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| April 2, 2022

Denver man faces felony after city accuses him of making pickleball court without permission

A 71-year-old Denver man is facing a felony charge after city officials say he made a pickleball court without permission. With prosecution on the table, some believe the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“The whole pickleball community is really saddened and shocked,” said Jan Devor, a friend of 71-year-old Arslan Guney and fellow pickleball player.

Guney and others use a basketball court at Denver’s Central Park Recreation Center for pickleball. Last Monday, the markings on the court had faded, so Guney re-marked them with a Sharpie.

Three days later, an arrest warrant for felony criminal mischief was issued for Guney. The court document also claims ten thousand dollars in damages.

Guney also received an email notifying him his Denver Parks and Recreation membership had been suspended indefinitely.

The game — a mix of tennis, racquetball and ping-pong — is one Guney has played for years, according to close friends. Devor said she and others are appalled, shocked and saddened by the situation.

“He is what we call the mayor of pickleball,” Devor said. “He is an expert player himself but always takes time to slow down his game… to teach others to play with people of any ability. I have 40 letters that have been given to me that I’m submitting to the lawyer that attest to his kindness and his generosity. He has written a letter to Denver Parks and Recreation apologizing.”

Devor went on to say her friend was devastated by the ordeal.

According to her and others in the pickleball community, apologies have not been enough. Now, Guney is represented by Hollynd Hoskins, an attorney who happens to be a pickleball player herself.

“This community is willing to remove the marks, hire a contractor to do it safely, to apologize, to volunteer with the community, but this is outrageous,” Hoskins said.

Denver Parks and Recreation declined to sit down for an interview with Denver7. Instead, they provided an statement:

“It is our duty and responsibility to the citizens of Denver to protect city assets and public property. Defacing or damaging public property is unacceptable, a criminal offense and will not be tolerated in any of our public buildings or spaces. Law enforcement is aware of the damage and the incident is being investigated. Pickleball play was temporarily suspended to assess the damage and related repairs.”
A spokesperson added pickleball play has since resumed.

Hoskins said she is now trying to get the arrest warrant turned into a court summons so Guney can avoid jail time.

“The community wants answers but we, again, we want to sit down and work this out, reach a resolution,” Hoskins said. “This was an incredible misunderstanding and a mistake. It was not a crime.”

“The courts should be saved for real criminal matters, not for matters like this,” Devor said.

Guney turned himself in on Thursday morning. His attorney, Hollynd Hoskins, said the district attorney agreed to a personal recognizance bond for Guney around 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

Hoskins said Guney would be released in 6-8 hours from then if court proceedings are functioning as normal.

Source; Denver 7 ABC

Minnesota lawmaker proposes bill to require license for gun owners

I’d like to know where this idiot thinks a 16 year old can walk in and legally buy a gun?

Sen. John Marty, (DFL) Roseville, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS his proposed bill which would require gun owners to have a license would, in the long run, help save lives.

Under Marty’s proposed bill, anyone purchasing a gun at a commercial business, gun shows or through individual sales, would have to acquire a license which would require gun safety education and training similar to what people have to do when they obtain a driver’s license.

“It seems to me that it is no more of a burden on lawful gun owners than driver’s licenses are a lawful burden on drivers,” said Marty.

Marty told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he is trying to target juveniles and young adults whom he said often have an easy path toward buying guns.

“For young people, the 15-year-olds who can easily access guns now and commit armed carjackings and murders and other things, you know, they would have to go through training and they would have to go through a process to do this,” said Marty. “And, we would have limits so that some of these 16-year-olds couldn’t go out and buy guns.”

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, (R) Mazeppa, said he disagreed with Marty and called the proposed bill, which has a companion bill in the House, “the most outlandish and extreme gun bill I have seen in my 14 years in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Drazkowski told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he does not share the same belief as Marty that a gun licensure requirement will save lives.

“A firearm is just simply a tool, guns are not violent, guns are just guns and people are violent,” said Drazkowski.

Drazkowski also said he does not believe Marty’s proposed bill would pass constitutional tests either.

“I would say that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, period,” said Drazkowski.

So far, Marty’s bill, and the House companion bill, has not had a scheduled committee hearing.

