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| January 10, 2022

Leslie Radford Coward

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on Leslie Radford Coward.  Coward lives in Middleburg, Florida and is 72 years old at the time of this writing – January 2022.  Coward is originally from Ohio and may still have a residence there in addition to Florida.

Most of Coward’s claims are implied by the uniform that Coward is wearing in the above photo.  We are told by a reliable source that Coward claims he was in the Army in Vietnam, then went on to be a Navy SEAL, then went into the U.S. Air Force.

There is a U.S. Navy SEAL Trident on the left side of his uniform, as well as a U.S. Army Combat Infantryman Badge (x2) on the right side.  Not sure about the other badges – they are kind of blurry.  Also not sure of the beret, so perhaps the Army soldiers can fill in the blanks.

After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of “Leslie Radford Coward” or any other variation of his name ever completing BUD/S Training or assigned to any SEAL teams.
Leslie Coward’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Due to his age and claim of service dates, we filed with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) which would maintain records from the Vietnam era.  They would also pick up any and all military service should Coward have served in different branches.
It should be noted here that Leslie Coward has several variations associated with his middle name and this was accounted for when we filed.



FOIA Results – NPRC – Leslie R. Coward – Summary Sheet

FOIA Results – NPRC – Leslie R. Coward – Assignments

FOIA Results – NPRC – Leslie R. Coward – Awards

FOIA Results – NPRC – Leslie R. Coward – Airman’s Medal


DoD Manpower Data Center – Leslie R. Coward

. . . . .


There is no record of Leslie Coward graduating BUD/S-SEAL training and no record of him serving with a SEAL Team. Based on his military service in the U.S. Air Force, the only window of time would have to have been before he joined the Air Force.  Based on his date of birth – he was 19 y/o when he joined the U.S. Air Force.  This would have made it difficult if not impossible to have done a tour in the U.S. Army as well as a tour in the Navy and complete SEAL training.  It is even less likely to have done this after he retired in 1993 from the U.S. Air Force after 20 years.
There were no claims of rank to confirm.  The photo is a little blurry, but he does have a rank displayed on the shoulder boards.
No claims of time in service that we heard, but the timeline appears off as discussed above.
Coward’s awards support a Vietnam tour.  As part of a Vietnam tour, members of the Air Force can serve in various places around Vietnam – such as U.S. Air Bases in Thailand – without being in the country of Vietnam proper.  Basically, this means the Vietnam War theater.  This may explain his Airman’s Medal earned in Thailand.  Unfortunately, a complete list of assignments were not in his military records.
Although the photo of Coward’s medals is blurry, there is no doubt there are more medals than are listed in his official military records.  Here is a comparison with the medals listed in his records on the right side.  He had five awards of the USAF Good Conduct Medal but was not sure of subsequent designations (i.e. five bronze or one silver device) but not pertinent to claims.

Besides the Navy SEAL trident, there is nothing in Coward’s official military records to indicate that he earned the Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB), either a first or second time as designated in the following picture.

U.S. Army Combat Infantryman Badge (2nd Award)

If Leslie Coward has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

. . . . .

Coward looks like a guy that strolled through the Post PX and purchased every shiny object that struck his fancy.  He looks like a soup sandwich, but that’s usually an Army term.  I don’t know what this would be called in the Air Force.

At least he grabbed a high voltage line and saved a group of Thai children.

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No claims at getting some Marine time in as well? Loser! I guess he wanted his claims to be plausible.

Aptly named.


Here are a couple of memes to “commemorate” Leslie R. Coward, Phony SEAL, phony Soldier, phony Sailor.


Just spewed my coffee laughing.

I don’t know how anyone that’s been in the military doesn’t just outright laugh their asses off in their face when they see guys like this in public.


So he had a perfectly good career in the USAF and has to spit on it???

What an idiot!!!


Worse than that, Ex-PH2. He actually did something heroic (albeit in a noncombat situation) that resulted in injury to himself in order to prevent injury or death to others. He was formally recognized for that heroism, too.

And apparently that still wasn’t enough.

The only way I have any sympathy for him is if he’s got mental issues, either age-related or due to grabbing that high-voltage wire.


Which happens more than you would believe.
After shock or arc flash injuries, many folks who were subjected to those have had what could only be described (beyond the physical scars/injuries) as conditions similar to TBI or even CTE, much like someone having a few screws knocked loose.


Makes sense. The brain apparently functions as an organic electrical switching system. It’s eminently plausible that a life-threatening electrical shock could permanently change/damage its functions.

Plus, per what ninja posted elsewhere, the man’s family apparently has somewhat of a history of mental issues. Given that combination, the possibility of mental issues (possibly previously latent) that were exacerbated or caused by a severe electrical shock IMO becomes even more believable.


I can hear it now.
My name is pronounced coe urd, NOT cow urd.


What we do know is that Leslie R. Coward is an embellishing POS. Semi perfectly honorable service totally ruined by his lies. What we don’t know is how he was able to rocket all the way up to E-5 in only 20 short years. I guess his Supervisory Leadership course qualified him to lead a Meal Team in a sealfood buffet assault. No notice of the award for the crossed fork and knife? If you are still hungry Leslie R. Howard, here’s a BoDs you can snack on.


Why in the Hell would he shit all over a great
DD-214 like he had.
He’s just plain stupid for screwing up the great work he did.
I should have gotten a medal for trying to teach Marines how to ski.
They always ate the ski wax before any of them could put it on the skis…


Not defending his stolen valor … but in those days it was not unusual to see someone retire from the USAF at 20 years as a staff sergeant.

