Lawrence Brooks, oldest living WWII veteran in U.S., dies at 112 in New Orleans

| January 5, 2022

We talked about Lawrence Brooks a couple times over the last two years (here and here), as he celebrated his birthdays as the oldest living WWII veteran. He served during the war in a non-combat role in the mostly black 91st Engineer General Service Regiment stationed in Australia. He was drafted in 1940, which would have put him at 30 years old.

Unfortunately, the 112 year run of Mr. Brooks has come to an end. It sounds like he died at home in his own bed. At eleventy-two we should all be so lucky!


Lawrence Brooks, the oldest living World War II veteran in the United States, died Tuesday at the age of 112, his bishop confirmed.

Brooks lived in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans. He died in his own bed at home as per his wishes, his daughter and caregiver, Vanessa Brooks, told Military Times.

Funeral arrangements are pending, according to Rev. Morris Thompson Jr., the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. Brooks was a faithful member of St. Luke’s in New Orleans, the bishop said.

“When asked about the secret of living a long life, he would say: ‘Serve God and be nice to people,'” Thompson wrote in an email to church members. “On this day, take a moment to honor his faithful service to our country and to the church by being kind to everyone you meet.”

He has five children, five stepchildren, and dozens of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He lost his wife, Leona, shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

Godspeed Private First Class Brooks.

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RGR 4-78

Rest in Peace.


Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Brooks.


SAPPERs forward!




A toast to a life well-lived! May you Rest Easy, Dear Sir.


RIP good sir.


I recently got two bottles of Pat OBriens Hurricane mix. I think I’ll drink one in his honor thisevening.


Rest Easy, Good Sir. We’ll raise a toast to you.


Yup. Tonight -only- I will raise a glass of something appropriate to this Man as well as a couple of my dearly beloved and now dearly missed team-mates. ‘Serve God and be nice to people’? Lawrence Brooks starting his Spirit journey at one hundred and twelve years old, only adds further credence to the reference that God truly does reward faith, hope and charity – in Lawrence’s case, with a long and happy life. Rest in Peace, Mister Brooks. *slow salute*


Rest in peace Sir. You will be missed by so many.

Green Thumb

Rest well, Sir.


Rest in peace old soldier.

Mason, do you know who is now the oldest WWII vet?


Google Foo showed this Ol’ Poe. Mr. Brooks is still listed so it’s not updated.


Thanks K. Looking at that picture of Mister Brooks smiling made me smile. Willing to wager, Lawrence Brooks had that very same effect on a lot of people that he crossed paths with…

‘Thank God such Men lived..’

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A Proud Infidel®™

*Slow Salute*


Rest well and it is well earned.


You had a good innings.

Rest in peace.


Rest in peace, sir. The things you’ve seen. . .


With full honors.