Sarah Cavanaugh, Former VFW commander accused of faking military service arrested. 

| March 15, 2022

It appears they finally locked her up… for a few minutes.  She posted bail and is back on the streets for the time being.

A former North Kingstown VFW commander accused of faking military service and a cancer diagnosis has been released on bail despite an prosecutor’s fears that she may flee. Sarah Cavanaugh, who resigned from her position in January, is facing four federal felonies for fraud and identity theft.

It is alleged that she falsely claimed to have received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star, and lied about developing cancer due to exposure in Iraq and Afghanistan to obtain donations for medical bills from HunterSeven, a nonprofit group providing aid to veterans.

The Former VFW commander allegedly passed off a VA patient’s cancer diagnosis as her own.

On Monday, Cavanaugh appeared before Judge Lincoln Almond as Assistant U.S. Attorney Ronald Gendron recited his concerns about her release.

“I have to say in the years I’ve been doing this I’ve seldom seen a fraudulent scheme that was so wide ranging as that perpetrated by Ms. Cavanaugh,” Gendron said. “It seems that anything that was out there, any pot of money that she placed her hands on, she used fraud to try to acquire it.”

Gendron said that unlike with a telephone scam, Cavanaugh’s victims “are people that trusted her, that she met on a daily basis sometimes face-to-face”.

Attempts to flee?  Gendron, expressing worries that Cavanaugh could flee, raised suspicion over her recent attempt to sell her Warwick home, noting that although the sale fell through, items were moved out of the house last week. Gendron also said Cavanaugh had recently canceled a trip to the Bahamas for which tickets had been bought.

I spent the last two weeks getting family and friends out of Ukraine.  Many have decided to stay, at least for now.  Maybe she can come to Ukraine instead of going to the Bahamas.  We could use ‘A Few Good Persons’ at the moment.

Just a thought.


Source: Former VFW commander accused of faking military service charged with fraud, ID theft

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Green Thumb

Curious if Lori Benton is on the scene?

There is to much talent in play for Phildo to let it go to waste.


All that matters is your extended family is safe…Cavanaugh will gets hers soon enough..


I’d like to hear what the VFW has to say.


They won’t say shit. Too many POSers infest their ranks at all levels.

I’m a Life Member of the VFW and I’m sorry as hell that I ever even signed up with them in the first place.


I bailed out of the Marine Corps League permanently for the same reasons.

In both the VFW and the Marine Corps League, I heard one too many POSer assclowns talking shit about operations that I had actually been involved in when I knew damn well that the idiot running his mouth was never there.

If Forest Green is up on the net here today, he’ll know what I’m talking about.


What is the number VFW, Foreign Legion, and other Veterans organizations that have out-right phonies and serious embellishers in their ranks? 10%? 25% More?
I’m not talking about the tall stories of how many chicks a guy brags about banging or pretty they were. We all know the level of phony that needs to be purged. Just curious because I don’t belong to any such organizations. 


Sorry HT3, but I have no idea what the percentages of phonies/embellishers may be in veterans’ organizations. Perhaps one of the usual suspects here at TAH may have some insights.

All I know is that I’m not a member of any of those organizations anymore, nor will I ever be again (apart from the VFW; that life membership fee is a “sunk cost”).

Everyone is always “Force Recon” or a “Sniper” who served “in the shit”, and I’m sick of hearing about it. No one was ever an Avionicsman, a Bulk Fuel Specialist, or worked in the S-1 shop.


Or, as often said thusly: Everyone wants to be Infantry, until it’s time to do infantry shit.

I wouldn’t trade my experiences for all the gold in the world (well, maaayyybe) but I’ll be GDed and fked with a spiked bat before I allow a pog or worse, a civilian, steal my Brothers’ honor.

I’m lucky to be in both a VFW and MCL (don’t ask…) that are full of no b.s.ers, and we check, then verify. Deeply.

I’m proud to be in Det 40 and Post 12150.*

*full disclosure: I owe dues to MCL. Oops.




Man, the PowerPoint was hell… but sh*t really got hairy when our silver bullet ran out of coffee on the CSM. Holy ass-chewin’, Batman!


At least there’s a patch for it:
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

I proudly (if poorly) drove an M978 Fuel HEMTT.


I hear ya…Nothing is farther from High Speed, Low Drag than being a Hull Tech on a Fleet Repleshment Oiler.

USMC Steve

Or, God forbid, a water dog. They get no respect.