I saw it in the Civil Engineering flight in Germany in 1976~78 … and they were not the sharpest tools in the CE toolbox.

Yeah, most NCOs retired as a tech (E6) or master sergeant (E7), but there were some E5 Staff Sergeants.


Well the name fits
Talk about trashing a good service record
Google is forever


Deploying the Fu of Google, 36 hours later, on Leslie Radford Coward:
1 – VG/TAH (here)
2 – White Pages
3 – Ancestry
4 – MP


He definitely famous now 🤣


Only a CIB 2nd award? I’m surprised he didn’t go all in and rock a 3rd award.
So many other things wrong my eyes hurt so much I want to stab my eye with a skillcraft.


Is that a corsage on his “uniform”? What derring-do earned that for him?

A Proud Infidel®™

JUST WHO does that pudgy little peckerless pissant pudfuck of a pretender think he’s fooling with that sloppyassed shit soup sandwich of a costume?


Channeling the spirit of the departed Master Sergeant Soup Sandwich.

Anyone watch the series Mayor of Kingstown? The police chief gives these mopes a run for their money. I present Corporal Captain Colonel General Police Chief.


Ditto. When I first saw this pic, Androski came to mind.




Guy has a legit Airman’s Medal. Actual, real, bonafide hero shit. Then does his 20 honorably and retires. Why embellish?


He retired at E-5. I’m not sure just how honorable his service was.


I worked with a lot of USAF types and I knew a lot of good airmen who retired at

It was pretty tough to get promoted for some reason. Maybe Mason can shed some light on that.


I, too, knew a few retired E-5’s when I was at Offutt. Not necessarily scumbags; some career fields promoted faster, others damn near not al all. I think it changed sometime over the last 20 years though…HYT changed and the minimum retirement rank now is E-6 (Tech Sergeant).


In my time E-6+ was the “normal” rank to retire at, but in the 80’s the AF stagnated like all the other services.

I wouldn’t assume he was a high speed, low drag kind of guy being an E-5 at 20, but it wasn’t unheard of.


Mason, Really. This brings back memories. I saw lots of guys like this in the 80s US Air Force. And it wasn’t always entirely the airman’s fault, either. AFSC (MOS) promotions were then evenly distributed by AFSC, which pissed off many. Regardless of test scores, AERs, and other points for TIS, TIG, etc, The SAME % of cooks (with low totals) were promoted to E-5, 6, and 7 as those in more technical and challenging AFSCs, and with much higher promotion point totals. As a result, many in the tougher jobs were left languishing for years at E-5 SSGT. At the time, in the 1980s, the average rise to E-5 SSGT was 6½ years, while the average rise to E-6 TSGT was 13½ years. We had names for those who fell way behind this curve. E 4 EVER – E-4 SGT with 2 longevity oak leaves (12 years). E 5 EVER – E-5 SSGT with 3 oak leaves (16 years). Many rode out their E 5 EVER to 20 years. And, most were not happy campers. Bad attitudes, and often shoddy work, or worse, attendance, and alcoholics. Many were E 5 EVER due to their own low scores, but many were also stuck in competitive AFSCs. This guy appears to the among the former. He probably had parade and org troubles telling the truth about E-5 at 20 years, but it’s honorable service, even if not so distinguished. But SSGT Coward had rank AND medals issues. The Airman’s Medal makes… Read more »


But a total LACK of 0 Commendation Medals and 0 Achievement tells, tells a long term story of NON-excellence and NON-recognition.

Definitely. Though in the 70s and 80s the medals weren’t handed out like the candy they are today (“You came into work on time all last week, here’s an AFAM”). Lacking any end of tour, or more importantly a retirement, award isn’t a good look. At the very least they usually pin something on as you walk out the door, but they must have been glad to see him go.


They were, by the mid 80s (AFAM), for good service overseas tours.

When my shift supervisor sat me down
to write the bullets for an AFAM,
I told him Thank You, but don’t bother,
that I already knew I was getting out at 4.
This, shortly after asking for a COT (consecutive overseas tour)
and getting assigned to a really bad one.

So, for my 4 years AF I have
1 overseas long,
1 overseas short, and

(I should have accepted it.
It would have been presented at my remote COT Air Station.
Made up for it in later years with the National Guard.)


Oh, and like San Clemente Mayor Gene James,
and countless others before him
(think Vietnam era Silver Star),
even though I have a “put me in for it” story,
there’s no reason (ever) or anyone out there
to go buy 1 online, and slap it on.

As we all know.
As others in San Clemente and other places continue to learn.

MI Ranger

Maybe something short circuited in his head when he grabbed that High Voltage line, saving the kids, and he merged with two other guys in the hospital with him? You know sort of like that Marvel comic character Firestorm. He was an Army Green Special Forces, 1st Special Forces, 5th Special Forces Group. Probably where he earned his Jump Master airborne wings, and his Combat Infantry Badge with a star (second award). He also became a seal and earned his EOD badge too! The top badge seems to be his Air Force badge!


He is wearing Special Forces officer insignia but no rank. The Beret Flash is blurry but I am about 90% certain is a 5th Group Flash. It’s been a while though. When I was in the Reserves in college I served as a signal support flunky in 11th Group. That was decades ago.


