One Side Makes You Small….

| March 23, 2022

Well, I never did… but it appears to be real.

Hunter Biden’s laptop crap is finally recognized as authentic by the once-esteemed New York Slime… er, New York Times.

If only we could actually watch them eat their own words.

Get yourself a beverage and a snack and enjoy it. Revel in it.

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Lame stream media is avoiding this in droves.


Testify! There seems to be no end to the lengths they will go to, trying to cover for a lying, grifting, career scumbag politician. This crap makes Watergate look like a bumbling attempt of a third rate breakin. Oh…wait…that’s exactly what the whole Watergate thing was. I guess if the Klintoon Krime Klan can get away with murder, the smartest man that prezzy sniffy gropey knows can get by with an orphaned ‘putor.

Hack Stone

Democracy Dies In Darkness. //S//


Dimwited Dolts Define Doofusishness Detailing Deals Defining Duplicitous Deceitfulness and Definate Dumbassitry and Douchebaggitry

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Like listening to the Fibber MGee & Molley radio show. He could really roll those words off of his tongue faster than a mailbag at a railroad whistle stop.


I am reading Miranda Devine’s book, “Laptop from Hell.” It quotes a number of his emails in telling the story, but it leaves out the salacious stuff, mostly. For example there are no photos of his hookers, or the crack pipe hanging out of his mouth. I wonder if he will sue her for defamation.


This cant be true. Facebook said that all articles about the laptop contained dangerous viruses. The only explanation is that the NYT caught the virus.


Naw, the NY Slimes has been infected with progressivism since the 1930’s. It has just metastasized in the last 40 years. Now, it is the equivalent of Pravda, just with a little more panache. Its writers and editorial board are all progdagandists for the D-rats.


Some y’all may remember when Billy Beer was the hottest scandal. This lump o’ schist makes Hunter’s crack pipe seem cold by comparison.

When can we expect the DAs to decline procession lest they get Arkancided?


About the time the remainder of the JFK documents are released.


The devil is in the details, as always.

The NYT confirmed that some of the emails on the laptop were indeed authentic. That remains different than saying all of the emails are authentic, or that the laptop has established provenance between Hunter Biden and the data found on it.

It doesn’t rule those out either, it just doesn’t prove them.

I have zero love for Hunter Biden and have no problems with further, apolitical investigation to determine these things, but serious problems remain with the story. You’ve got an avid Trump supporter who can’t identify Hunter because he’s blind, claiming he dropped it off, then when it wasn’t picked up, searched through four year old emails to find one about Burisma, which he won’t even confirm he actually saw, in the midst of giving contradictory statements to reporters about it. And let’s not even get into the claims by Tucker Carlson and Rudy Giuliani about child porn on it, for which they offer zero evidence.

It’s sketchy.


You really are clueless. Moreover, the signature on the invoice has been verified by a questioned document examiner, and even Hunter himself refused to deny they were his laptops. He implies he was so drugged out, he can’t remember. Plus, I watched one of his business partners authenticate his emails and Hunter’s replies/cc’s of the emails concerning his dealings with Hunter. As far as the porn goes, I have seen clips with young oriental women and Hunter; if they are under 18, they violate federal law. You are just as brainwashed as the commie cuttlefish. But then ignorance is bliss. You are sketchy, IMHO


Aren’t you usually the one saying the FBI can’t be trusted? And the signature review was by an ex-FBI person? I am not a handwriting expert, but I can look up various signatures from Hunter Biden over time, and I don’t see a perfect match. Do you? Do you want images to look at?

And again, yes, some of the emails are almost certainly real. But the whole story has enough oddities that I remain skeptical of it.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hunter Biden was doing some (more) shady shit and trying to make a dime based on Joe’s name and connections. Not at all. But so much else remains oddly coincidental and unexplainable. From the timing to the claims of having images of the system, then not, then evidence of child porn, then that going away after the election. It’s all very odd.

You wanna say Hunter Biden is -or at least was, but I guess still is- a fuck-up? Hey, we’re in agreement. But this shit still smells.


Several of the business associates have verified emails, some of the more damaging ones in fact. It seems extremely unlikely that the rest are not genuine. If Rudy was going to forge an Email it would be really juicy.


I heard Rudy is an accomplished lawer (sic) and probably has enough smarts to not step on his own crank by submitting false reports to the court or FBI.

(cue “but ‘muh election steal’ cases thrown out of court’ bs here”)

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Most lawyers spout all kinds of rhetoric but put them under oath and few will risk prison time to make a headline.

I didn’t care much for Giuliani’s politics. His stances on gun control and curtailing civil liberties are too leftist for me but he was a helluva a lawyer.


Oh, I’m well aware of some of the emails being verified – an open-source security analyst even posted code for doing so on Github, and while there’s still a remote possibility that malicious actors had a copy of the signing key, it’s pretty unlikely.

I don’t doubt that some of them are real. Especially the one from Pozharsky. But there’s still so much about the story that is deeply questionable, so I remain somewhat skeptical.

Just to pick one of many, do you really think you could get data recovered from three computers for $85? When even the shop says the minimal charge per system is $39, and that’s in the event of them being unable to recover it?

Their own site, from 2019:

I don’t know what to think of this story. So I remain skeptical. Hunter is clearly a fool with plenty of demons, but enough oddities exist that make me question the face-value story.


Actually I paid $29 to get data recovered on an infected laptop that same year. So maybe? BTW, no matter how much ammo you buy don’t fill out that rebate card from Academy Sports its a MOFU,


I’d say the difference between getting data recovered off a water-damaged SSD and a virus-infected laptop is like the difference between a transmission going out and a flat tire. In both cases, maybe you see a mechanic, but one’s likely to be a whole lot more expensive than the other.

Sure, stranger things have happened, but when enough things say, “Huh, that’s odd..”, it makes me skeptical.

If further proof shows it all to be true and just a quirk of the universe, great. And if they have him with underage girls, throw him in jail. No objections to any of that, it just still seems a bit off and I’d like actual answers, not political posturing.


I’ll reserve opinion until I am told by the fact checkers what to think.

Slow Joe

Leave Hunter alone!
He is the smartestest and kindest human being our Glorious Fearless Leader has ever met!
Hunter would never touch an underage girl!
He is a paragon of virtue!

The Republicans are bringing all this up now because elections are coming and they refuse to acknowledge that everything is Trump’s fault.