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| December 2, 2021

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Homeowner shoots, wounds alleged intruder in Baxter

Ty Albright
An alleged intrude is in custody after a homeowner in southeast Kansas says he was forced to shoot him after he broke into his home Monday night. Read the full press release below:

On Monday night at 8:42 pm, Officers of the Baxter Springs Police Department responded to 2305 Cleveland Avenue to a report of a person breaking in to the residence.

Officers were advised on the way to the scene that one adult male had been shot. Also responding were Deputies from the Cherokee Count Sheriffs Office and the Quapaw Marshal’s Service.

The first subject encountered was identified as Shawn James Tallant Jr. of Baxter Springs. Tallant was leaving the area when officers approached and observed that he was suffering from two gunshot wounds to the thigh and leg. He was detained and an ambulance was dispatched.

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Frankie Cee

Another criminal who puts more value on the goods of another than on his own life.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

It seems that Mr Tallant has no talent for burglary.


Another great example of the proper use of the Second Amendment.

We are the Militia!!

Wilted Willy

IF the guy had better aim we would be blessed with a DRT!!! All went well at the doc. back is feeling much better this morning!!

Frankie Cee

Hello Willy:
What state do you live in? I think I remember that you are a fellow Floridian. If not, I won’t hold that against you. I’ll be road tripping around Central Florida for a couple of days, this weekend.


Good to hear that Willy. You continue to march. We prefer to talk with ‘stead of talking about you. My exercise program for back pain consists of dodging responsibility, chasing rumors, working up a sweat over females, and lifting weights…12 oz at a time. Good to hear, too, that the Junior Spawn (sic) of Mr. Tallant Sr was found to be suffering. Bet your Dad is real proud of you, Junior. Seems like the Good… Read more »

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Gun (Gin?) Bunny,
Your exercise program seems incomplete.
You need to add “jumping to conclusions” to your routine.

Naw, Tox. I leave those “jumping to conclusions” reps to other commenters.

Some are quite skilled at that.

Jumpin’ weightedly with all that ego he do carry ’round.

Course proper dash10 distribution of mass on a Cannoncocker is 50% ego, 49% sack, 1% brains.

{Seeks overhead cover!}

(Love you, Reb!)

“1911-inspired features…” “…tremendous demand for the 1911…” “…frame from aircraft grade aluminum…” “…stainless steel…” “…Browning inspired…” See where I’m going with this? You CAN make a light weight hide-e-hole CCW without prostituting yourself with a polymer plasticized abomination. Yeah, may be a little spendy at USD 1K, but hey…the sweetness of low price is gone long before the bitterness of poor quality sits in.” Reminds me of what a close friend said to me years… Read more »


Physio went well yesterday. While a bit sore afterwards, my physiotherapist is definitely a very cute lil Miss Thang which definitely doesn’t hurt. While I am continuing to employ and enjoy intermittent Golden Elixir therapy(ht to Dr. Gun Bunny), got to say I’m really looking forward to not having to take any more pain pills..
Cheers to all here.


Good to hear a new sit-rep progress report Hatchet. March on Troop…March ON! Consider your ‘scrip from Dr. Gun Bunny to be renewed, with unlimited refills, and, if needed, a doubling up of doses. Too bad I can’t get you down heah, you could soak your bones in this Old Southern Sun. Hit 77F today and gonna be real nice all weekend. I had a cutie-pie Ms Thang psycho-therapist back yonder after my stokes that… Read more »


Glad to hear that WW

Continued prayers, brother!


So how long have you had a weak back?


Ah, Thursday morning. Must be the day for Sergeant’s Time Motor Stables instead of PT or Organized Grab-Ass. Pulled out the old grease gun/hand oiler and lubricated the Whiz Wheel®™ prior to pulling a PMCS and the results are:

Shawn James Tallant Jr. (DAM/WRT) 47 x 4 = 188


Saw this today and think it’d be a bit of fun to have one of these…