You are correct, that is the old 5th Group flash on that green beret, but with no rank (officer) or SF crest (enlisted).


Correct – with a caveat. The history of the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)’s (SFGA’s) beret flash is somewhat complex.

The flash on Coward’s beret above was indeed the 5th SFGA’s beret flash during most of the Vietnam War and for about a decade afterwards (from 1964 to 1985). However, it’s not the 5th SFGA’s original beret flash.

From activation in 1961 to 1964, the 5th SFGA used a flash that was all black with a white border. In early 1985, the 5th SFGA changed back to the original flash (all black with white border).

However, things changed again roughly 2 decades later. In 2016 the 5th SFGA’s flash again changed – back to the Vietnam-era flash Coward’s wearing above. The flash he’s wearing above is thus also the beret flash currently used by the 5th SFGA.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he didn’t actually earn it….


That limb you’re on appears to be at least 12″ in diameter and solid, living oak. I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. (smile)


Concur. Safe bet.


Yes, because I believe the protocol was not to put the foreign nation’s colors diagonally across the flash until the group is fully deployed there. Thus, after 1964, the entire group was deployed in RVN. I think the group wanted the RVN colors back on the flash as tradition and recognition for the many lives they lost over there.


I’m reasonably sure you’re correct about the latter being a big part of the reason for the 2016 change. I’d also guess honoring the unit’s history of battlefield valor exhibited by the 5th SFGA’s soldiers during Vietnam (18 MoH, 60 DSC, 815 SS, and 2658 BSM w/V, 1 PUC, and 1 VUC) likely also was a big part of the reason as well.

Don’t know enough about the deployment history of the 5th SFGA to say when the entire group was deployed there. That may or may not have happened by 1964, since unit elements were deployed in an advisory role before US troops began deploying in large numbers in 1965. Thus, you could be right about your first point also.


I didn’t know the SVN colors were returned to the flash again in 2016 — that’s great news! The black flash just looked so …. empty.


Holy French Fourragere!!!


And isn’t that a USCG uniform jacket he’s wearing?


That’s what I was thinking with the gold buttons


USCG doesn’t use shoulder boards. But the Air Force did use gold buttons once upon a time, about 70 years ago.

This is so badly done it seems like a gag.


Just like ol’ Master Sergeant Soup Sandwich:
comment image?w=968&ssl=1


Looks like our hero may be wearing USAF Command Pilot wings on the right side (his right) of that “uniform”.

I wonder what type/model/series of aircraft he fantasizes that he flew?


Not sure whether they are pilot Wings but they do have a star and toilet seat on them. The US insignia are Officer’s version.

I had one TSGT who fought the weight management program for the 5 years he was in my organization and at about the 18-year point reverted to SSgt and retired as such.

A Proud Infidel®™

Leslie Radford Coward HAS NO RECORD of having ever been a USN SEAL. Leslie Radford Coward looks like he has never come across an all you can eat buffet he didn’t like. Leslie Radford Coward HAS NO record of having ever earned the US Army CIB. Leslie Radford Coward HAS NO RECORD of ever having been part of the US Army Special Forces. Leslie Radford Coward served in the USAF. Leslie Radford Coward did receive the Airman’s Medal. Leslie Radford Coward has more calories in his stomach than a local supermarket. Leslie Radford Coward was awarded the AF Good Conduct medal. Leslie Radford Coward has made himself a smelly shart biscuit with his antics. Leslie Radford Coward must have fried some brain cells when he grabbed that hot wire. Leslie Radford Coward was awarded the Vietnam Service medal. Leslie Radford Coward WAS NEVER awarded the EOD Badge according to records found. Leslie Radford Coward ought to take a dump in his hand and slap himself. Leslie Radford Coward retired as a Staff Sergeant from the USAF. Leslie Radford Coward looks like a nutless rubber-headed eunuch. Leslie Radford Coward acts like a dishonorable sperm discharge by wearing that getup! Leslie Radford Coward has no record of ever having graduated the US Army Airborne School. Leslie Radford Coward has the Supervisory Development Course listed in his records. Leslie Radford Coward is a walking Dollar Menu of stupid. Leslie Radford Coward is more ate-up than a shit soup sandwich in Somalia. Leslie Radford… Read more »


I copy: Leslie Radford Coward HAS NO RECORD of having ever been a USN SEAL. Leslie Radford Coward looks like he has never come across an all you can eat buffet he didn’t like. Leslie Radford Coward HAS NO record of having ever earned the US Army CIB. Leslie Radford Coward HAS NO RECORD of ever having been part of the US Army Special Forces. Leslie Radford Coward served in the USAF. Leslie Radford Coward did receive the Airman’s Medal. Leslie Radford Coward has more calories in his stomach than a local supermarket. Leslie Radford Coward was awarded the AF Good Conduct medal. Leslie Radford Coward has made himself a smelly shart biscuit with his antics. Leslie Radford Coward must have fried some brain cells when he grabbed that hot wire. Leslie Radford Coward was awarded the Vietnam Service medal. Leslie Radford Coward WAS NEVER awarded the EOD Badge according to records found. Leslie Radford Coward ought to take a dump in his hand and slap himself. Leslie Radford Coward retired as a Staff Sergeant from the USAF. Leslie Radford Coward looks like a nutless rubber-headed eunuch. Leslie Radford Coward acts like a dishonorable sperm discharge by wearing that getup! Leslie Radford Coward has no record of ever having graduated the US Army Airborne School. Leslie Radford Coward has the Supervisory Development Course listed in his records. Leslie Radford Coward is a walking Dollar Menu of stupid. Leslie Radford Coward is more ate-up than a shit soup sandwich in Somalia.… Read more »

Green Thumb

Leslie Radford Coward works with the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) at All-Points Logistics in Merritt Island, FL.