Source; KSTP

Charges: Corrections officer sent drug-laced mail to inmates

A Minnesota corrections officer is accused of mailing drug-laced printouts of song lyrics and motivational notes to inmates.

Grace Marie Telfer, 24, of Minnetonka, was charged via summons Monday with one count of introducing contraband to a state prison.

A criminal complaint states, the Office of Special Investigations started looking into the arrival of narcotics at several facilities in March 2021. One of the people found to be involved was Telfer, a corrections officer at the Shakopee prison at the time.

In the complaint, officers noted “countless phone calls” where Telfer and inmates openly talked about smuggling drugs into the prisons.

Investigators learned Telfer would saturate mail with a liquid spray of K2, a synthetic marijuana, and send them into Minnesota Department of Corrections facilities by using various return addresses.

Telfer resigned from her job as a corrections officer on April 13, 2021, according to the complaint. Three days later, investigators executed a search warrant at her home and the home of a former inmate who was also suspected of being involved in the scheme. Authorities found computers and printers, envelopes, a syringe with suspected THC and paperwork in the name of “Gina Dixon” in Telfer’s home, and similar items in the other suspect’s residence, as well as digital scales, ink stampers and identification cards for another inmate.

Telfer was also interviewed by a U.S. Postal inspector and admitted to spraying K2 onto printer paper, then printing various items, including song lyrics, onto the paper before mailing it to inmates at the Stillwater and Faribault prisons. The complaint adds that she also admitted to using a “legal mail” stamp on the items and using various law firms’ addresses for return addresses so the mail would get to inmates faster.

She also wrote motivational quotes to one of the four inmates she admitted to sending K2-saturated papers.

Telfer said the inmates used the K2-saturated mail to get high, and she sent the drug-laced mail to the inmates to help them make money, the complaint states. For her role, she admitted to making $3,500.

If convicted, Telfer faces up to 10 years in prison. Her first court appearance is set for April 14.

Source; KSTP

Deputy fired for likely causing own injuries with box cutter, firing gun while intoxicated, Sheriff’s Office says

A Dane County [Wisconsin] sheriff’s deputy who was fired for undisclosed reasons in November — a month after saying she shot at a man who stabbed her in Festge Park — likely caused her own injuries with a box cutter while she was intoxicated, according to her termination letter.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation originally reported the deputy, Sarah Bortz-Rodriguez, said she saw a “suspicious person” while on routine patrol at the park in the town of Berry near Cross Plains at about 8:15 p.m. on Oct. 21. And Bortz-Rodriguez initially told authorities she approached a man who stabbed her with an edged weapon. The action caused her to fire her gun, and she was later taken to a hospital for treatment.

Throughout that night and into the morning, police searched for the alleged assailant. Residents in the immediate area were on lockdown. The investigation turned up no answers, but rather factual inconsistences in Bortz-Rodriguez’s initial statement about the incident, according to a nine-page letter the Wisconsin State Journal obtained from the Sheriff’s Office about her firing.

Bortz-Rodriguez later told authorities — after they pointed out the inconsistencies — that “following an earlier critical incident review at the precinct” she drove around to try and calm herself emotionally, according to the letter.

The deputy told authorities she then returned to the precinct and “traveled to an area near Riley’s Tavern” where she later consumed a substance that is blacked out in the letter. Bortz-Rodriguez afterward decided she was going to “ride out” the rest of her shift, the letter states.

After not notifying a supervisor of her condition, Bortz-Rodriguez told authorities that upon arrival to Festge Park, she felt the substance she consumed take effect.

“You stated that you attempted to clear the park and while driving through … believed you may have seen someone,” according to the letter. “You stated you believed you ‘really did see someone there’ but now believe you may have ‘hallucinated this stuff.’”

Despite her impaired condition, Bortz-Rodriguez told authorities that she discharged her firearm once, later thinking she may have shot herself.

After authorities asked if she had also caused some cuts to her arm, Bortz-Rodriguez said it was possible, the letter states. Authorities also asked her if a box cutter police found on the ground the night of the incident was likely department-issued — from her squad bag and not owned by the alleged assailant.

“You asked if the box cutter found at the scene was the box cutter from your squad bag,” according to the letter. “You stated ‘if it’s not in my squad bag, then it’s probably on the one on the ground.’ There was not a box cutter in your squad bag when it was examined after the incident.”

