Texas hotel to pay damages for refusing service to disabled veteran w/ service dog

| February 21, 2022

Service dog example

Poetrooper sends in word on this DOJ settlement with a Killeen, Texas hotel that refuse to allow a disabled veteran and his service dog to stay at the establishment, called the cops when he refused to leave, and then refused to refund his deposit.

DOJ press release;

U.S. Attorney Ashley C. Hoff of the Western District of Texas announced today that the United States has reached an agreement with the owners and managers of Executive Inn & Suites, a hotel in Killeen, Texas, to resolve allegations they violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by denying equal access to individuals with disabilities who use service dogs.

The settlement resolves allegations initially brought by a disabled veteran who utilizes a service animal and wheelchair due to an amputation of his left leg. The veteran alleged that upon learning that the veteran was accompanied by a service dog the hotel desk clerk refused to honor his reservation because the hotel owner did not allow any type of dog. Hotel staff insisted that the veteran leave, called the local police department to escort the veteran off hotel property, and refused to refund his room rental fee.

Under the agreement, J&J Executive Suites LLC, Kyung Sang Lee and Gaesun Lee will ensure that the hotel adopts and implements a service dog policy; provides training on the service dog policy to employees and managers; and posts the service dog policy at their facilities and in their advertising. They will also pay money damages to the veteran as compensation for the effects of the discrimination and the harm he endured as a result of their actions.

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Daisy Cutter

He’s a good boy! How could they refuse that sweet face.

Last edited 2 years ago by Daisy Cutter

Spot on DC! With the permission of the owner, I’d give that Good Boy a nice treat AND a belly rub. The more I learn about people, the more I love my dog(s). I know that the picture is just an example and NOT the Good Boy that was refused service, but in my mind the doggo is sticking his tongue out at the desk clerk. Hope the clerk got his leg peed on too. Dumbass! 🐶



I miss my dog Bandit. Best dog ever.


I miss all my dogs. Pluto, Nuke, Moo and Little Willie.
They never lied to me, stole from me or spread false rumors.


I bet they ran around tho.


Little Willie?


He was neutered.


How very eunuch. 😉


Bada bing


I had to put Peenutt to sleep a couple months ago and find myself calling my new, used doggie that name all the time.
She was 17 and knew nobody but me as an owner.
I cried a boatload of tears for her. But watching her and giving her end of life care finally became too painful for both of us.
She traveled all over with me and was a wonderful doggie.
The Chipster here, (Chip), is also a great dog, 8 years old and well housebroken.
I cried for 3 days when I put Phuzzz the Cat to sleep a few years ago.
Now I have yet another used cat, that is named after the most utilized AAA gun of WWII, Bofors !!!


How do you know I’m housebroken? I can also be somewhat grouchy and ill tempered, I’ll have you know.  🤔  😄 


“The case began on the afternoon of Oct. 13, 2020, after the veteran checked into the motel in a town that also hosts the US
Army’s sprawling Fort Hood…”

“According to the settlement agreement, the motel desk clerk knocked on his door
to inform him that the Executive Suite’s owners didn’t allow dogs, including service animals. The veteran tried to explain that he’s lawfully permitted to have his service dog in any public accommodation, but the clerk asked to see documentation for that.”

“J&J Executive Suites, LLC, based in Killeen, Texas — and its owners, Kyung Sang Lee and Gaesun Lee, also agreed to pay the unnamed veteran $5,000 in damages, according to the settlement agreement inked Dec. 21, 2021, but announced Tuesday, Feb. 15, in Texas.”


I hate places that pull this shit
nuff said


Hell from doing a web search and looking at there properties the outfit looks like a dump


Ah, Fort Hoodlum…


Well, this is interesting.

Check out the name of the Plaintiff in this lawsuit:


And then check this out:


Something does not smell right…🤔


Deborah Laufer has filed nearly 500 lawsuits against hotels in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Texas and other states. Until recently, hotel defendants found it easier and cheaper to settle, thereby encouraging more lawsuits. But a recent federal court decision may signal the end of these serial ADA lawsuits filed by Ms. Laufer.