A Proud Infidel®™


Oops, did I post his aliases too?
Ain’t I a 24K Dickweed?


A Proud Infidel@,
Google was his friend…. until 2022.

Ahh, the memories of fairly recent name jabs at Les Brown,
the not so dearly departed former phony BDU, and king vest, of Nevada’s
Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass.

BTW, the 2022 Chili Feed is now scheduled.
See details at the bottom of the recent Weekend Open Thread.


That is one ate up uniform (or 8TFU as it sometimes said). While 20 years is impressive, the fact that he never got promoted past Staff Sergeant, says a lot. I wonder if he was involuntarily retired. As for the awards he is wearing, I can definitely see what looks like a Legion of Merit, a Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star. I also see a dark red ribbon with white stripes towards the top of his fruit salad. I think it may be an Army Good Conduct Medal but I am not sure.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Hey! I was Army E6/SSG at 20 (78-98) Nothing wrong with that, at all. I was put up for the E7 promotion board twice (obviously didn’t make the cut) BUT… my 20, I quietly put in my retirement and faded into civilian life. I didn’t pretend to be any of the other service branches, with lots of bling. My Class As (if I were even to dare to try and put them on) look rather sparse and bare. But everything on there, I earned/was awarded.

Nothing wrong with that at all. I hope I am not coming across as insulting when I say this (I am being sincere), but you are still one rank above this guy and you did make the board for E7 twice. Even though you did not make the cut, you did try (I certainly have no idea if this guy even did try). And that is perfectly fine, sometimes life has other plans.

You still did put in your 20 years (which is an achievement in of itself) and you are not a faker like this twit. Now, will say that I do not know what the full story is with this guy not getting promoted. Because it certainly is odd that he never got promoted past E-5 (I did notice on his records that he was an aircraft mechanic but I do not know if that has anything to do with him being stuck as an E-5).


Likely it did. As I recall, like the Army the USAF also downsized rather dramatically after Vietnam. I’d guess that meant far fewer aircraft – and thus far fewer mechanics needed to maintain them.


That makes sense. Always good to have someone in the know who can set the record straight.


Yes, active duty Air Force (in the 80s)
booted a forced retirement on E-5 SSGT types at 20.
E-4 SGT types got booted at about 12-14 years.

Real world note, Les Coward earned
0 Air Force Commendation Medals and
0 Air Force Achievement Medals.

That’s difficult to do, in 20 years time.


Give the guy a break. He earned his right to act irrationaly:

1) “live high voltage line snapped and fell into a pool of water near a group of Tai children.”

2) “rushed to the water and removed the wire with his hand,”

3) “incurring serious injury to himself.”

He isn’t to only guy to have his brains scrabmbled an not be able to think right after.

Salute to Airman First Class Leslie R. Coward.


He could have easily chosen to waltz around wearing his rack of 23,
or ONLY the Airman’s Medal.

Les is more, for those with a top fruit medal.
But no.
He still gets a Golden Corral free meal every November,
and forever a parking space at Lowe’s.


Doesn’t say what his injuries were.
A live HV line in a pool of water is not likely live.
And what is an overhead HV line doing overhead a swimming pool?
Not buying any of it.


It’s Thailand.
Not swimming pool. Pool of water.
Meaning, large street puddle.
In an area with lots of storm street flooding.

City electric service down most street blocks
is run down the entire block, plastered to building walls,
draped and shaped like USA romex,
stapled in, and then painted over.

Most of the poles at the ends of the blocks are in poor condition and neglected, that is, until a live wire breaks and falls.

This includes many of the low rent and red light tourist areas,
but not the business and high tech areas of downtown Bangkok.

Hope this helps.


Ok, fair enough but I am still curious about his injuries.
Were they electrical (shocked) or physical (slipped and fell).
Not to take away from his selfless act of bravery but as an
old retired electrical engineer I need the gory details.
I would expect him to have lost a limb or at least leave it
damaged enough to end his military career…phony or otherwise.


Hey, he did cooler sh*t closer to the fighting in ‘Nam than Jesse Ventura did… but screwed it all up with being liar though.


Also got closer that my state’s ‘senator’ Da Nang Dick Blew-them-all.

NEVER forgive.


Another doofus shitting all over his service record.

While he may have been less than stellar during his time, he did make it to retirement.

But apparently, the discount on veteran’s day wasn’t enough for him.

Nope, he needed “cool points” and decided to be a POS.

I’m betting he rocks this lie to the grave.


I just gotta ask:

Is there a leather vest covered in poser bling; a motorcycle; a tiger stripe camouflage doo-rag; a pair of dumbass-looking, wrap-around, white-framed, mirror-lens sunglasses; and a service dog (for that dreaded PTS of the D) anywhere in this steaming hot mess?


He has several other alias not covered above so probably.


I think he and his Family came from North Carolina and that he was named after his Dad, Leslie Benjamin Coward (deceased) and his Uncle, Radford Save Coward (deceased).

Radford Save Coward was a Sailor who died in WWII. He was buried at sea:

His Dad:

His Mom. She gave birth to 15 children. 2 died an infants at home (found death certificates…they were not stillborn):

Hi Grandfather served with the US Army during WW1.