Jim Haltom

35U here. Biomedical equipment repairman. My job was to make sure the medical equipment functioned properly when it was needed. Not exciting but definitely needed. Serviced in fixed facilities, field hospitals, medical research facilities and as inspector for propositioned medical equipment.


Well, 100% fakers like Cavanaugh are probably somewhat rare, maybe 10%, just because of the effort involved. But “Embellishers?” Like the Boiler Tech who claims to be a SEAL, the commo dog who claims to be SF and Ranger, or the Civil Engineer Airman who claims to be a PJ or fighter pilot? I’d guess 25% minimum and 75 – 80% maximum.

It’s a kind of unspoken arrangement of “I won’t call you out for your BS if you won’t call me out for mine.” A symbiotic relationship, or maybe a better metaphor would be a stolen-valor circle jerk.


“I won’t call you out for your BS if you won’t call me out for mine.”


Please see the POW/MIA Awareness Association in Elko, Nevada.

A self-sustaining hive of POSers.

Leather vests covered in POSer bling for all hands out there.


All I can say is that I have been quarter master of our VFW post for three years and the guy before me for 23 years and we let nobody in without a DD2 14 that we check. I wish all of the VFW posts legion posts and other veterans groups would do that but because they don’t we get bitches like this that take away the value that these veterans organizations have at least in my opinion hanging with your brothers after you’re out and sisters by the way could be a good thing. I’m only coming a few times on this site I’m a low-key veteran but that’s my opinion on this whole thing don’t take the VFW in Legion and AMVETS and throw them in the bushes without realizing that they also do good work to help Phil Veterans filing claims and getting benefits and they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have. Last I apologize for any misspellings but this was done through a microphone because I can’t type this much.

Name edited to protect PII>


I remember when my war wasn’t foreign enough for them.


Just add BS story:
comment image


comment image


For the super-duper faker:
comment image

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Those three posts are HILARIOUS.

Well played!


This whole video is so true…so true


Speaking of “almost veterans”, how many of you have had the delightful experience of having an ‘almost vet’ diss your service?

As in, I tell them what I did (intel analyst) and they come back with “Yeah, I almost joined. But if I’d joined I would have gone Special Forces/Ranger/Scout Sniper/Recon/SEAL.”

And yes I’ve had this happen – more than once.


Or how about this version of the “almost vet diss” that I’ve heard a couple of times:

On two separate occasions, I ran into former High School classmates while home on leave. One is a realtor, and the other owns his own landscaping business.

Upon hearing that I was a Marine Corps Aviator, they both literally sneered at me and said something along the lines of “what, you couldn’t make it out here in the REAL world, so you had to go into the Marines?”.

I responded with “Yeah, that’s right. I couldn’t have possibly made it out here in the REAL world as a realtor/landscaper, so I had to settle for becoming a Marine Corps Aviator instead”.

Neither of them had a response to that.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I met a “Vet” in publix yesterday wearing suspenders who said he retired from the army and was wearing a cap that said cold war with 2 ribbons on it. Are they actual ribbons or those commentorive ribbons I see in the catalogues.


If it was this (NDSM + Cold War Commemorative Medal) and he’s not at least 66 (enlisted at 17 before 15 AUG 73)…
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

I joined the VFW. The local post seemed curiously suspicious of me and demanded I provide a DD214, which was odd since I was on active duty at the time (although not assigned near any large military bases). As an officer the only DD214 I had was from my enlisted days, which apparently as a signal soldier during DS was enough.

Not long after I joined several people were arrested for embezzling from the Bingo game. If you run an internet search you will find this is a very common occurrence. Like a lot of volunteer organization they have numerous integrity issues.

I appreciate the work the organization does for the most part in backing veteran legislation but historically they seem to really like Democratic candidates for some reason.

They have tried for the last 32 years or so to make up for the terrible, initial, non-reception of Vietnam Vets. I wasn’t a party to that so I am not sure what to make of it.


left VFW and AM Legion because of this crap. had to invoke Classification of submarine operations to Join VFW then got sick and tired of theGuys who would Not provide a DD-214 tell me How i was nothing but a peacetime sailor… left the legion after 32 Years (sons+ regular) when an Viet nam vet with No Time outside of Conus, and 18 Months of his 3 Years in the airforce, spent in the Brig for being Drunk. With the exception of a really few Honorable members… they are privileged Drinking clubs with Bingo and Peeloff slots.

Name edited to protect PII.


I once considered joining the VFW, but then I started reading TAH and I read “Stolen Valor” by Burkett. That was the end of any consideration of joining the VFW or the Am. Legion.