Ms. Laufer is a self-described “tester” who reviews hotel websites to determine whether these “places of public accommodation” and their websites are in compliance with the ADA. The plaintiff, physically disabled, resides in Florida and requires assistive devices, often including a wheelchair if available. When allegedly visiting hotels, she requires disability accommodations. Online reservations can be made directly through the hotel’s website or at booking.com, priceline.com, expedia.com and other booking websites. Laufer alleges she visited these websites to test whether they meet the requirements by providing disability




When one Googles the name “Deborah Laufer”, one will find numerous links/sites that addresses her lawsuits against hotel chains to include Mom and Pop business owned hotels.

She reminds me of Forgin Frank and his lawsuits.

Something is not right.


Follow the money, ninja. Always – ALWAYS – follow the money.



As always, you NAILED it!!!


Hack Stone

Serial Litigator? Oh, you Bernasty girl!

Green Thumb

Forgin’ Frank.

What a turd.

Actually surprised The False OCmmander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) has not jumped on this gravy train.

Lori Benton to boot.


Hmmm, looks like this female has got her a nice little “legal” scam going, ninja. Wondering if she has others that are involved with her, since the article for this thread made mention that the disabled person was a Veteran and identified as “him”, yet the plaintiff in the case was her. And yes, I did the Google Foo of the name and yep, page after page of cases she has brought. Reminds me a some cases I looked at awhile back where the plaintiffs were using Google Street Maps to check out store fronts that didn’t have obvious wheelchair access, or specific big signage, and then would file a suit under ADA. They would specifically target small town Mom and Pop places where curbing/sidewalk steps that were the city responsibilities or it was not feasible to place a ramp.

Thanks for the linkies bringing us “the rest of the story”. We DO have the very best ninjas. ps gabn/rtr/hbtd


Deborah Laufer’s attorney is Thomas B. Bacon.

Lots of stuff on him as well.

Here is one example:


Their lawsuits also remind me of the stunt Bernath tried to pull…remember the incident with the parking space and he tried to sue the store?

Bunch of Greedy Little Ducks.

Still have some suspicions about that Killeen, Texas lawsuit.




There are literally tens of thousands of these legal extortion ADA lawsuits around the country. It has become a cottage industry for unscrupulous lawers.

In Commiefornia, there is a quadraplegic lawer who has filed over a thousand ADA lawsuits for himself. He is currently under federal indictment for tax fraud, since he doesn’t pay all the taxes he owes for his ill-gotten gains. He has forced numerous small businesses into bankruptcy or out of business.


It’s like fishing while using the dog as the lure.


tshe: Yep…


Mikey Weinstein is impressed, and furiously writing down notes.




Tony, the wiggler Weiner is also highly motivated to copy this recipe of legalese mayhem !!!!!


I think you have a different case then the one being discussed

The DOJ release identifies the plaintiff as a “he.” Arguably, Deborah Laufer is not a “he.”

Secondly, the Court docket for the case you cite begins with a May 14, 2020 filing. The incident here happened in October 2020, five months later.

The Laufer case ended in March 31, 2021 with no filings after that. This case ended in December 2021, and would have had a filing to dismiss the case at the very least.

Third, Laufer’s cases always revolve around reservations systems as she does not travel but lives in Florida.

Laufer has a vision impairment, uses a cane or wheelchair to get around, and has difficulty gripping things.” (No mention of a service dog.)

The plaintiff here is missing a leg and requires a wheelchair.

Finally, Laufer is not a veteran as the plaintiff in this case.

Same defendant, but two different cases.


Correct, Carver. Just because the veteran’s case bears superficial resemblance to those filed by an ADA zealot, doesn’t mean the veteran’s case is without merit.

Further, Laufer’s cases have been dismissed because she has no legal standing nor actual damages as she never physically set foot in the properties she sued.

