Army sergeant indicted for murder pleads self defense

| December 12, 2021

Army Sgt. Daniel Perry

We’ve been watching the legal woes of Daniel Perry, an Army Sergeant with the 1st Cav, who shot and killed a masked, armed protestor during a BLM demonstration, and the overzealous County Attorney pursuing murder charges.

His attorney said the soldier was working for a ride-sharing company at the time of the incident, and acted in self-defense after the protester pointed an AK-47 at him.

Perry cooperated with the police, was initially taken into custody but later released.

David sends us an update.

Army sergeant indicted for murder in 2020 Austin riot shooting pleads self-defense: police investigator agrees

Andrew Miller

An Army sergeant faces life in prison for a shooting that happened at the height of the 2020 riots, and that he claims was in self-defense. The lead detective in the case ruled his actions were justifiable homicide. That detective has also accused the district attorney of illegal actions in a sworn statement.

Violent protests, riots, and killings, in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement erupted across the country in the summer of 2020. Late one Saturday night over the course of that summer, Army Sergeant Daniel Perry turned a corner in Austin, Texas, and found himself surrounded by an angry mob of protesters sparking an encounter that left one man dead and has Perry facing life in prison.

On the night of July 25, 2020, at about 9:15 p.m., authorities say Perry was driving for Uber to make some extra money in downtown Austin and encountered a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who lacked a permit for their protest. They were illegally clogging the intersection, as protesters had done around the city several times in the weeks prior. Video shows that as he made the turn that night protesters quickly surrounded Perry’s car and began pounding on it and throwing rocks at it.

Roughly a year later, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza brought the incident before a grand jury. Perry was indicted on murder and aggravated assault charges. Additionally, an investigation by a respected veteran detective of the Austin police force concluded the shooting was a justifiable homicide. That veteran detective, David Fugitt, was the lead detective on Perry’s case and also signed a sworn affidavit accusing Garza’s office of withholding evidence from the grand jury and of witness tampering.

Yet another activist District Attorney willing to destroy a man’s life for political gain. There is a school of thought that judges and prosecutors should not hold elected, political positions. Our system of justice is supposed to operate neutrally and objectively, not at the whims of voters.


Thanks, David.

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These Soros elected DA’s need their comupances.


It was a good clean kill, he should receive commendation for his service to the City of Austin and a citation for community service during a period of civil insurrection.


Another trial that should NOT be wasting the taxpayer’s monies. And another example of “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6”.

As rgr769 and Charles(?) have schooled us, the falsely accused has no recourse against the rabid persecutor (sic). Pity. This a blatant abuse of power and we have testimony of illegal activities by the persecutor (sic) DA. These type actions are part of the basis for my rant in the “A little rebellion…” thread. Sick and tired of the BS. We, The People, have a right to free and unobstructed passage, without being molested, on the public highways. You can bet your left nu, er, “earlobe” that if my vehicle is being surrounded, and pounded on by a mob, I WILL be going all Rittenhouse (or Perry) on their ass.


The DA going after him is a member of the American Socialist Party according to his bio.


Thats (Democratic Socialist of America) aka communist.


I hope the “victim”’s family has to reimburse SGT Perry the cost of his round.

A Proud Infidel®™

Another Soros-elected commie with a Law Degree deciding to be the same kind of fanatical imbecile that Kyle Rittenhouse’s persecutors [sic] were and still are.

Green Thumb

Such bullshit.


I wonder if this over zealous DA would pursue if, SGT Perry, he had a dashcam video of the encounter.
A different type of encounter, but I had a woman at a stop sign put her can in reverse and back into me and then claimed I ran into her. I kept quiet and let her tell her story to the police and then when it was my turn I asked the police if they wanted to see the video.



Hack Stone

Thank you for the correction. We were under the impression that she backed her big fat azz (can) into your car.


Did she beep?

A Proud Infidel®™️

I bet she backed up without a Ground Guide and faced the wrath of the 1SG and CSM!

MI Ranger

There is actually quite a bit of video evidence showing the BLM protestors surrounding his car and banging on it, I did not see any rocks thrown but it would not surprise me. And if I am not mistaken SGT Perry did have a Dashcam in his vehicle. Not sure it would show Mr. “I quit the Air Force to help my disabled fiancé” (which is a whole other story) with his AK-15 come up from behind, but it was on plenty of Cell phone video.

Once upon a time Austin was just a mixed up city of Conservatives, Law Makers, Students and a few fringe Progressives. Once Silicon Valley moved there it went off the deep end. Just look at Round Rock and its Communist Board of Independent School Districts.

I hear SGT Perry had a page on Go-Fund-Me page, not sure if any Conservative leaning sites are available!


Go fund me took down his legal defense fund page.
You can still contribute at go get funding
I sent him $100


go fund me sucks! They’ve gone full retard over there.


A guy waves a loaded AK-47 after making threatening statements on video and gets shot by a guy with a smaller gun whom he’s impeding during civil unrest… did I miss anything? But the guy who shot him is being tried…


How about using the Alex Baldwin defense?

Herbert J. Messkit

They can’t make any headway banning firearms, so they are now going after the concept of sel defense. The process is the punishment.

A Proud Infidel®™

Which makes it obvious to me that they are taking yet another page from Hitler’s playbook where they had the Nazi “Sturmabteilung” or “Brown Shirts” beat, intimidate and harass anyone dissenting with the Nazi dogma and agenda as well as beating and jailing those who did so, and woe be to anyone who put up a fight. The “Brown Shirts” and their leader Erst Rohm were done away with after “Krystallnacht” and replace with the SS as well as Rohm being done away with after he was no longer deemed useful, just like the left will do with BLM, Antifa and their head goons.

NR Pax

They didn’t like it when their brownshirts got taken out by Rittenhouse so they’re going to keep trying.


Someone is getting worried self defense will become commonplace.

A Proud Infidel®™

They want to outlaw self-defense in any way possible so they can make everyone submit to their mobs.


They can outlaw all they want, I will not take the knee to tyranny.

Don’t give a flip if I’ve gotta strap my PEQ-15A to a pitchfork and run through these morons like a berserker, I’m going out kicking and screaming if necessary, with a light coat of oil, mouth guard, combat boots, sans any other kit.

Hack Stone

If this Prosecutor is going full throttle bringing charges in a case of obvious self defense, imagine what he could do with Hillary Clinton. (No reasonable Prosecutor would pursue charges).

Meanwhile in Chicago, Prosecutors are releasing gang-bangers involved in drive-by shootings with no charges.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Remember that Chicago, LA and NYC among other places are merely examples of what the left wants to turn the entire USA into!