Gladys was his Stepmother.

Looks as if he attempted to blend family military service in his uniform (Army/Navy/Air Force).

Research indicated there was a history of Mental Illness in his family.


15 kids! Holy crap. Give that woman a medal too.


And a free garage door replacement.


In 1975, he was identified as a “S Sgt” with his family being from the Jacksonville, Florida area (his family moved to Florida from North Carolina.) His parents divorced in Florida; his Mom moved back to North Carolina. His Dad got remarried to his Stepmom, Gladys, who was also from North Carolina. As others point out, SSG in the US Air Force is equalivant to SGT (E5) in the US Army. Possibly with Florida Air National Guard? Full Time Air Force National Guard i.e. Active Guard Reserve? He also may have been a Kickboxer in the 1980s while living in Florida. There is always a hidden agenda as to why folks such as Coward embellish/lie about their Military Service. Something derogatory happened during their that they are now covering it up with bogus badges/medals/ribbons/rank/MOS. Upon returning from Vietnam, he could have embellished his award he received from his time in Thailand with family, friends, future wives, coworkers, etc. His embellishment/lies got out of control. There is definitely a hiccup of the brain going on with him. Sometimes, the embellisher/liar cannot see how they depict themselves to others with their Military falsehood…the irony is that folks who did serve see through the facade….and in this case, it is Military Phonies/TAH Admin along with readers and contributors to both sites. Public shaming sometimes works. The Embellisher/Liar needs to admit to others the truth about their Military Service…or they will simply go to their Graves with their lies. We have seen it… Read more »




— SIGH —


On FOIA, wouldn’t AGR come up as FANG, and not USAF?

That’s what I received, and saw,
on an FOIA request from an ANG guy in my state.

Based on this, the FOIA shown here indicates
20 years continuous Active Duty AF from ’68 to ’88.



Good point what you wrote.

Guess at the end of the day, we are now seeing again someone who served…who was Boots On The Ground in the Vietnam Conflict AOR, was decorated…yet it was not good enough.

Dude had to go ahead and embellish/lie about his Service. He is demonstrating that he is ashamed on what he did.

Where Have We Seen This Movie Too? 😎😉

Remember JRM? He is now saying he went on Perimeter Patrols with Company L, 75th RANGERS, while stationed with HHC, 501st Signal in 1971 as a 31L20 (Field Radio Relay Equipment Repairman).

So Sad.


Ranger companies did not do division base camp perimeter patrols. Trained LRRP’s were too valuable as an intel asset to waste on routine perimeter patrols. Moreover, a recon team leader would not accept a radio repairman to take on a patrol. Since I was down the road outside Da Nang in 1971, I can’t swear it is impossible for JRM to have done that act of daring do, but it is highly unlikely.


If you say his name three times, he appears.



You are HILARIOUS!!!


JRM still sports the Bullwinkle Badge…He has, however, extensively cleaned his carbon footprint on his Vietnam stuff.

Guess he will go to his crave still trying to convince others that he was a Cav Trooper with a Bullwinkle Badge who conducted Perimeter Patrols with the 75th RANGERS in Vietnam.

So glad my Dad and Uncle were PROUD to be Signal Corps. Both Korean and Vietnan War Vet.

Don’t forget the KA-BOOM! at Bagram…Haji getting his wings…I don’t miss that sound..or the generator sounds 24/7 or those planes consistently taking off night and day…

RTR! (Are you ready for some Football, KoB..)

Thank You, SFC D, for that chuckle!


P.S. Will figure how who was in Iraq in 2003-2004, so I can swap “war stories” with them as well…Also, Khandahar and Kabul in 2002!


Getting ready to light the fire in the sweat lodge ninja. While I am chanting and praying I will lift up a prayer that this embellishing POS Leslie Radford Coward gives his Soul to God, because his azz now belongs to the inherwebz!

SEC Rules! Go Dawgs! Roll Tide Roll! and, as always…GO ARMY BEAT NAVY! ps…I’ve dumped Hope…I’m going with Faith now!


Every time a mine goes off, a haji gets his wings… I still can’t watch “It’s a wonderful life” without giggling, followed by MRS D yelling “don’t you say it!”


Bagram… it was horrible, man, the Internet was barely Skype-able and Pizza Hut didn’t have Canadian bacon! /sarc


When I arrived in Bagram (Feb 2002), the population was about 200. Few amenities. Ninja can attest. I’m sorry it was so difficult for you.




Nicest deployment I’d ever been on. Incoming fire wasn’t too bad either.


Salerno (smaller) got as much, but not as much PX.


Could’ve been worse…


Pizza Hut? Hmmm…SFC D and I were in Bagram in late 2001 to 2002…

BTW, on the National Championship playing right now in Indianoplis? Bet Lord Fauci is freaking out right now with the crowd…LOVE IT..😉😎


Had all the creature comforts of the PX/Food Court. COL Kurtz would not’ve been impressed.


This is the latest greatest that I know of that we can post that I can find, Bad boy on the block that’s operational.