Yep, they just need to change the name of the VFW and AL to “The Liars Club” and call it good.

Daisy Cutter

They would be welcome at Bass Pro Shops.


Poe could count on one hand the number of times he’s been in a VFW or Am. Legion since he ETS’d in 1967.

Did frequent an Elks Club in New Mexico for a few years as a guest of my In-laws.

Better food and a better class of drunks… 😜 

Last edited 2 months ago by Poetrooper

I’ve been in the local Am. Legion 5 times, maybe 6, just to give blood. Then Versiti moved their collections to a local church, because of “problems” with the legion post.


Yeah, I know what you’re talking about with the classification of operations. I could have joined for the same reason, but didn’t and wouldn’t. But the reason I had is that since no one shot at me I would feel funny in a group of vets who had been in the shit. From what everyone is saying, I guess I was wrong.

When I was a kid, a guy from the VFW used to encourage, i.e., nag, my father to join. Dad had been in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. The only thing he ever said about it was “That Monte Cassino. THAT was rough!” Not a word more.

Anyway, Pop finally blew up in frustration at the VFW guy. “Why would I want to sit around a bar and talk about things I just want to forget?”

And that was the end of that. My father had the right idea I guess.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I myself joined a local VFW post and let my membership expire after one too many conversations with some grumpyass telling me that I didn’t do shit in the ME while he was some super-hairy badass in the jungle.


Hope you like the sound of chirping crickets ’cause that’s all you’re going to hear from the VFW (Valor thieves, Fakes and Wannabes.)


Here is the Official Department of Justice document on Sarah Jane Cavanaugh:

According to the document: “Cavanaugh was arrested by federal agents on Monday and appeared before U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Lincoln D. Almond. She was released on $50,000 unsecured bond.”

Wonder if her punishment will be stronger than Ole Jussie Smollet…Asking For A Friend…


If one has time, here is very detailed 18 page document covering the charges on Sarah Jane Cavanaugh:

Well worth the read.


From the 18 Page Document:

“Your affiant conducted a review of the contents of CAVANAUGH’s official VA email account. As background, employees of the VA are issued an email account ( domain) for the purposes of conducting official business.”

“Your affiant reviewed an email sent from CAVANAUGH’s official VA account to a business in San Diego specializing in military ribbons and medals. On September 24, 2021, CAVANAUGH emailed this business and requested to purchase, among other awards, a Bronze Star with “V” Device and a Purple Heart. CAVANAUGH requested that the medals be shipped to her home address. “


Her charges include:

  • Cavanaugh used the personal identifying information of an actual Marine, and falsely claimed that she served in the USMC from 2009-2016; was honorably discharged; achieved the rank of Corporal; and was wounded in action in Iraq/Afghanistan.
  • Cavanaugh used an official Veterans Administration (VA) email account, which was issued to her as a VA employee, to purchase and later display on a Marine uniform a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. She had not been awarded either award. In fact, a search of the Defense Personnel Records Information Retrieval System, a database containing military-service records, provided no records or information pertaining to Cavanaugh.
USMC Steve

That photo clearly shows her in Blues with SSgt chevrons on it. WTF?


Her other charges include:

  • Created and submitted falsified military discharge documents, medical diagnosis, and medical bills to “HunterSeven,” an organization that provides monetary aid to veterans in need. Cavanaugh did so to request financial assistance and falsely claim that she was being treated for cancer from exposure to burn pits in Iraq/Afghanistan and inhaling particulate matter in the aftermath of an Improvised Explosive Device.
  • Posing as a combat veteran, Cavanaugh contacted “Code of Support,” and collected $18,472 in financial assistance for mortgage payments, repairs to her home furnace, a gym membership, and for other unspecified bills,
  • Posing as a combat veteran diagnosed with cancer related to her military service, Cavanaugh collected approximately $4,700 from an internet-based fundraising website,

More charges include:

  • Claiming to be a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient, Cavanaugh collected approximately $16,000 from a charity that provides therapy for veterans through art programs, and
  • Posing as a wounded combat veteran, Cavanaugh collected $207,000 from the Wounded Warrior organization to pay for groceries and physical therapy sessions.

MSG Retired covered her nicely.


