China warns against military support for Taiwan

| March 13, 2022

Russia called their invasion of Ukraine a “special military operation”. The CCP has a similar positive spin for their reeducation camps. (

Echoing Putin at the beginning of the Russo-Ukraine War, China warns countries that there would be serious consequences for militarily supporting Taiwan. They continued with the claim that the Chinese Communist Party would be unstoppable should it decide to take Taiwan. News viewers in Taiwan are following what is happening in Ukraine and are encouraged by what they see.

From Fox News:

China has taken a more aggressive stance against the Democratic island nation lately, sending a record number of fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone late last year.

And last month, as Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, nine Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone, prompting a broadcast warning from the island nation.

Taiwan has been increasingly on edge since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, seeing parallels between their own situation with Beijing. After the invasion, the slogan “Today, Ukraine, tomorrow, Taiwan!” spread online, according to The New York Times.

According to some estimates, China spends more than $250 billion on its annual military budget, while Taiwan spends around $13 billion.

The Communist Party characteristically balked at Taiwan’s recent concerns in the wake of Moscow’s war in Ukraine, suggesting it’s exaggerated rhetoric meant to make Beijing look aggressive.

‘Continue to watch’

“We continue to watch to try to identify, has [China] learned the correct lessons as it applies to the changing world order and the concern that we see in the Ukraine?” U.S. Navy Adm. John Aquilino, commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday, according to the Military Times, of the unified global condemnation of Russia over the invasion and its military struggles in Ukraine.

Fox News has the balance of the article here.

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The takeover of Taiwan will be next year or sooner if everything in Ukraine goes to plan
The current administration ain’t going to do shit either
In fact they are rolling back a lot of what the last administration did as far as encouraging companies
To move production out of china


Thinking the strategic/political situation won’t improve for the Chicoms after our mid-term election; they’ll try it before then (at, at least, before the new Congress can be seated).

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Hack Stone

The Biden-Harris Administration have plans in place to bolster Taiwan’s defense. First up is dispatching James Taylor to sing to the residents of Taiwan.

Hack Stone

Works for terrorist attacks and mostly peaceful military invasions.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

James taylor could also sit down at the old camp fire, hand out 2 sticks per person and sing Sara Sponda Sara Sponda while clacking the sticks together which also might work to bolster their defence. worked back in the 50’s and also on youtube.


Nothing gets those martial and patriotic juices flowing like a stirring rendition of “Sweet Baby James”.


Yeah, was just the thing after that terror attack in Paris, you know…

A Proud Infidel®™️

The CCP also smells weakness from DC and they intend to take maximum advantage of it.


Chicoms gonna Chicom… unchanged since 1950:
comment image


Ahhh! The rattling begins! How will our Current Dear Leader respond?


All more the reason to send it now. Won’t happen, of course.


Welp, we all saw this coming. And right on time. Olympics is over and Putin has everyone distracted in Ukraine. Told folks decades ago that all the cheap junk that Wally World (and everyone else) was peddling from China would ruin our manufacturing base and the profits that the Chinese Communists made off of that junk would be used against the entire world. And here we are. I make a very spirited attempt to NOT buy ANYTHING made by the ChiComs. The struggle is real. Looks like the only way I’ll get some reading glasses NOT made in China is to have a 2.50 + set of lenses made and put in one of the many frames I have laying around. The politicians and greedy corporate heads got us into this mess and we’re gonna have to shoot our way out of it.

The Taiwanese will defend every rock, grass blade, and clump of dirt to the end like a Mama Bear does her cubs.

IMHO, it’s time for a pre-emptive strike…with everything we have. TOT anyone? God protect the 7th Fleet.


I’m not sure of the tenacity of the Taiwanese population. From my (limited and admittedly second-hand) understanding, the general public is willing to leave those kind of issues to the professionals and will accept whatever fate is handed to them. I sincerely want to be wrong on this.

The most difficult aspect about boycotting Chinese-made products is how subtly Xi the Pooh and his merry band of pandas have integrated themselves into the global manufacturing process. Whether it’s in the final assembly or in the initial mining of rare metals, Xi (haha, his name is pronounced “she”) has his hand in almost every pot.

What’s most concerning for me is the way we’re approaching everything with our foreign policy is similar to that taken prior to both world wars. The very rational reasons for not getting involved set the stage for much greater trials, and economic deterrents turned into motivators that ultimately drew us into the mess.


We still a foreign policy??? Huh… thought that was trashed two years ago.


I’ve said it before, diplomacy without the threat of military force is like playing poker but refusing to use face cards.

It’s not a good foreign policy, but it’s our foreign policy.


Pointing out the obvious, but they are playing Biden as a fool. Does anybody think other wise? Not likely.

However, if Trump had been reelected, all this stuff currently going on would most likely just be postponed for another 4 years. No guarantee that it wouldn’t, but most likely not.

Time for Joey soft serve to shine. Or hide in his basement. Or send heels up to tell all the bad actors to knock their shit off.


And Kamala Toe Hummerdick would be better? Smartest thing Joe ever did was select impeachment-deterrent as his running mate.


I didn’t say kamala would be better. I can’t believe there are 81 million idiots in this country. I know there are at least 2, and they theoretically run the country.

Scarey as we can all see. At least to those who are willing to see.


81 million ballots? Maybe.

81 million people casted those ballots? Probably not.