John Robert Mallernee

Yes, I did indeed participate in a combined unit perimeter patrol at Camp Eagle, where I retrieved my souvenir punji stake from a booby trap, which is now displayed on my living room wall, and I have the War Trophy Certificate which permitted me to bring it back to the States. No, the Rangers didn’t “pick” me for that patrol, but I volunteered to go with my own unit, the 501st Signal Battalion (Airmobile), which was being led by a contingent of LRRPs from “L” Company, 75th Infantry Regiment (Airborne Ranger). There was nothing unusual about this, as it happened more than once. The Ranger compound was located right next to the Signal compound, and our perimeter bunkers were also next to each other. We even shared the same outhouse, before it was blown up late one night by the Ranger’s rival unit, “D” Troop, 2/17th Cavalry “Blues”. Sometimes, when they were leaving ona LRRP mission, I’d see the Rangers standing in front of my hootch, getting their briefing. Rangers and Cavalry were staunch rivals, and when attending movies in our battalion theater, brawls would begin, with CS grenades tossed around. By the way,during my two years in Viet Nam, I was almost always in Signal Corps units (Saigon, Dong Ha, Camp Eagle, Da Nang). I didn’t transfer into the Cavalry until years later, at Fort Hood, Texas, where I earned my 11D20 MOS (Cavalry Scout), in my final two years of regular military service. _______________________________ As for Staff Sergeant… Read more »


“I didn’t transfer into the Cavalry until years later, at Fort Hood, Texas, where I earned my 11D20 MOS (Cavalry Scout), in my final two years of regular military service.”

For those interested: JRM was reassigned on 01 August 1976 in an MTOE slot, 11D20 with the CSC, 2/12th CAV, 1st CAV Division AFTER he was DEMOTED from SP5 to SP4 while serving as a 31L20 in the same unit.

He was discharged on 29 November 1976.

If you think about it, JRM needed time to outprocess from the Army before being discharged.

He didn’t “earn” the 11D20 MOS.

Most likely, spent 3 months slotted in the 11D20 slot. May have been barred from ReEnlistment.

He is still wearing the Bullwinkle Badge as well as still portraying himself as CAV.

John Robert Mallernee

Your information is incomplete and incorrect.


Did they 11Janitor him to open a slot to force manning a common dick slot? Any idea if the dirtbag duty mos had been in effect at this time?

Everyone knows you just need to fog a mirror to be an Infantryman, who in their right mind would be proud of that?

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Me, too! I had the ability to pick any branch I wanted as a Regular Army officer; I picked Infantry.


Am speculating that CSC, 2/12th Cav, 1st Cav Division, had to move him from the 31L20 slot that he occupied with them since June 1975 in order to get another 31L20 Soldier to perform in that MOS.

He was only in the 11D20 slot for about 3 months/shy of 4 months and was a SP4. As all are aware, when being discharged from the Military, a Service Member needs time to Outprocess, to include Medical, Dental and either take Leave or cash in their leave.

JRM showed up at Fort Hood as a 31L20 from Korea around 1 December 1973 as a SP5. He was assigned to HHC, 16th Signal until May 1975 and then bounced to A Troop, 1st Squad/9th Cav, 1st Cav Div and C Troop, 9th Cav, before being assigned to CSC 2/12th Cav, 1st Cav Division as a 31L20 from June 1975 to July 1976.

Interesting that has a Stetson that has 7th Cav on the Stetson.

He served about 8 years as a 31L20 (about 9 years of Active Duty time that also was comprised of Military Training), yet now depicts himself to others that he was a Cav Soldier with a Blue Infantry Cord, Green Leadership Tabs and the Air Assault Badge.

His time in Vietnam? He served as a 31L20. Same with his short tour in Germany, Korea and Fort Ord.



I told you, Ninja! Now, who said it the third time?



Check out what JRM commented (see below)..Coming from a Dude who wears an unautorized Badge as well as some unauthorized ribbons, medals, tabs, cord on either a Khaki shirt, a Kilt or a Santa Claus suit:

“As for Staff Sergeant Leslie Radford Coward, United States Air Force (Retired), is that the only known photograph of him attired like that?

Is it possible that it was merely a one-time-only unique occasion, done as a joke, or as a costume worn in a play?”


For the fat female wearing the
Medal of Honor on her Army uniform,
the one-time-only unique occasion
was free buffet on Veterans’ Day Monday
at Golden Corral.



I was quoting what JRM wrote.

He is the one that made the comment that Leslie Coward may have dressed the way he dressed in the picture because he thought that Leslie Coward was playing a joke or was costumed in a play.

I simply pointed out the irony of what JRM wrote, sincr weara his Bling (not all authorized to him) on either a Khaki shirt, a Kilt or a Santa Claus suit.

A couple of yeara ago, a commenter on TAH pointed out that JRM was dressed in a “Clown Outfit” when JRM commented he wore his Khaki shirt with his bling to a funeral. JRM said he did not have money to buy a suit to wear his bling.

Yet, somehow, he seems to have money courtesty of the US Tax payer to buy a “fake” bomb, to purchase pizza, to pyrchase trivial items.

JRM is picturing to others that he was a CAV Soldier in the US Army who was a SGT or MSG with 7th Cav on a Stetson while wearing the Infantry Blue Cord, Green Tabs, the Bullwinkle Badge and possibly unauthorized awards.

He is now trying to clean up his carbon footprint on his Military Service.

I wonder why…


Yep, I knew.
Phonies defending phonies
always reminds me of other phonies.

And now, election shenanigans
always reminds me of other election shenanigans…
Stolen Valor PHONY election shenanigans.


I knew about the quote you lifted,
but NOT all this past about this JRM
(who I see here now).