From the 18 page document:

“The DD-214 indicated CAVANAUGH served in the USMC from 2009 to 2016 and achieved the rank of Corporal. Further scrutiny of the DD-214 provided by CAVANAUGH to Simoni revealed inconsistencies. CAVANAUGH’s alleged discharge date was circa December 2016. However, the DD-214 was signed by a personnel officer in November 2015. Based on your affiant’s experience, DD-214s are signed by the personnel officer on or near the date of discharge. The DD-214 submitted by CAVANAUGH reflects a signing date nearly a year in advance of her alleged discharge date. Additionally, the DD-214 indicated CAVANAUGH served as a Marine Security Guard (MSG). These Marines serve at all US Embassies overseas. Under the block for military education, no mention of MSG training was entered”


Gotta love the VFW angle. In 72, when i got home from two back to back “vacations” in Laos/RVN. I asked to join VFW. They told me to go to AmLeg because VFW only accepted “war” Vets. My 3 combat Vs were no good there. In 2015, I started getting mailers begging me to join because now they recognize Vietnam officially as a war. No thanks. I need the money for gas now.


Oh! Motherfuckers! Now THAT would be a “Fuck you very much” situation for me. What jackasses!

I worked with a guy in the 70s who did 3 tours in Vietnam and one of the other guys who worked with us had the stones to bust his balls. “We WW2 vets were in for the duration! You guys only did a year!” Dickwad.


That’s not entirely true of WWII vets. Ol’ Poe’s WWII vet father-in-law tried to bust his balls on that “real war” bullshit until I researched his unit and found out they were in Europe only eight months, three months of that post-surrender, and his entire service lasted less than two years. He eventually (and grudgingly) apologized.

That limited amount of total service and combat time was representative of a huge number of WWII vets who were drafted and trained for the Normandy invasion and its follow-on operations.

It was many of those in the Pacific who put in the long slog, some of them serving in intermittent combat from 1942 to 1945. But even most of them had substantial breaks between their island-hopping operations. My unit in Vietnam, the 101st Airborne, was in, if not constant, certainly ongoing, combat operations throughout my tour. If you ventured far enough away from your base camp, you could count on being engaged by the enemy.

Last edited 2 months ago by Poetrooper

Oh, yeah. Agree with all. But there were some WW2 guys who just loved to mess with the Vietnam vets. They were in “Da Big One, you know. WW2! A REAL war!” Go figure.

USMC Steve

And in all reality, on average a soldier who was in for the entire war only served on average, I believe 176 or so days in combat. Vietnam infantry types served roughly 260 days on average in a 1 year tour, dependent on what phase of the war they were there for.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

alex I joined the VFW in 2009 as a life member in a similar position position you were in because the VFW was getting short of members and Accepted my DD-214 which had the AFEM on it (Dominican Republic area) Am also a life member of the American legion but I’ve never been to a meeting or hung out in both posts. I do remember the deal about being in a war back then.


From the 18 page document:

“CAVANAUGH had extensive contact with a non-profit organization called “Code of Support.” This organization provides financial aid to veterans in need. Code of Support also interfaces with third-party charities across the United States to obtain financial aid for veterans. CAVANAUGH utilized email to solicit money by posing as a combat veteran. CAVANAUGH sent the DD-214 to prove she was eligible for receiving benefits from Code of Support and the various charities that work with that organization. 18. On January 6, 2021, Code of Support contacted another organization identified as the Matthew Pucino Foundation via email. As background, the Matthew Pucino Foundation, based in Massachusetts, was created to honor the memory of its namesake, who was a US Army soldier killed in combat.”


“CAVANAUGH had previously sought assistance from Code of Support to pay for repairs to her home’s furnace. The Matthew Pucino Foundation agreed to give money to help repair CAVANAUGH’s furnace based on the fact that she claimed to be a combat veteran. The Matthew Pucino Foundation requested a copy of CAVANAUGH’s DD-214 to verify eligibility. Code of Support provided the Foundation with the same copy of the falsified DD-214 CAVANAUGH originally provided. The Matthew Pucino Foundation provided $10,372 USD to repair CAVANAUGH’s home furnace believing she was a wounded combat veteran ill with cancer.”


From the 18 Page Document:

“On April 18, 2019, CAVANAUGH directly asked Code of Support via email to help pay for her gym membership. CAVANAUGH provided an invoice from her gym which indicated she owed $900 USD for a six-month membership.
On June 17, 2019, Code of Support advised CAVANAUGH “one of their donors” paid for the gym membership, and the gym would receive a check within seven business days.”

“On July 18, 2021, CAVANAUGH emailed Code of Support and requested assistance with paying her mortgage. CAVANAUGH included a screenshot of what appears to be a Citizens Bank page showing her home address and a mortgage payment due in the amount of $2,474.08.”