The letter states Bortz-Rodriguez was found to have violated several policies outlined in the Sheriff’s Office Code of Conduct — those surrounding truthfulness, “unbecoming conduct,” ethical behavior, conformance to laws, insubordination and work performance. The deputy also violated work rules surrounding the use of property, work performance and “personal actions and appearance.”

Bortz-Rodriguez, 30, had been with the Sheriff’s Office since May 2014.

In a separate letter to the State Journal explaining why portions of a 100-page case report about the incident and termination letter are blacked out, the Sheriff’s Office said it was not disclosing what the deputy consumed “because of the sensitive nature of the investigation and the number of current employees who were interviewed.”

“Release of these records without redactions would undermine the Department’s ability to manage its workforce and to conduct its business, particularly with respect to investigating future internal matters of a confidential or sensitive nature,” the letter from Sheriff Kalvin Barrett and Lt. Brian Hayes states. “Certain medical information provided by the deputy has also been redacted.”


Lesbian Couple Sues Fertility Clinic For Receiving Male Embryo Instead Of Female

Fair warning, if you’re a decent human being, this one will disgust you.

A couple is suing a fertility clinic after receiving a male embryo instead of the female one they were promised.

After Heather Wilhelm-Routenberg found out she was having a boy at 15 weeks pregnant, she and her wife Robin (Robbie) Routenberg-Wilhelm were surprised, The New York Post reported. That’s because CNY fertility clinic in Latham, N.Y., told the couple that the lab could determine the embryo’s sex using Robbie’s egg and the donor’s sperm before it was transferred to Heather, The New York Post reported.

Heather reportedly wanted a girl because she was traumatized by being sexually assaulted twice after college, according to The New York Post.

With the assistance of Eric Wrubel of Warshaw Burstein, LLP, Heather and Robbie are suing CNY on 11 counts, which include breach of contract, medical malpractice and battery, The New York Post reported.

Heather proceeded to do IVF after Robbie had a miscarriage – in fact, on the same day, the Post reported.

“We felt attached to this baby girl, and it was going to be a tiny Robbie, which was the best part,” Heather told the outlet.

When Heather found out she was having a boy, she said, “It scared the sh*t out of me. I don’t know how to explain this — it felt like there was an alien living inside of me.”

Heather told the Post that while she’d never have an abortion, she was hoping there was a mix up with someone else, and that they’d swap each other’s babies after giving birth. She described seeing the ultrasound as “the worst night of [her] life,” calling the experience “dumbfounding and traumatizing.”

“I remember lying in my bedroom, thinking, ‘This can’t be happening!’ Not only was the baby in my body not ours, but the baby in my body was male and he was put there against my will, just like rape,” she continued.

Heather told the Post that her son is “an innocent being” who “didn’t deserve any of this.” While she loves her son, she believes that the CNY fertility clinic interfered with the initial bonding phase of their relationship.

Imagine hating half the human race so much that you conflate the baby growing in your belly to rape. So much anger. I feel bad for that kid.

Source; Daily Caller

Rep. Maxine Waters Tells Homeless People To ‘Go Home’

Lastly, we have one of Congress’ dumbest members, and a leading candidate for dumbest person overall.

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters warned a reporter not to share footage of her exchange where she told a group of homeless people to “go home.”

Los Angeles Times investigative reporter Connor Sheets reported an incident Wednesday where homeless people confronted Waters at an event amid confusion in obtaining Section 8 housing vouchers. The event was held by the advocacy group Fathers and Mothers Who Care.

The group told the attendees they would only be able to provide information and enter an emergency housing database, the outlet reported.

“I want everybody to go home,” Waters told the crowd.

“We ain’t got no home! That’s why we’re here,” one person exclaimed.

Where the hell we going to go to?” someone said.

Water said “nothing” would happen that day and vowed to meet with the Los Angeles Housing Service Authority (LAHSA) to assist them. One person complained that Waters’ office had denied meeting requests to discuss housing issues.

“There’s nobody in Washington that works for the people any fucking harder than I do!” Waters snapped. “I don’t want to hear it.”

A person in the crowd pleaded for Waters to work with her to house people, to which the representative replied she assists people in need of housing everyday. She again told the people to “go home” and that there were no new vouchers.

