Would Democrats be happy if a day is dedicated to a successful minority politician?

| February 25, 2022

Governor Glenn Youngkin declared February 23, 2022, “Winsome Earle-Sears Day” in Virginia. This day recognized her accomplishment for being the first African American to hold the position of Lieutenant Governor. She was also the first female to hold that office. However, a tweet from Blue Virginia found a way to put a negative spin to it.

The post:

In case it gets deleted: “Can you imagine the reaction if Gov. Ralph Northam had named a day “Justin Fairfax Day” or “Mark Herring Day?” Or if Gov. Bob McDonnell had named a day “Ken Cuccinelli Day” or “Bill Bolling Day?” Beyond parody.” – Blue Virginia @bluevirginia

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Red State has the article here, and you could read the applicable order at this link.

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Kinda like when Obama gave Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction! Highest civil award of the federal government.


Just about as deserved as that Silver Star given to LBJ in WWII. On the other hand, at least LBJ did get on an aircraft departing on a combat bombing mission. Brandon has done nothing remarkable for “freedom.”


I should add that Brandon has never risked his life for anything, let alone the freedom of the nation.


Trolling the dems at their own game.

A Proud Infidel®™

The liberals still do all they can to prove just what a bunch of foaming-at-the-mouth brainwashed babbling idiots they truly are. Winsome Sears immigrated from Jamaica, served a successful Tour of Duty in the USMC and afterwards worked to get where she is sans flashing race or victim cards or using her race or gender, just what the left hates.


Why do democrats hat Black women?


Northam is constantly referenced now in media as the fellow wearing the black face in that photo. But the other photos on that page in the school yearbook are clearly of him (the page is dedicated to him) show he does not wear glasses. The guy in black face is wearing glasses. So, Northam is the dude in the hood and Klan robes. (He has admitted he is one of two in that pic.) Seems to me that is more “racist/white-supremacist” than some Halloween black make-up.



Yep. You are SO RIGHT…

Ole Doofus, AKA Ralphie Boy/Mr. KKK KNEW he was the Man Behind The White Hood…and KNEW it would have been the Kiss of Death for him political wise if the truth came out.

So glad that Dude is GONE, GONE, GONE….

Thank you for sharing that tidbit with us again!


The demonrats will not be happy until they totally destroy our Republic and turn it into their idea of a Socialist Utopia…with them in charge and We, The People as their serfs.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

If the left likes the socialist way, then how come they aren’t on Mr. Putins side.

A Proud Infidel®™

But what they FAIL to realize is that the moment that happens, they’ll end up in mass graves versus being part of the ruling clique they think they’ll be, History teaches us that socialism and communism always gets rid of its “useful idiots” as soon as they’re no longer deemed necessary.