From the 18 Page Document:

“CAVANAUGH also had extensive contact with the Wounded Warrior Program (WWP) between 2017 and 2021. CAVANAUGH represented herself as a wounded combat veteran to WWP. WWP provided CAVANAUGH with benefits such as a check in the amount of $500 per month for groceries and physical therapy sessions. The total amount of money expended by WWP for CAVANAUGH is approximately $207,000 USD“.



Green Thumb




How about steaming bag of Biden?

A Proud Infidel®™

a 24K bucket of Phildo.


From the 18 Page Document:

“An analysis of the aforementioned DD-214 CAVANAUGH presented to various organizations as proof of her military service was conducted. In Block 18 (“Remarks” section) of CAVANAUGH’s falsified DD-214, an Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier (EDIPI) number is displayed. The EDIPI is commonly referred to as a Department of Defense (DoD) Identification number, or DoD ID number. The EDIPI is a completely unique number used to identify specific individuals who are affiliated with the Department of Defense. The EDIPI was created to replace using an individual’s Social Security Number (SSN) on many official forms, while still allowing positive identification. The EDIPI is directly linked with the Common Access Card (CAC)…Once an EDIPI number is assigned to a person, it is never reused and will follow that individual for life, much like an SSN.”



“The EDIPI number appearing on CAVANAUGH’s falsified DD-214 was researched. The EDIPI number was an actual EDIPI number that was issued real to a former Marine named Patrick Hurney. On February 24, 2022, Hurney was interviewed by your affiant and other law enforcement officers. Hurney actually served in the US Marine Corps from 2011 to 2016. Hurney is currently employed as a civilian with the US Navy in Newport, Rhode Island. Hurney brought a copy of his DD-214 to the interview.”

 “Hurney reviewed CAVANAUGH’s fictitious DD-214 and stated he recognized the signature in Block 21A as his own. Hurney also compared the aforementioned EDIPI number in Block 18 to his current DoD civilian CAC. Hurney and your affiant noted the numbers were identical. Hurney compared his VA identification card to the EDIPI in Block 18 of the fictitious DD-214, and both he and your affiant noted the numbers were identical.”



“Hurney stated he never authorized CAVANAUGH, or anyone else, to use or modify his DD-214 or to use his EDIPI number, initials, or the signature of his name or initials. Hurney pointed out several blocks of the fictitious DD-214 that differed from his genuine document, such as those wherein CAVANAUGH’s name, SSN, and date of birth appeared. Hurney further stated he never lost a copy of his DD-214 and had no information regarding how CAVANAUGH could have obtained a copy of his DD-214 and altered it to appear as though the document belonged to her”.

“Your affiant reviewed a list of veteran records accessed by CAVANAUGH during the course of her employment at the Providence, RI Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). This list was generated by the VAMC. Your affiant noted Hurney’s records were viewed by CAVANAUGH. The business reason, if any, as to why CAVANAUGH accessed Hurney’s records is not readily apparent. 30.”


This is good info, ninja. It offers some insight as to how she went about this. Sounds like abuse of her position and the Privacy/Records Act may come into play.


Back to the ol’ 10-digit serial number… after decades of SSN, I still can’t remember the new thing (have to read it off my dogtags).

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

I memorized the last 4. When your Government CAC is inserted in the CAC reader you can’t read the DOD ID Nr. But as it matches my Retired ID card (blue) I just read it off that when I find something on line that requires it.

As a military dependent growing up, I still remember my father’s serial number and his SSN. Isn’t it good to know we’re back to the equivalent og serial numbers again?


Count 1: (18 U.S.C. § 498 – Used or exhibited a military discharge certificate, knowing the same to be forged, counterfeited, or falsely altered) MAX PENALTY a. 1 year imprisonment; b. $100,000 fine c. 1 year supervised release; and d. $25 special assessment

Count 2: (18 U.S.C. § 1343 – Fraud by Wire, Radio, or Television) MAX PENALTY a. 20 years imprisonment; b. $250,000 fine; c. 3 years supervised release; and d. $100 special assessment

Count 3: (18 U.S.C. § 704(b) & (d)(1) – With intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently held herself out to be the recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with V devices) MAX PENALTY a. 1 year imprisonment; b. $100,000 fine c. 1 year supervised release; and d. $25 special assessment

Count 4: (18 U.S.C. § 1028A – Aggravated Identity Theft) MAX PENALTY a. 2 years imprisonment; b. $250,000 fine; c. 1 year supervised release; and $100 special assessment


I never knew one could commit federal wire fraud by “television.” Too bad the DOJ won’t indict Rachel Madcow and some of her fellow MSDNC loons. Also, CNN could have most of its “news” staff doing time in the federal pen.