Geez, the guy (JRM) would be better off just to do as we expect of all the busted phonies…

Tell the truth, apologize, and don’t repeat.

So much easier… than but, but, but.

JRM, if you see this….
Just do the right thing. Ok?


Found it.
Now I remember (some, not all),
the singing!!



On this link, you will see the awardsJRM saids he is entitled to:

He is NOT entitled to the Armed forces Reserve Medal, the Armed Forces Sevice medal, the Reoublic of Vietnam Civil Action Honor Medal, the Army Meritorious Unit Commendation, the Air Assault Badge.

His Vietnam Service Medal should have one Silver Service Star.

Daisy Cutter

G e
t t
i n
h a
r d
t o
c o
m m
e n
t .
S q
u e
e z
e d
! H
e l
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I appreciate the details,
and the typing.

Daisy Cutter,
Yes, totally agree,
but I can still do this…



Daisy Cutter:

Who knew TAH had/has a Commentator who lied/embellished not only his Military Service, but also his awards!
JRM is also not entitled to the Infantry Blue Cord or Green Leadership Tab.


Interesting how he went from six medals when he was married to nine now. He musta earned those other three in the battle over Macho Grande.



On JRM’s Website as erll as what he displays in his Shadowbox and wears, he claims 12 awards/ribbons.

In reality, he is only authorized 8. He was not awarded or is entitled to the Amrmed
Reserve Medal. The Armed Forces Srtvice Medal. Two unit awards from Vietnam. He is entitled to thaUnit sward he wears in his wedding picture.


He comes from a long line of Cowards.

Badda bing, badda boom. There, I said it.


Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Gee whillikers and heavens to Betsey that guy has more ribbons on his uniform than Carter has liver pills and I’ll be a Monkey’s uncle and not for all the tea in China if he was actually legit about his service. What a novelty to have a phony Navy Seal on a Monday morning. Well see you later Alligator.


Jeff LPH 3, 63-66,
(Ray’s dad Frank Barone, on Everybody Loves Raymond) –
“Not for all the tea in China,
and not for all the Chinese women serving the tea.”


Am thinking some of those medals are affliated with the Civil Air Patrol.

Still think that as the years went by, he started embellishing his time in Vietnam.

He was/i still ashamed as to what he did in the Air Force.

It just wasn’t good enough.

So Sad.


Another perplexing fraud. Legit Airman’s Medal recipient, legit Vietnam [theater] veteran and he has to walk around like a Brigade Quartermaster catalog threw up all over him?

OTOH, 20 year E-5? I know it’s not unheard of but it kind of sounds to me like he got his Airman’s Medal and then ‘coasted’ on it for the rest of his career. IOW, didn’t fuck up bad enough to get the boot but also put in bare minimum effort.

I wonder if he was employed as a human paperweight/permanent CQ or Staff Duty NCO or some similar job where all he had to do was stay out of sight of the brass and not step on his crank.

With regard to the USAF rank thing: I do recall meeting a USAF intel analyst (equivalent to my MOS of 96B) who was an E-4 with something like 10 years time in grade. I think she was getting close to her RCP (Retention Control Point) but apparently promotions in that field were glacially slow in the USAF at that time.

I also know a lot of retired USAF E-6’s whereas most of the Army guys I know were able to make it to at least E-7 before retiring (including me, although they had to grant me a waiver to get promoted as I wasn’t MOSQ’d. Had they not granted me that waiver I would have retired at E-6.)

Daisy Cutter

Reminds me of an old Kids in the Hall skit.


Great skit. Reminds me of some of the worker’s comp cases I handled back in the day. I worked for two workers’ compensation insurance carriers for about 12 of my 36 years of lawering.


My FiL retired from the Navy as an E-5. My father was in the USAF and spent 12 years in grade as a SSGT as promotion in food service was glacially slow at the time. He retired as MSGT at 21 years, having grown tired of the Vietnam services.


OK, ok, I too was there in the 1980s and I remember a “stellar” E-5 who maxed out his use or lose leave, was ordered to take time off, came in, in civis and hung around the shop, was single and lived in the dorm as an E-5 and had no social life or capabilities (nerd!) and retired as an E-5. He was good at his job, wasn’t terribly motivated to work to get E-6 and then high year tenured out at 20 when I left Kadena in 1986. Not a suck troop, but Peter Principle’d
Not THIS assblaster tho. This dood is an A-1 rectal
Oh look Boys and Girls, Live video of Leslie (There you go!) Radford Coward (Well DUH!) in action…


I gotta wonder if he’s related to the Round Ranger . . . .


Addendum: I also have to wonder if he might have been one of McNamara’s “Project 100,000”. The USAF ended up with about 9% of those inducted under the program – and depending on the source you consult, the total inducted over the program’s lifetime was somewhere between 320,000 and 360,000. (The name referred to the program’s annual manpower target, not the total overall to be inducted under the program.)

Given his AFSC, I’d guess he was not one of “McNamara’s Boys”. But it’s at least theoretically possible he could have been.


Hondo: See my post below. 😉

Coward does seem kind of “Special.”

Undoubtedly a member of the “Very Special Forces.”


He is what we call Fucked up from the neck up.


Haven’t heard that one in ages..


Thank you, Andy.


To clarify for those who didn’t do a boots on the ground tour in the RVN, Udorn, Thailand was the location of our largest USAF base in Thailand. Many combat aircraft launched out of that base, which was totally secure from enemy action. But anyone assigned there was awarded the two Vietnam service medals, the VSM and the VCM.

