Nebraska Introduces Stolen Valor Law

| January 13, 2022

Nebraska State Senator Ben Hansen

Thanks to Nebraska State Senator Ben Hansen, a proposed state Stolen Valor Law bill was introduced yesterday.

Link to LEGISLATIVE BILL 990 available HERE.

Senator Hansen, a chiropractor turned legislator, has a Facebook post related to his efforts.


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Only in Nebraska….
Storming Omaha Beach… and taking the bluffs…
refers to the Council Bluffs, Iowa Fake Riverboat CASINOS on the Missouri River,
which under original Iowa state casino laws, had to touch the water.

Nebraska Omaha Beach Veterans who make it back alive
are eligible for the Silver Ameristar Medal, Bronze Ameristar Medal,
or the Nebraska Naval Reserve Sea Service Ribbon.


Call it the 20th/21st Century Indian Wars.

Funny how Indians use the word “Indian” freely among themselves,
but MSM and politically not so correct palefaces don’t, won’t, and try to tell everyone else that the correct term is (now) “Native American”.
IMHO, MSM speaketh with forked tongue.
[500 Nations
Indian Casinos, Indian Gaming, Cannabis, Places and Tribes]


‘Call it the 20th/21st Century Indian Wars.’

Let’s not. If you read about and truly understand that period of First Nations history, those were dark and terrible days. Remind me: which Nation created casinos and reservations in the first place? *shrug* Asking for a traditional, non-gambling and non-pot-smoking friend living on the Rez…


American history is ugly.
I’m taking a shot at liberals and mainstream media,
not the Native Americans.

I don’t casino gamble beyond the $40 sampler visit, and east coast cheap cigarettes are in Virginia and North/South Carolina.

I only see small details of the original casino laws and deals,
and infiltration / control by NYC and east coast big business and organized crime.

Similar to Atlantic City, NJ, and now in Pennsylvania, the intended recipients of casino profits aren’t getting anything near what was promised, to green light the casinos.

And now, in 2nd and 3rd generation ownership,
east coast casinos are being bought and managed by casino conglomerates,
including a Florida Indian / Native American group
(with the benefits they are given).


Appreciate the clarification. Yup. A hundred and fifty years of wars and in spite of everything non-Native kind prints and says, no one won. Were it otherwise, my Nation would have no such thing as Hunka ceremonies aka adoption ceremonies. Buffy Sainte-Marie was entirely right when she sang – The Big One’s Get Away…

Pila Maya


I assume some, perhaps a lot, of “Indian Casino” profits
trickle to the intended, but if they aren’t,
in certain states, and the promised but stiffed Native Americans in those states are complaining,
I wouldn’t be surprised at all.


And now it’s time…
for the popular “‘Dances With Wolves’ Name Game”.

Are there any among elected Democrats and the MSM
with well known Dances With Wolves names?

I suppose 1 of the squad could be called
“Marries With Brother”.
Oh, and a former presidential candidate…
“Pocohontas With Pale Face”.


An interesting non-Native point-of-view. Curious to know if you’ve ever spent any length of time on a Reservation – other than to just go and gamble and maybe buy a carton or two of cheap cigarettes?



Anyone remember this 2019 TAH posts where Jeff Treu of Nebraska claimed to be a Marine/Vet?

Dude even wears a Vest…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž


Fresh Fu of Google deployment on “Jeff Treu Nebraska”
#3 – MP
#10 – VG/TAH

Even better,
#1 – [Jeff Treu Sentenced After Lying To ATF Agents / Jun 11, 2020]
BONUS – SAME photo as 2019 MP & VG/TAH.

Green Thumb

I forgot about that loser.


Green Thumb:

Please don’t forget that Jeff Treu sported a VEST with all the Bling-Bling…πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

And I do believe Monkress sported a VEST as well..πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž

Les Brown would be so proud of these Dudes….πŸ˜„

Green Thumb

So would that North Florida MC.

I imagine with this new law Jeff True will be moving out of state soon.

And Florida seems to be the most sought after destination for posers.

Maybe Phil Monkress will throw him a bone and being him into the fold at All-Points Logistics.


“Stolen Valor Fake Outted in Grenta, Nebraska”:

The more I see of these videos as well as reading about those who lie/embellish their Military Service, the more I believe these folks have some sort of Mental Illness or Personality Disorder.

They crave attention. Somehow, they cannot see how they portray themselves to others with their Falsehood.

They live in their own little world and are often in denial when confronted.

Majority of them will go to their graves never admitting their lies/embellishment. Moreover, it is family members or friends who suffer after they are gone. Even in death, they only care about themselves and how THEY feel (Narsisstic Personality Disirder. Habitual Liar).

We have seen it too many times.

These folks need mental help, but most likely will not accept it.

Green Thumb

So I guess All-Points Logistics will not be following through with their planned Omaha branch expansion?

Guys like Jeff True were probably counting on the employment.

Daisy Cutter

I’d love to see a state by state breakdown of phonies we have posted about.

I’m thinking Florida will lead by a mile, but that’s just an educated guess.


Speaking of States…

Is Alaska Bob still amongst the living…or did he succumbed to the C-Word??

(Still waiting from the 1st SEAC to share with us his knowkedge about Killer Killam and’s just as bad waiting for that durn “Top Gun” movie to hit the Theaters…)

πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž gabn


He’s toast on the Fu of Google.
#1 – MP
#5 – VG/TAH

Only thing I could spot on a quick check,
it appears that for the 1st time,
he let his US DOT expire November 2021.

No obit visible.
Then again, many these days get no obit at all.
(Les Brown had NO obit, just a minimal funeral home announcement.)
Hiding under a rock, somewhere between Alaska and Oregon.
Anyone able to find more??

Daisy Cutter

Robert Elgin Glaves Jr aka “Alaska Bob” is still kickin’ at the age of 63 in Soldotna, Alaska.

Those chemo treatments must have worked a miracle.


Lying may be protected by that whole “freedom of speech” thing, but stealing is still stealing. And the stealing of Valor is very despicable. Ranks right up there with spousal and child abuse. We may never see true punishment for being a lying valor thief on a National Level, being as the Congress is filled with lying POSes. The Senator could go a step further with his proposed bill and make it a felony instead of a misdemeanor…with some swift and sure punishment.

Full disclosure. I have people in northeast Nebraska and have visited many of the historic places along the Northern Corridor. Some real nice, true Americans out there, ‘specially when you get out from the Omaha or Lincoln areas. Y’all may recall me bitching and moaning when the Commie Bat Flu screwed up my long planned and awaited cross country trip in 2020 that would have taken me across the Southern Corridor, including the Great Platte River Road. And yes, various and sundry eating places were highlighted on the 1950 Road Atlas that I was to use as a base guide. If you’ve never visited there, you may want to go someday. I highly recommend seeing Fort Robinson in the Northwest Corner.