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| November 29, 2021

S&W 686

UPDATE | Tri-Cities Walmart security guard and robbery suspect exchange gunfire in parking lot

KENNEWICK, WA An armed shoplifter and a security officer exchanged gunfire on Black Friday in the parking lot of the Kennewick Walmart, sending fearful shoppers and employees running for safety.

Robbery suspect Alexander Richard Yell, 31, was the only one wounded after reportedly being shot two to three times at close range, according to initial broadcast reports.

Yell, who has a long history of troubles with police, was apparently bleeding from his arm and leg when he drove away, showing up a few minutes later at a girlfriend’s home in Kennewick.

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Tri-City Herald

Casper man shoots person trying to forcefully enter a home, police say

Casper man shot a person who was attempting to forcefully enter a home in Cheyenne, police there said.

The man who was shot fled the scene. Officers later found him at a Motel 6 in Cheyenne, suffering from a gunshot wound, police said. He was taken by ambulance to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

The shooting occurred at about 9:30 p.m. Friday at a home on the 3800 block of Greenway Street on the city’s east side. Police were told a 51-year-old man from Cheyenne tried to force his way inside a home through the front door.

The Casper man, identified only as a 33-year-old, ordered the suspect to leave several times, police said. The 51-year-old man, whose name was not released, refused to comply, and when he continued to try and force his way inside, the Casper man retrieved a gun and shot through the door.

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Star Tribune

Charges dropped in shooting incident

According to a press release from Chief Bobby Martin, through further investigation, it has been determined the shooting incident Sunday at 1515 Georgia Ave., Apartments, A2, was actually self-defense, and all charges against Brenda Walker have been dismissed.

This information was received from the victim, Candace Davis, who admitted to trying to choke Walker when the shots were fired striking Davis.

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The Daily Herald

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Oh, brother.
I commented last evening (on Sunday FGS)
about this event, the pregnant librarian, the FGS to end all FGSes.

Now this.
This morning, I deploy the Fu of Google on her,
and THIS comes up,
a webpage for her, on a website that blames her death on “gun violence”.

Multiple news stories are linked, identifying the blame,
yet this website totally ignores the reality that
1 – She was the one to hit a motorcycle with her car
2 – She left the scene, to go home, and grab a gun
3 – When she came out of her home and pulled her gun on her crash victim,
the motorcyclist pulled out his gun and shot her dead.

[128 candles have been lit for Sara.
Light a candle for Sara.]

Yeah, right.
Blame the gun, not the idiot who intentionally hits a motorcycle,
then flees for home to grab her gun.
But lighten up on the idiot by putting “pregnant librarian” in the headline.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

In a couple of those pics, she has the beginning of that “cray-cray” look. Scary rather than sympathetic.


Like the “car” CNN reported hitting folk in Waukesha.


Ms Thang Morales was featured and scored on the Wed FGS 24 Nov. I have some sympathy for her orphaned 11 yo (tho the child may be better off with a responsible person). Much more sympathy for the unborn child (or he/she’s potential Grandparents). Ms Morales? Behold my barren field.

Gun Bunny had to leave out at 0GOD15 hrs this morning, doing an escort run, riding shotgun for a Lady Friend. Short provision stop at the K Roger (slim pickens’), but a killer dinner of beef beast tips over rice, fresh sliced ‘maters, buttered beans, cat head, Lacy Johnnycakes, and ‘nanna pudding. Hurt myself.

In re the S&W 686, Tox, that is one more fine hand cannon that I had back yonder in the .357 Magnum. Dumbass 2nd ex Mrs. left that and her purse (purse in plain view) in my pick up truck that she borrowed (without my knowledge I may add) WITH THE DOORS UNLOCKED at a downtown hotel parking garage while she was attending some kind of “function”.

Glad that all of the dirtbags were “suffering” from their gunshot wounds. Good to know that some persecutors know who the real “victim” is in some of these cases.

Frankie Cee

This boy brought a knife to a lover’s quarrel, stabbing his boyfriend to death:

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

That S&W 686 looks like a nice portable hand cannon. Where’s Gun Bunny? He needs to hop to it!

The 686 is a good wheel gun. Carried one for the first 5 years of my career with the Orange CSO[FL]. We used +P+ silvertips.