The fact that this POSer has no Air Medals tells me that me that he never went on a combat mission over Vietnam. As an aircraft mechanic he could have strap-hanged on some AC-130 flights out of his base at Udorn. A number of those would have earned him an Air Medal. He didn’t even put one on his fake ribbon rack.


But…but…but…doing anything that would rate an Air Medal would be SCARY.


Just like all of the rest of their other phony combat bullshit in the Wide Wild World of Poserdom, POSers all want to talk about doing Air Medal shit, until it becomes time to actually do Air Medal shit.


I got mine over Macho Grande, but it’s so secret-squirrel I can’t talk about it. Except on the internet.


I flew in and out of Cam Ranh Bay on Flying Tiger.
Where’s my two Air Medals?




AMs don’t hold much value imo. I have 6 Air Medals and 3 Aerial Achievement Medals for doing nothing more than the job I signed up for.


Hmmm, I wonder if that’s why the current Chief of Staff of the Air Force doesn’t rate not even one Air Medal?/s


Neither does the new skipper of USS Abraham Lincoln.


Per her bio, her background appears to be rotary wing vice fixed-wing. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe too many USN rotary-wing units deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq.


The Redwolves (HSC-84) were with 160 SOAR, and us (20 SOS) in Iraq


Sometimes, such combat flights were scary. I have three Air Medals, but on only two flights did I almost “buy the farm:” Once by a Navy 500 lb. bomb that missed our OV-10 by a couple of yards and once by AK-47 fire that came up through the floor around my feet in a Huey.

Daisy Cutter

Also there was Nakhon Phanom


There were at least 8 Royal Thai military facilities used by the US during the Vietnam War. They were

– Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base (RTAFB)
– Korat RTAFB
– Nakhon Phenom RTAFB (today a Royal Thai Navy Base)
– Takhli RTAFB
– U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Air Field
– Ubon RTAFB
– Udorn RTAFB
– Nam Phong Royal Thai Air Base

The USAF was the primary US tenant at the first 7 listed above. The USMC (along with smaller numbers of USN/USAF/USA support personnel) used the last facility during the period 1972-1973.

Dennis - not chevy

I knew several E-5 forever types; usually they’d make TSgt at their last try so they’d collect E-6 pensions without having to do E-6 work. However, there were many who didn’t make TSgt and were shown the door at 20. End of tour medals were not automatic in the ’80’s, but, c’mon even a USAF terminal staff usually got an AFAM at retirement.
Why he didn’t make TSgt is probably shown in this suit he’s wearing. Even a E-1 knows the buttons are not gold.

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Middleburg, Florida to All-Points Logistics in Merritt Island, Florida is only about 90 minutes drive. Just saying.

I imagine the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) is acutely aware of this as it seems another employee has wandered off the job site.

Phildo should get Lori Benton or one of his new Phildo Supporters from his Space Advisory Board to get up to Middleton and retrieve this asset.


Really, though, just take a look at that photo.

I mean, even the most Civilianized Civilian who has ZERO experience with anything military would look at this dude and say “Fucking poser clown.”

He actually looks to me like one of those “mentally challenged” adults who just sticks all sorts of pins and badges on his vest or hat. You don’t say “thank you for your service” you just pat him on the head and say “hi, Buddy, how’s your day going?”

At least the late MSgt Soup Sandwich made a half-assed attempt to LOOK military. This guy just comes across as a “special needs” adult who collects shiny things like a bird and sticks them wherever they’ll fit.

RGR 4-78

E-5 Bisque Baguette.

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Hence my comment above.





Deal with your shitbaggedry, COWARD!


Look here, ladies and gentlemen…

Our first dipshit of 2022.

Give the man his dishonorable Dennis Chevalier doll.

I would call this fool a “Coward”, but his parentage has already done that for us.


A Proud Infidel®™️

How about a Phildo or John Giduck action figure?

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Oh and Leslie? You are so boned.



Sounds a lot like “Airplane!”…

STRIKER: Surely you can’t be serious.

DR. RUMACK: I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley!

ANYONE: Lest he make a claim of being a Navy SEAL.

COWARD: Stop calling me Leslie!



58 Driver

he retired …is 72 and may have lost it– would the comments be the same if he was playing in his pudding at a va home? just a thought….

Daisy Cutter

I can picture him eating applesauce with a bib that says “These fools put my cape on backwards.”


If credible information were available that the guy has diminished mental capabilities, the comments would doubtless be different – and I suspect that the article would never have been published in the first place. To my knowledge, however, such information isn’t available. And there are literally hundreds of examples on this site of those who have willfully embellished or otherwise misrepresented their military record.

My, My, My

Wonder why no claim of PJ or CCT…Given his 20 years and high-speed, low dragedness.
What a Slacker.


123rd. Holy Crap.


Very interesting uniform. Trident, SF branch insignia, CIB and master blaster wings (?) on an AF uniform. Not even close to a good fake.

Daisy Cutter

The Stolen Valor Trifecta.

Daisy Cutter

In Denny’s they refer to it as “The Grand Slam.”


Daisy Cutter,
More fitting is the “All Star Special”, which features a a WAFFLE,
at old school low rent but excellent Waffle House.


For all the expense of this elaborate (and quite large) costume, you’d think Coward could spring for one new name tag vice the two old ones he appears to be wearing.