Television = TV “evangelists”?

RGR 4-78

I wonder if they could use (18 U.S.C. § 1343 – Fraud by Wire, Radio, or Television) against Da Nang Dick.


Welp, one true thing can be said about ol’ Sketchy Sarah, she certainly wasn’t timid about perpetrating her fraudulent scams. She was bold and brazen in how she went about her impersonation.

Ninja, is there any evidence she actually served in the USMC?


Ninja, never mind my question above; I reread the charging document you linked. It mentions that the VA investigator personally searched all the DOD data bases and confirmed there was no person with Cavanaugh’s name or SSN that has records of military service.



Yes…Found the same information in the 18 Page document.

She was featured in the October 2021 VFW Magazine as an All American Commander (look under Rhode Island):


I am sure it’s all an oversight and any number of folks here would happily help her achieve ‘wounded’ status.


This skrunt needs to be wounded, severely, by the Barbed Cock of Satan. Probably won’t happen because Satan, as does IDC SARC does, has his limits. Nothing more despicable, to me, than someone standing on the bodies and in the blood of Warriors that wear the Purple Heart…or was given to their Families. ESAD, Bitch.

I looked back thru, to the best of my abilities, and could find NO reference where we deployed the TAH As(S)teroid of Insults on this skrunt. Motion is hereby made and I duly request (under Robert’s Rules of Order) a SECOND and an AYE.

Question for Commander Pink Robe. What can WE do to help your family and friends in Ukraine? Ask and it shall be given, Good Sir.




I will put this out there to admins, Ed/Mason/Dave etc. because we had this discussion a couple years ago…
I have abstained from deploying the now, The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ , against members of the fairer sex due to the perception of misogyny, which I agreed. NOW, in this case since the criminal behavior is 100% fraudulent and not exaggerating, I’d agree with deploying the AoI, but also, The other more immediate option is to leave it to the ladies of TAH to rip this felonious feline a new perineum, worthy of a class three tear requiring an Episiorrhaphy
Disclaimer: I had to Google the proper name although I knew what the surgery before hand requiring the repair’s proper name is, Episiotomy, which in this case should’ve been offered with a rusty spoon or a dirty entrenching tool
So anyway back to the subject at hand, I will let this marinate and see what the response is, and we will either go Biden and send Kamala Harris to Poland or go all Trump mean tweet on her ass.

Last edited 2 months ago by ChipNASA

Chippy, you and I agree on so many levels, our despise of phonies, our Love and Respect of OAM, ect, but in the case of Phemale Phonies, treating them any different from male phonies would be the epitome of sexist misogyny. After all, the females have screamed for equal treatment for years. Far be it for us to deny them the equal opportunity to be further publicly shamed by having their name and despicable actions spread all thru the inherwebz with the deployment of the TAH AoI. This skrunt is right up there with Saggy Maggie and Jan da Spann. Muh trigguh fingguh is itchier than her coochie kitty is.

May need an artistic interpretation of RRoO, but since the Stranger usually is the FIRST to holler SEGUNDO, and SFC D is the FIRST to holler AYE, I move that we have met the RRoO requirements and you are cleared HOT. YMMV

The Stranger

Hey! That’s MY line!



I hereby retract my “segundo” and humbly offer it to The Stranger.

Mike B

So let me get this straight…..She claimed to have achieved the rank of Corporal aka E-4 (According to the story), but in her picture she’s wearing SSgt chevrons aka E-6.

So which is her supposed fake rank?

Somebody didn’t do their homework very well……I’m just a Retired AF E-6 and noticed her rank screw up.

Last edited 2 months ago by Mike B

I like her EGAs. I should have worn mine like that.


You would have been popular if you had.


I spent the last two weeks getting family and friends out of Ukraine. Many have decided to stay, at least for now.

Anything we can do to help?


Dave – glad those who wanted out were able to get out.
Hope the rest are ok.

All the bestest to you and your All American former Soviet


What GB said!


[…] We wrote about her here: […]


She should have been called out at the event where that pic was taken. Bronze Star with V, PH Medal but no C.A.R? That should have been a red red flag that someone should have observed.


Yeah, there is so much shit wrong with that uniform in that picture that any Marine at the event should have been able to spot the bullshit at first glance.


She needs one swift cunt punt!