Joe Biden was seen without a mask where one is required

| November 29, 2021


Joe Biden was seen in an establishment without his mask. This was on Nantucket Island, where there is a mandate for establishments to require masks indoors. Biden exited the store without his mask while drinking what appeared to be a milkshake.

From Newsmax:

A Fox News report published Saturday shows Biden shopping at Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket island with a mask draped below his chin amidst the store’s masked patrons. The president was visibly seen not wearing a mask in the same frame of a posted store sign requiring them.

Upon exiting the shop at around 4:45 pm, Biden was seen still not wearing a mask and drinking what reports are saying is a milkshake.

Recently, the island issued a mandate calling for all businesses to require masks to be worn indoors. The local island paper, The Inquirer and Mirror, says the mandate will be “rescinded once the island drops below the 50th percentile of towns that test their wastewater for the presence of COVID-19,” or in about two weeks from Nov. 18.

Newsmax has the article here. Thanks to Devtun for the story reference.

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The synthetic derivative program known as FORMER VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN only drinks fetusshakes.

This is fake news.


Does not set a good example.

Green Thumb

Par for the course.


Joke’s on you.
Joe is responsible for generating 50% of the COVID wastewater himself and the other 50% is Joe’s fecal matter so he’s Nantucket island shit and piss king.
I’m kidding, he’s actually the US of A shit and piss king. He pissith and shittith all over everything her surveyeth.
Yay, verily, so be itith.


On a related note, here’s a recap from the DC Idiots’ weekend’s greatest hits. An attack on Fauci is an attack on science itself. His head has grown so large that he actually thinks he is science personified, and that anyone questioning him couldn’t possibly understand because they aren’t as smart as he. Maxine Waters proves again that she is the leading contender for stupidest person in Congress. In the same breath; we know that [the Republicans] are taking every action they can possibly take to demonize us…In the final analysis, we’re going to win. We’re going to beat them. We don’t take anything for granted. We know that they’re evil. When the host pushed back on evil being a “strong word”, she doubled down; Worse than that. Worse than that. Evil. When you see the kind of attacks that you have talked about already, that’s constantly being made by them, that’s evil. I want you to know, I’m under attack also. They tried to censure me and we beat them back with the majority that we have. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene, I believe, has something up to expel me from the Congress of the United States. Can you imagine people with this kind of attitude and these kinds of actions and this kind of racism that they display all the time talking about expelling me or anybody else from Congress when, in fact, they shouldn’t even be there? So she thinks Republicans are “demonizing” her and her… Read more »


I’d rather be ‘evil’ than Auntie Mad Max any day of the week, twice on 04JUL.

She a huckster and an arsonist who does not understand Natural Law.


I worked with a black longshoreman in Oakland who surprisingly (along with about a dozen others) was a Republican.

“She and the rest of the democrats in California and this country want us (n-words) to remain helpless, poor and stupid and depend on it because they rely on it for their own personal gain and power. Her especially. She’s the dumbest motherfucker ever lived.” His words. He saw that zero positive changes happened to California in his lifetime yet they keep getting richer and spreading propaganda.

She’s pure evil and a traitor like the rest of the progressive left — bent on destroying a country that gave them so much.


“She’s pure evil and a traitor like the rest of the progressive left…”

Never truer words… But I wouldn’t leave all the cause at her/their feet. Way larger than that.

That Longshoreman is my Brother, not in origin, but in dream and I am proud to call him my Countryman.


^^^This!^^^ Amen!


Testify! Many folks of all types of ethnic backgrounds are waking up to the evil that our grubemint has become. We are in now, what day pert near 700 of the 14 days required to “flatten the curve” and achieve “herd immunity”? Welp, the herd is milling about and the stampede is imminent, wanting to flatten the grifting, lying, cheating, stealing career politicians.

People Control…not virus control.


I didn’t know Ensure had a milkshake out there. Hopefully it was spiked with Galantamine. That way he knows when he is transferring power to any one of the fine 16 Democrats in the line of succession after the Chinese start bombing Taiwan.


This past weekend a picture emerged of President Brandon in the oval office discussing the new china virus variant. This is the first image I have seen of him meeting anybody there. Previously he always appeared in the “stage” oval office set up in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Remember the photographs and videos showing blooming spring flowers outside behind him as recently as September? This stage location allowed for the big screen teleprompter so he could read what his minders want him to say without the reflection of the screen on the windows behind him.

I found a more accurate depiction of Joe at the oval office:

comment image?resize=514%2C600&ssl=1


That weird fake White House set is beyond bizarre. It’s very concerning for more than one reason.

Imagine getting an invite to meet the President at the White House and they guide you into the basement of the Executive Building and onto a make believe Oval Office. Like everything else from Brandon, it’d be an enormous disappointment.


It will serve as a great comfort to him in that he can pretend to be President until he succumbs to his illness. Familiar objects and photographs offer a sense of security and can suggest pleasant memories for the subject.