from 1984….again…ask me how I know.

All of the above doesn’t take that much time to do.

Course you might have to deal with the adult youngins’ coming over to raid your stores. (grin)


By June I’ll harvest roughly 100 hardneck garlic of various varieties planted in the fall that we share with friends. As for now I’m waiting for the night temperatures averaging 36 to rise before planting bok choi, butternut squash, carrots, cucumbers, egg plant, lemon grass, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.


Buy canned goods, cigarettes, ammo, booze…


Going to church is not going to help you Putin. You will rot in the fiery pit of hell where you belong spending eternity on a slow turning spit.


Dimon is a righthand man to the beast system and their threats of force don’t seem to have the same impact as they’ve historically had. Too bad, so sad. Heck, even the totally accidental mishaps in RF’s borders seem to have sparked no change on the operations in UKR. Fancy that.

Europe had been warned about tethering to RF gas and now are left with lose-lose scenario. Because they’ve yielded sovereignty time and time again, even within the Union committing acts of usury, the quant tool of shipping out their inflationary mistakes via weapons sales for fake monetary digits, this snowball growith. At the end of the day, buy rubbles or fucking freeze to death Hans.

As a practical matter I will never understand the mindset of financial ransom as it can become an asset turns to be a hidden liability. (Jamie Fuckface should know this all too well) We are here now and the “Commies” seem to be playing this game 3-4 moves ahead. Time will tell.

A Proud Infidel®™

We’re in a hell of a storm, while Russia has a sick demon at her helm, we have a senile village idiot at ours.

USMC Steve

Probably comes from his being such an evil fuck. All that evil is poisoning his system. May he die soon.