When Sheets reached out to Waters concerning the incident, the lawmaker tried to convince him not to publish the story, the LA Times reported.

“You’ll hurt yourself and the community trying to put this together without background,” Waters warned. “I don’t want you to start trying to write it, you won’t understand it.”

A separate event was held Tuesday, where several homeless citizens stood in line for several hours to receive their vouchers, though the door remained closed throughout most of the day, the outlet reported.

Joyce Burnett, a 77-year-old disabled woman, told the Times she was denied service from LAHSA after filing all of the necessary paperwork Waters instructed her and others to fill out.

“Maxine Waters was here, and she said to come back Tuesday with our paperwork filled out,” Burnett said. “I have it, everything they asked for. But every time we get near the front of the line, they shut the door. They opened the door about 20 minutes ago and said they’re not servicing anyone else today.”

The last recorded homeless data found that 66,436 people were experiencing homelessness, a 13% increase from 2019, the outlet reported.

Source; Daily Caller

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Hack Stone

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters, a true humanitarian. Mother Teresa could learn a few things about tolerance and compassion from the distinguished Congresswoman from California. And the sad part is that she is the best and brightest in the District she represents.


Possibly the dumbest person to ever serve in Congress and that’s a hell of a field to be competitive in.

Hack Stone

Plenty of worthy competitors in that contest. We wish that they all could be Dumbest Person In Congress.


I don’t know about that. Anyone remember Carol Moseley Braun?

SSG Whiskey Tango

Yes, I remember that dolt, Senator from Illinois if I recall. Early to mid 1980s. The sad part is that she would probably considered moderate by todays standard.


You apparently overlooked Hank “Guam Boy” Johnson.

Hack Stone

That guy is in a league of his own. Don’t know how the Admiral did not stop him mid sentence and say “Congressman, without any due respect, you have to be the stupidest person ever elected to a National office in this once great country. You are as useful as a fuel gauge on Daniel Bernath’s airplane. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go back to making the world safe for morons like you.”

Hack Stone

Why would someone with her money want to live in that shithole?


I’m in on the firearms training for teens. When they eventually turn 18 and can legally buy a gun they will be ready. The NRA should write the training program.

Grace Telfer forgot the rules about dealing with criminals, firstly they are criminals and secondly the first people they are going to snitch on to get themselves out of trouble will be anyone working in corrections or law enforcement they think they have dirt on.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Back in the day, many High Schools had indoor ranges where students whom were into shooting and going into the Olympics could train. Out on Long Island NY, one of the schools had to remove asbestos and when some of the parents who fled nyc for Long Island found out their was a range in the school their was an outcry and the range was shut down along with other schools. This occured during the “Asbestos” scares back in the 70’s or 80’s

Planet Ord

I learned to shoot in the basement of my high school in the JROTC program. It was no big deal.


Ditto. But those were the olden days, before the progs took over education.


Got no problem with firearms training, either – provided it’s optional. Got a big problem with such training being mandatory prior to firearms ownership for those of legal age, though. Have the same problem with any “license required to own” requirement.

Comparison of firearms ownership with driver’s licensing is completely asinine. There is NO specific right in the US Constitution to own – or even to operate – any type of vehicle, motorized or not. However, there IS a specified Constitutional right to own firearms. Ergo, firearms ownership is a fundamental right under the Constitution, while vehicle operation is not.

Training and licensing requirements DO INDEED restrict exercise of any right. Per the SCOTUS, since firearms ownership is a fundamental right that means such restrictions must pass strict scrutiny – e.g., the state must show that it’s the least restrictive means of accomplishing the desired public “good”.

Good luck with that.

Last edited 2 months ago by Hondo

That goofy woman doesn’t deserve a baby of either sex.

Robert Szrama

Maxine, the gift that keeps on giving.


Speaking of stupid people:

Here is another older, but goodie.

Do you all think it was real or a set up?

About 3 minutes audio!


What did he say????

RNC Research on Twitter: “JOE BIDEN: “I’m deeply proud of the work [Jill is] doing as first lady with Joining Forces initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she
was vice president”” / Twitter


Don’t try to make sense of it, ninja. It’s just another BBF (Biden Brain Fart).


Strong, teh stoopid is.