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| January 9, 2022

The Judge

Police: Fayetteville man shot to death by motorist after jumping onto vehicle

F.T. Norton, The Fayetteville Observer
A man was shot and killed Saturday afternoon by a motorist after police say he ran into traffic and jumped onto a vehicle.

Jason Walker, 37, died in the 2:18 p.m. shooting in front of his house in the 1600 block of Bingham Drive near Shenandoah Drive.

“The preliminary investigation has revealed (Walker) ran into traffic and jumped on a moving vehicle. The driver of the vehicle shot (Walker) and notified 911,” a news release from the Fayetteville Police Department said.

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Fayetteville Observer

Phoenix police shoot armed man threatening to rob convenience store

Amaris Encinas, Arizona Republic
Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this article mischaracterized how a suspect was arrested. He was arrested without further incident.

A Phoenix police officer shot and injured an armed man who threatened to rob a convenience store on Thursday night.

The incident started at about 11:30 p.m. when the Phoenix Police Department received reports of a person with a gun near north 17th Avenue and West Van Buren Street, according to police spokesperson Sgt. Philip Krynsky.

Current reports indicated the man had a gun and was threatening to rob a nearby convenience store. When officers arrived, they found the man outside of the store, Krynsky said.

Police say the man raised his gun at the officers, and an officer shot him.

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Links courtesy of our own Gun Bunny.

Yakima man says he was defending family during Walmart shooting
31-year-old man shot twice, in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center

by Emily Goodell
YAKIMA, Wash. — Yakima police declined to arrest a 37-year-old man accused of shooting another man in a Walmart parking lot Thursday after he told investigators he was defending himself and his family during an attempted robbery.

“At this point, we’re leaning towards this being a self-defense type of incident,” Sgt. Jake Lancaster said.

Lancaster said the 37-year-old was eating lunch in his car with his girlfriend and her 16-year-old child in the Walmart parking lot at 1600 E. Chestnut Ave. before going grocery shopping. At just after 4 p.m., someone reportedly got out of a car parked behind them, opened the family’s car door and pointed a firearm at them.

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Great shooting. Dad did his part- by rights the thug should currently occupy a chill chest.

Three groups spend other people’s money: children, thieves, and politicians. All three need supervision. —DICK ARMEY

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone would be his entire paycheck from the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland that the individual suffering from lead poisoning in Yakima Washington has an extensive career making license plates for the state, but of course, he was “turning in his life around”. Just hoping that Yakima does not have a District Attorney installed by George Soros.

Frankie Cee

“Judge”? Really? I thought that model is a “Tracker”, having the long barrel, and the Judge had a very short barrel. I had a Taurus Tracker and my son had a Taurus Judge, both were lost in the Gulfstream when the boat got swamped and I nearly sank.

Frankie Cee

“opened the family’s car door and pointed a firearm at them.”?
Why would anyone sit in any Walmart parking lot with a door unlocked? That just ain’t smart at all.


Heh heh…3 more dirtbags off the streets, unfortunately, only 1 for all time…for now. Mr. Crackhead in Washington may take a turn for the worse with a nice septic infection, and the income redistribution specialist may find gainful employment as a taste tester for the BTJ&T Deli.

“I Judge you guilty and hereby pass sentence”…BOOM! I’ll take the 6.5 inch Model. Bigger is better…right?

I Judge that Leggy Ms Thang as worthy of being wooed, charmed, and courted with my ways.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

A man jumped on a moving vehicle??? Outside the vehicle???? If outside on the hood or trunk un armed sounds like a bad shoot. Anyone have any other info on the shoot. I checked out news article which didn’t cover the whole story or it was the whole story.


He wanted to go Airborne being just outside Ft Bragg and all.


Fayetteville man shot to death by motorist – shot and killed Saturday afternoon by a motorist after police say he ran into traffic and jumped onto a vehicle – Bat-shit-crazy Fayetteville man probably had some BSE variant(Bovine spongiform encephalopathy aka mad cow disease) and needed to be mercifully put down..

Corrections & Clarifications – regardless, BZ to Phoenix LEO’s for pre-emptively taking out the trash.

YAKIMA, Washington family-man is to be commended for his prompt defensive actions. I’m sure his girlfriend and extended family are entirely grateful and proud of his actions.


Taurus Judge? Aw c’mon, Ed – you can do way better than that! (smile)