Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

| January 5, 2022

Secretary of Transportation Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg

Thebesig has as usual beaten me to the day’s big story of the I-95 snow and ice debacle, so there’s no reason for me to rehash that particular incident. There is a point to be made about overarching factors, though.

Passengers on AMTRACK trains were stranded in the same weather event, and the cancellation of thousands of commercial flights continues due to the weather and Covid infections of vaxxed personnel. Over 100 ships are still waiting off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to unload.

Our Vice President took this special moment to once again announce her disassociation with the realities facing all Americans not of the political class.

Kamala Harris savaged for ‘tone deaf’ Tweet as hundreds stranded – ‘America moving again’

VICE-President Kamala Harris was mocked on social media after stating America was “moving again” thanks to Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan but hundreds were left stranded for 24 hours on a large US motorway.


Kamala Harris praised Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan and said it was helping millions of Americans by rebuilding roads, bridges, funding new public transport links and addressing social inequalities. But the Vice-President was quickly derided on social media after people in Virginia were left stranded on one of the largest highways in America, the I-95, for over 24-hours as a snowstorm prevented lorries and cars from moving. Some vehicles were abandoned and traffic trailed back 50-miles as 400,000 people were also left without power for their homes.

Ms Harris tweeted on Tuesday: “Because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, America is moving again. That’s what infrastructure is all about: getting people moving.”

But critics quickly pointed at the chaos in Virginia where hundreds of thousands of people were disrupted by snowstorms.

@ljmontello wrote: “Why, why oh why would anyone think this tweet is a good idea at the same time I-95 is trending for a 12 hour+ 30-50 mile standstill?

“Are you guys *trying* to write GOP midterm attack ads for them?”

@Jaegervonkramer added: “Do you have anyone on staff that understands current events and context?”

Fox News

Kamala’s message timing could hardly have been worse.

The Jaegervonkramer remark is telling, as another top advisor to the Vice President is joining the exodus of staffers. Her deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs Vincent Evans is moving on, as communications director Ashley Etienne, her director of press operations Peter Velz, and her chief spox-person Symone Sanders already have.

All very interesting, AW1Ed, but the point?

We have a Transportation Secretary. Where is he? Here’s another perfect opportunity to showcase his leadership abilities, especially since he’s on the short list for 2024. Yet silence. If Youngkin was indeed the Governor of Virginia, Buttigieg would be in full throated attack mode and writing tax dollar checks.

Seems he is showcasing his abilities.

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Republicans are always responsible for Democrats not doing anything.


These fking people have the Mosul Touch: everything they touch turns to shit.

Exhibit A-thru-Z, then back to fking A,

“Which brings us to today – as the White House announced on Monday that it would peel off $1 billion for independent meat and poultry producers in order to ‘boost competition in the meat-processing industry and lower prices for consumers,’ according to CNN.” -ZH

I’ve told you guys to prep, and I hope yous listened; food, water, shelter, weapons, first aid, ammo and a religious book of your choosing. They’re ‘managing’ this thing right off the biggest cliff IN HISTORY.


Buttplug is one of those TOP MEN in The Grouper’s administration!



Nah. He is a “bottom”.


Top Man, Bottom Man.
The Three Stooges, from the 1944 WWII short “No Dough Boys.”


“Nah. He is a ‘bottom’.”

Must be, since he was the one who took off two months to nurse the babies…😜


Yup, he is a pussy, and maybe he will be getting one of those man-made ones soon. He will likely be transitioning soon. He has already demonstrated he has maternal instincts.


Welp…you gots a Trannysportation Secretary that doesn’t know what the proper tunnel for the train to head into and a vicey pres that gets around on her knees. What could go wrong?



This meme is life.

Also, the left can’t meme.


Perhaps postnatal depression and difficulty nursing is affecting But-boy’s ability to do work for the taxpayers.


Dumb bitch anyway! If she got up and spit and cleared the cum out of her mouth, she might get a clue. It’s hard to pay attention down there I suppose though. As it is, she is the worst example of affirmative action in history and that’s saying a f’cking lot.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Heels in the air” Harris strikes again! Oh, and is Secretary Butt-googly still on Paternity Leave?


Governor of Virginia, Buttigieg – Seems he is showcasing his abilities.

*shrug* Maybe Buttigieg was just trying to do his best homage to Gov’t by imitating the always-absent Harris..? Sorry, no. You’re right, Ed. Pigs can’t fly.


Peter Paul and Mary Buttguy, what a joke just look at that photo of two pansies fawning over one another…if your parents name you Chasten, you are automatically gay….but my question is , both of these Nancy boys are limpwristed and effeminate, sooo which one shit these asshole babies??

AW1 Rod

Didn’t read this until this morning, and almost choked!

Note to Self: Laughing and drinking hot coffee are incompatible.