Army and FAA investigating epic flyover at Tennessee Titans game last month

| December 2, 2021

As part of the NFL’s “Salute to Service” events planned for the weekend after Veteran’s Day (game day in this case being 14 November 2021), the 101st Airborne Division had some helicopters fly from their home base Fort Campbell over Nissan Stadium in nearby Nashville.

The flyover was a smash hit, as the talented aviators flew seemingly within the open air stadium. Naturally, despite the crowd’s raucous approval (I swear I can hear the crowd cheering in the first-person view from inside the lead Apache, below), someone complained and now it’s under investigation. I’m sure whomever planned this and whichever O-6 signed off on the op plan for the day will just blame it all on the pilots.

Check out the airmanship on display (and the crowd’s reaction);

“Land of the free and the home of the brave” indeed. Perfect timing. This is an example of excellent mission planning and execution. Here’s a different view;

And here’s the in-flight shot from within the cockpit of the lead AH-64 Apache;

Let the beatings commence to improve morale! God help any soldier on those birds if they weren’t fully vaxxed. Thanks to Jeff LPH 3 for bringing this one in.

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I don’t pretend to know much about flight characteristics of the CH-47 but she looked a tad squirrelly after transiting the stadium.

I bet those engines where all ready spun up a bit and the tranny’s fluids got a little warm with that force. May wanna wash the seats off on the flight deck too.

(low-key ‘Merica! May you pilots’ jackets be unGOMAR-free!!)


IDKWTF that typo is. Just ‘GOMAR-free!!’

I don’t need to piss off the pilots too. Karma be a b-word.


Nothing wrong there. The ‘hook was pulling up so it wouldn’t outrun the Blackhawk and Apache, which it could do fairly easily.


I always forget that kinetic energy is mass variable (specifically in rotational systems. Bullets I get. Fly’n machines, not so much). The motion in the positive y-axis was to ‘shed’ energy to maintain similar velocity with the other birds with different masses and drag profiles from the oblique.

So… on further inspection: Ace flying right there.

Thanks for the vector correction!


FYI….You do not interrupt the song. The first aircraft should approach the venue after the last note. I conducted many of these as a pilot and SOF (Supervisor of Flying). As SOF I would sit in the truck and sing along with the song so the pilot(s) could adjust their speed accordingly. I’m constantly critiquing NASCAR for this problem. Even though this was a fantastic flyby, these guys know you can’t get within 1000′ of the crowd – or they will. As loud as these aircraft are, they didn’t need to. I wish them good luck!


It almost sounds like you know what you’re talking about. Well, until you start pretending that you were involved in the planning or have any understanding of helicopter operations.


Patriotism and pride in our military is “racist,” comrade, and must be destroyed equity! (“Woke”-ness in action… tell me I’m wrong, Lars.)


for equity, that is… What about it, Lars?


He’s been hiding in his slum.


Mom’s basement?


More likely…


I can neither confirm nor deny participating in any such similar shenanigans in my misspent helo days. Over Virginia Beach. In the summer.
Pretty sure the statute of limitations has expired anyway.


I can neither confirm nor deny that I was once a passenger (on the ramp) of a CH-47 as it and several others made a low level pass over an Italian beach enroute to Vicenza from Albania. I’m also unable to confirm that were any topless young Italian ladies on the decks of any boats in the region.


Just showing the flag, brother.

Then there was the SAR jump in the St. John’s River, a short swim away from Hooters.


That’s some masterful planning there!


…or maybe Latvis/Lithuania/Poland… on an MH-53M….


Welp, I hope that was as good for you as it was for me. I need a cigarette…Where’s my Zippo? Top off your wine glass, there Ms Thang? Careful of the wet spot.

Them Sissy Punks that was a’bitching and complaining can go EABOD! Oh…wait…a BOD is prolly their favorite snack.

BZ (GO) ARMY (beat navy) Aviation!

Planet Ord

Fly Army! And to hell with the pearl clutching bureaucrats at the FAA and whichever officers lap this gets dumped into.


Next time,Team Brandon!


Different angle with “Ride of the Valkyries”:

A Proud Infidel®™️

Like Larry the Cable Guy always says “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!”

Frankie Cee

GEEZUS, Americans in general are becoming a bunch of wet panty pussies. It seems that most get out of bed for no other reason but to find something to whine about.
Knowing that whoever gets the job of “looking into this” will be told to “make someone guilty”, so we can look good.


Karens who need the Waaaahmbulance over the least little thing…


Love the shit hooks.
They should do flyovers with a Howitzer slung underneath like in Viet of the Nam.
Now that would be waaaaay cool.
The crowd would go nuts.


Or a 50′ pole like the one destined to be a holder of antennas etc for the 1/101 (ABN)(SEP) TOC in beautiful Phu Bai. The air cushion results were spectacular in the occupied TOC.


Sorry Team TAH, but in today’s hyper-sensitive environment, this is how future flyovers at public events get cancelled/disapproved.

All it takes is for some weak shithead (e.g. an assclown who washed out of flight school) in the stands to say that they didn’t “feel safe”, and it’s all over.

That said, overall not a bad “flat-hatting” demonstration by those Army pilots.

But still not up to Navy/Marine Corps Aviator standards.


If the Army can get 2 or more aircraft in the same gridsquare flying in the same direction at the same time, it’s considered “formation flying”. This flyover exceeded the standard in a most spectacular fashion.


And they were Army IFR (I follow roads, railroads, rivers…)


Could’ve been VFR (Visually follow roads, railroads, rivers…).

I knew a couple guys that delivered a restored Aeronca Champ to Fairbanks AK… flew it from Logan UT. Did most of their navigation with a highway map and a real good pair of binoculars.

Mild Bill

Last week I took my dogs up to the Cascade mts to a emergency airstrip called Ranger Creek. We had the whole place to ourselves when out of the east 2 AH 64’s came down the strip about 50-60 feet AGL they did runs up and down for about 45 minutes quite an air show, one lab going crazy the older one stayed behind me. When the first bird passed about 15 to 20 feet AGL the lead bird front seat turned his/her head my way along with the chin gun and gave me big wave. And to close GO ARMY beat Navy.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I take it said flyover caused some underachieving candyassed pisspants snowflake(s) to feel inadequate about themselves or something like that.


Or maybe they got a whiff of exhaust or even better
some hydraulic fluid in their latte.

A Proud Infidel®™

Or the propwash almost wrinkled their tie dyed rainbow shirt!


Half time show, next time?
We good Lars?


Plot twist: Pilots were all Warrant Officers and now nobody can find them.


HA! Accurate.

Did they check the golf course or wherever free coffee is served?


Rod and gun club, perhaps?


Don’t come to Green Bay, they’d poop when the zoomies hit the AB’s over Lambeau. Sounds like democracy.


In a sane world, the report response would be:

“Tell Buttercup to change his Tampax.”

Hack Stone

A formal complaint was filed with the DoD when it was revealed that none of the aircraft pilots were transgender.


Oh, I bet Austin is still frothing at his desk over that, Hack. And Milley Vanilley is outraged.

Bill M

For 99.999% of the people there, that was the event of the day.

Mustang Major

Someone must have been splattered with hydraulic fluid from one of the aircraft.


Only a simpering commie would have a problem with that flyover. No doubt Fatty McWokester, aka the Chairman of the JCS, and the morbidly obese SECDEF will have the pilots crushed.
The NFL should be a little concerned about the half-empty at kickoff stadium. I wonder why that is, comrade.

A Proud Infidel®™

Gee whiz, has the introduction of liberalism turned people off to the National Felon League? I hope they have to deal with empty seats at the Superbowl!