Ol’ Poe’s had some firsthand experience with ADA zealotry–Miz Poe’s severely handicapped brother was a huge proponent of the ADA legislation. After its passage he was was constantly vigilant for signs of noncompliance that could be grounds for a lawsuit, not an uncommon reaction among the millions of Americans whose special needs had been long ignored and who, due to their handicaps, were impoverished.

Fortunately we were able to to dissuade him from his legal vengeance, although not from issuing occasional threats of legal action that resulted in nothing. Were his actions motivated by genuine and justified outrage or by greed? We have never determined that.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m a little slow at this but I read all the comments and believe it’s a lawyer money making scheme.


Exactly 👆👆👆👆


This looks to me like she’s found a much better way than sitting at the intersection of a busy street to raise money. While I agree that these places need to be educated, I have zero love for the people like her that go about doing it this way because of the image that she is creating. Since these settlements are “tax free” in most cases, you know there is a reason behind them.


Laufer’s case and the case with the veteran are two different cases.

This case had merit. Laufer’s did / does not.

Dave Hardin

Emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not considered service animals either. The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the individual’s disability. It does not matter if a person has a note from a doctor that states that the person has a disability and needs to have the animal for emotional support. A doctor’s letter does not turn an animal into a service animal.

What special tricks did he teach his dog to do that qualify it as an ADA service animal?

Daisy Cutter

Yes, good distinction to point out. The truth is most businesses won’t split these hairs and anything to do with a support animal is a PR nightmare for them… so they buckle and kowtow.


Aww, to keep stupid *ssholes away, I wanted:
comment image


comment image

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Dave asks, “What special tricks did he teach his dog?”

Does sticking out it’s tongue qualify?  😄  😄  😄 

Hack Stone

He can lick his own balls.

That is applicable to the dog, and most attorneys.

Green Thumb

And Phildo’s new batch of Phildo Supporters, er…I mean Board of Advisors… at All-Points Logistics.


Usually the dogs are trained before given as a “service animal.”

(A lady I knew trained them for a local agency.)

According to the Amputee Coalition:

Specifically, for people with limb loss or limb difference, service dogs can be trained to retrieve or hold items, turn light switches on and off, aid with dressing, and much more. They can also increase mobility independence by opening doors, pulling a wheelchair or by acting as a balance or brace for
transfers. Unlike traditional adaptive equipment, dogs are extremely sociable animals who love to be with people. They can provide much-needed companionship, unconditional love and support, vastly reducing loneliness.


I am guessing bad writing is to blame. In one spot it says said vet was refused a room and told to leave, in another the desk clerk went to the room the vet had already checked into and told him/her to leave. Seems odd the room could be hiven out and then revoked? Sounds like some creative testimony involved.


Sloppy and inconsistent writing is fairly common in lawsuits, especially in those involving petty amounts.


Also common in most “journalism”. I don’t know what they teach in “journalism” courses, but I will bet it doesn’t need more than a “C” grade in Freshman Eng. Composition to handle the course.


“J&J Executive Suites, LLC, based in Killeen, Texas — and its owners, Kyung Sang Lee and Gaesun Lee, also agreed”….

I was waiting for it to say they agreed to let people bring in food from outside establishments.

buh-DUM-DUM *cymbal strike*

Thank you all for visiting the Chuckle Hut this evening….


They rent by the hour, too?

Hack Stone

If you find a dead hooker under your bed, your next stay is free.

Hack Stone

Are you going to return her for the deposit?

RGR 4-78

Only if she is properly sanitized, deflated and repackaged. 😀 


Having spent a little time in Asia, I’m glad I didn’t have to dust off the “Fido Food-o” joke….they let dogs in their establishment all time time, I heard, usually in a Styrofoam container accompanied with a side of rice, JustALurkinAround
Oh and as for you uncouth “other” branch “people”.
We Chairforce folk were brought up with slightly better manners…(types this with pinky extended. )

Skivvy Stacker

Yes…these knuckle draggers never DO wash their hands properly before drinking the tea.

(3043 Supply Admin and Operationsman)

Skivvy Stacker

Looking at the names of the defendants. They were probably pissed off at the veteran for bringing his own food.