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| January 23, 2022

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Man dies after Phoenix police shooting near 24th Street, Indian School Road

BrieAnna J. Frank, Arizona Republic
Police said a man died after a Phoenix police shooting near 24th Street and Indian School Road on Saturday morning.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the incident occurred at about 4:40 a.m. after an officer spotted a vehicle speeding and committing other traffic violations near 24th Street and Indian School Road.

The officer then saw the car pull into the driveway of a home near 23rd Street and Fairmount Avenue, and turn off the vehicle lights.

According to police, officers walked up to the car and saw a man lying in the back seat of the car. The suspect did not respond to police after multiple attempts by officers to make contact with him.

The home residents said they did not recognize the car and did not want it in their driveway, according to police.

After further efforts to get the man to respond, officers noticed a handgun in the car and contacted the Tactical Support Unit to continue negotiations on the scene.

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GRPD officer facing misdemeanor charge after unintentionally firing gun

By: Karie Herringa
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Kent County prosecutor says an officer with the Grand Rapids Police Department will face a misdemeanor charge after police say he unintentionally fired his gun.

Officer Greg Bauer is charged with one count of careless discharge of a firearm causing property damage under $50.

The prosecutor made the announcement at a press conference Friday afternoon.

“It’s careless,” said Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker. “This is not intentional, this is not malicious. This was something that shouldn’t have happened obviously, but it did and based on all the facts and circumstances that I reviewed, I felt there was a sufficient basis to file this careless discharge charge.”

The officer-involved shooting happened on Dec. 9 when Daevionne Smith drove to his father’s house near Cass and Sycamore streets around 10:30 p.m. He parked his car and went inside. When he returned outside, GRPD had surrounded his car.

Becker couldn’t answer many factual questions that he says will be addressed in a separate internal investigation being carried out by Michigan State Police. As to whether or not Officer Bauer had his gun drawn, or why officers didn’t confirm the license plate on the car before apprehending Smith – Becker couldn’t say.

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The guy in the car was probably DUI, and trying to sleep it off – thinking he was in his driveway.
Just an hour of trying to wake him up? Guys, give him some time to sleep it off. Bust glass on a guy sleeping and he’ll respond to defend himself.
I don’t think that was justified.

I’m wondering if the Grand Rapids cop was new, or just had the jitters. Glad they’re going to rebuke him without destroying him.

Not a fan of the Austrian varietals. But the meet the first rule of a gun fight.


Scratched my watch over this one, Graybeard. Looking for a followup, no joy there yet. Drunk or just a dumbass, we may never know. “…non lethal and lethal rounds fired…” Officer pulled wrong weapon? Neither officer was exactly a rookie, but it has happened.

GRPD article short on details too. But hey, a lot of them are. We don’t write, we just copy paste them.

Figured it was about time for a plasticized abomination to show back up.

Nothing appears to be plasticized about that All American Girl next door pictured. Wonder if she can bake an apple pie?


They bring in a SWAT team for a guy in the back seat of car?

You could expect that heavy handed approach from Montgomery County, Maryland enforcers but, sheesh, I’d have expected a little more “slack”.


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Why in the name of all that is sacred and holy is there not a1911 pictured above? Do you heathens, non-believers and dickweeds not realize what this day is? Today is the birthday of Saint John Moses Browning, patron of all things that go bang!


Bless me AW1Ed, for in my zealousness I have overstepped…


Been there done that, one of those Chinese manufactured variants visited here a couple weeks ago. We’re still not up to speed. Well, the kid is. His ma and I ain’t 17 anymore.


Welp, in the first incident all we can say is that Dedrick is … ded, right there.


The Grand Rapids incident got a lot of notice because the driver of the alleged stolen car is Brionna Taylor’s cousin. There’s a whole lot of this that hasn’t been released yet by anyone. I’m sure that there was absolutely no pressure to do something about this, to make the community feel safe.