Woman charged with plot to steal more than $400,000 from elderly and veterans

| November 26, 2021

Rosemary Ogbenna, 45, is charged with stealing over $400,000 from the elderly. These benefits include Social Security benefits as well as Veterans Affairs benefits. These benefits were intended for the elderly, for the mentally ill and for disabled veterans. She was their landlord when she did this. She faces 35 charges that involve mail fraud, wire fraud, and tampering with evidence.

From the Military Times:

According to court documents, Ogbenna allegedly carried out a decade-long scheme to steal government benefits from tenants staying at her housing business. The prosecution alleges that from March 2009 to February 2020., Ogbenna set herself as the Representative Payee of her tenants’ Social Security benefits, allotting herself a portion of their funds for her own personal use.

Ogbenna also illegally gained control of her tenants’ monthly VA benefits to use for her own personal benefit, according to court documents. When questioned by agents investigating the fraud scheme, she allegedly lied during questioning and provided agents with falsified documents.

Each count of mail fraud, wire fraud and tampering with evidence holds a maximum penalty of 20-years imprisonment if she is convicted. Ogbenna also potentially faces 10 years for the counts of government property theft, two years for each count of identity theft — which would run consecutively with any sentence received for wire fraud — and five years for the count of Representative Payee fraud.

If convicted, Ogbenna will also likely face the forfeiture of any funds she took over the years while carrying out her fraud scheme.

The Military Times has more on this story at this link.

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Green Thumb

I would make a Phil Monkress comment here but I think this might even be below Phil Monkress and his All-Points Logistics bullshit.

I hope this bitch does some time.


If Elaine Ricci had a sister…

The people she stole from will never see a penny of what she stole.





‘These benefits were intended for the ELDERLY, for the MENTALLY ILL and for DISABLED VETERANS.’

With ya all the way, Green Thumb!

As a person placed in a position of Trust and with all these charges stacked up and with so much evidence against her, hope they send this greedy conniving bee-yatcha-saurus away for the rest of her miserable life!! Think she most decidedly meets the criteria of “scrunt”.


KoB seems to have confirmed that criteria..

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Deport her. Violently.

The Stranger

What did Will ever do to you?


Who didn’t see this coming?
Allowing homeowners to take on multiple elderly veterans, and charge them?

A scammer tried this in my town, in 1995, with a rented house.
A house I rented, after he had absconded, and left behind much of his crap.
He looked official, had his own custom name tag, too.
When I rented the house that he abandoned,
I was the one who had to return (not 1, but 2)
security deposits and thanks you letters to elderly VA inpatients,
that had hoped to get out,
but remained stuck.
Ugh, that jerk Tom (forgot his last name).


I did a little additional research on her and it seems like she was some kind of a Social Security/VA caseworker while in DC.

Sounds like an inside knowledge job on how to run the scam.


Major conflict of interest,
using the Government job to groom (client/) victims.
That just made it WORSE.


Hmm, no pic attached to the article makes me this she’s not a WASP…. Or have I just become jaded??




Deploy the F U of Google on her last name.
It narrows down the origin of the name, to a particular continent.

Oh yeah, she’s also on the Book of the Fake.
No photos, but looking at her (9) FakeBook friends,
she’s not exactly into “diversity.”

Cheese and crackers, call me surprised.


This line of reasoning helps, how? No particular demographic has a lock on VA fraud.


For the VA as a whole, no.
For fraudsters at VA locations in certain cities and states, yes.


Think County Welfare offices
in every county of your state,
and the variances in not only customer behaviors,
but STAFF behaviors.




VA fraudster R.O. has her kids out there in public view on the Tube of You,
running around,
while mommy is asleep, konked out on the bed,
with a cellphone sitting on her fat ass.


A person by that name is listed with several “health” organizations in the DC area. Will VA and SS contact those concerning her (alleged) illegal activities?

Just An Old Dog

While this twunt needs to be put under the jail, the vast majority of these type of cases are relatives who move in with or take in elderly relatives with pensions and bilk them. A retired military vet with a retirement Check, VA Pension and Social Security can pull in 70-90K a year.
While some people provide a loving caring environment for the Golden years Ive seen a lot of Pieces of Shit that leave Gramps in a pissed stained bed, feed them Ramen pay all the rent and utilities and groceries with Pop’s Pension and blow the rest of the money on a new car, clothes electronics and drugs.
All the while they don’t work and claim to be caregivers.