Alec Baldwin wants cops to police movie sets

| November 8, 2021

After negligently shooting a woman and man on the set of his latest movie, killing the former and seriously wounding the latter, actor and outspoken left wing activist Alec Baldwin has now called for police officers to be posted on movie sets. His idea is that they be hired by the production for the purposes of monitoring weapons safety.

You can’t make this up. The whole point of an armorer on set is to monitor weapons safety. I’d imagine most are former/retired police officers, competition shooters, or former military firearms instructors or armorers. How about you not hire an inexperienced armorer for your movie (and allegedly she was only supposed to be paid $8k!). How about you observe the basic rules of firearms safety. What would having a cop on set have done to prevent Baldwin from being careless and breaking the cardinal rules of firearms handling? I guess they could have arrested him for the homicide while he was still complaining about why it wasn’t a “cold gun.”

Source; CBS News

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1946 – Curly
1951 – Shemp. And the baby’s mom.

[Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: “Baby’s Loaded Pacifier”]

Dead H%%ker removal teams?



Alec Baldwin will star as Curly in the remake.


Baldwin is more of a Shemp.
A bad Shemp. A Fake Shemp.
Vee mee mee mee mee.


Alec, you ARE the production company in this case. You need to close your mouth, hire a good attorney, and start liquidating assets. Shit is about to get very expensive for you.


It’s the risk, and price, of being an attention whore.
BTW, an attention whore who became an attention pimp,
when he pushed his wifey’s phony loca suck.
Dos cucarachas locas.


He’s a shitty fit for Manhattan, anyway.
He’d be better off moving up the Hudson to someplace like Fishkill,
where he can live in luxury and quiet,
low on drama (unless he creates the drama),
for about 30 cents on the Manhattan dollar.


The NRA needs to hire Baldwin for a commercial—
“Guns don’t kill people-people do!”

A living, breathing, examplar (unlike Ms. Hutchins) of the idiocy of the anti-gun crowd.

Contemptible how Baldwin is attempting to run away from his culpability and try to shift the blame to others–“If only we had had a responsible person on the set”.


By that ‘logic’, Soldiers *should NEVER* have an ND…

I wonder why there are clearing barrels with boolet holz at ECPs on military posts and Article 15s for ‘killing sandbags’.

What a fking IDIOT!

Someone should let him know: all guns are DANGEROUS all the time.


The best ones are the ones that post the procedures on a board next to the clearing barrel and still have negligent discharges.

Why lil Johnny can’t read.


My last trip to Iraq, shooting the clearing barrel was an automatic Article 15. Part of the punishment was to guard the barrel at the DFAC. Seems like it was almost always a SSG or SFC guarding it. Complacency. It’ll kill you.


This is the thing I never understood, why clear weapons if doing so is dangerous? And if it is dangerous, then why punish people?

Some dude shot the clearing barrel as I walked behind it, still got the brass. Luckily he was smart enough to point the M4 into the MFer (because I was dumb enough to walk behind it! Cortez… where art thou?!) But this was ’04 at a safe house in the middle of Kirkuk so it was filed under the right heading ‘stuff happens’.

Clearing barrels are the ONLY place a round should-ish be NDed. (or at an IMT lane while low crawling, story for another time)

A Proud Infidel®™

On my stint in A-stan, the top of the clearing barrel had a number of 9mm holes in it, just sayin’.


Saw a few NDs in my brief military career. One involved a 106 mm RR. Messy, in front and behind.

Security guards are even dumber.

USMC Steve

I bet thet was pretty darned impressive.




“The whole point of an armorer on set is to monitor weapons safety.”

That. From the reporting (which is always suspect), it sounds like the armorer was not experienced or was extremely lax. Libs love to have people have to be licensed to work in certain fields. I would be interested to see if Film Armorer is a licensed profession. If there is a cause to license any profession in Hollywood, I would imagine this would be the one. Deaths don’t happen often, but I bet close calls are EXTREMELY numerous.

One other thought I haven’t heard people mention – People keep pointing out that no responsible gun owner would violate the safety rules like he did. If he had checked the gun to make sure that it was truly unloaded, that seems like it would have been enough. There is, however, one difference in movies regarding the safety rules. That is that you are often times SUPPOSED to point your gun at people and pull the trigger. As long as this is a thing, you have to rely on your armorer to enure safety. If you don’t have a good one, you are playing with fire.


They do not rely on the armorer. They need to rely on themselves. It is basic firearms safety. Always treat the gun as if it is loaded, and clear it yourself. Do not rely on someone else telling you it is clear.


That weapon should’ve been checked every time it changed hands. Actually, it should’ve gone straight from the armorer to Alec “Shooter” Baldwin, with both of them verifying the loading. This is what you get for hiring amateurs.


“They do not rely on the armorer.”
I’m guessing you mean “they SHOULD NOT rely on armorers” – because it sounds like they do.

As a vet community, the majority of us were around weapons a lot and what happened every time? You and SFC D said it – “clear it yourself” “every time it changed hands”.

If I were an armorer on a set, this would be a sacrosanct rule as it was while I was in the military. If some highly paid actor had an issue with that he would be forced to comply by someone in charge or I would be gone.

This may be one of the reasons I don’t want to be an armorer in the movie industry.

Amateur Historian

As if they have enough free time to guard people who campaigned against keeping cops around. 🙄


In Baldwin’s favor, he is on record stating defunding police is a stupid idea.

It is, but it doesn’t apply here.

Amateur Historian

Copy. I didn’t check the record before posting. I do apologize.

Planet Ord

He’s an idiot. He’s assuming all cops are qualified armorers. I know lots of cops that can barely qualify with their sidearms. There’s plenty of non cop types, like ex cops, retired cops, nra instructors, professionals that have been doing this forever……fact of the matter is he screwed up and can’t shut up about it.


Someone better keep posting this shit because 1. Shits still funny 2. You don’t, I will.


I please to aim!

And feel free. You should feel free. We all should feel free.

Hack Stone

There are some killer comments under that video.


Always loved that scene.


He’s trying to shift the blame—“I’m a victim too! It was the SYSTEM that did it! We need to fix the system”.

Contemptible POS.

USMC Steve

To a good many cops, the gun is just one of their tools, and they treat them with just about as much concern and respect as their pens. Quite a few cannot shoot for shit, and a bunch don’t know anything about firearms, even their own. Look at what happened when the cops started adopting the sainted glock. Accidental discharges were frequent for some time, because these folks could not grasp keeping the booger hook off the bang switch until you intend to shoot.

RGR 4-78

So, Sir Alec of Dimwitville wants to hire additional scapegoats for the next time he has a negligent discharge.

What a moron.


Alec is the result of a negligent discharge.


More like a squib or negligent misfire.

The Stranger

I just hope next time he shoots himself in the face while checking to see if the gun is loaded. I’ve had enough of this fucking guy.


If only there was some sort of national organization that promoted firearms education and safety, a group that could provide safety training. If we had something like that, maybe Alec wouldn’t be in this situation.

RGR 4-78

To put good training to proper use he would have to put aside his arrogance, and I don’t think he is capable of that.


He is his own god, and is deeply invested in worship of same.

Like any other addiction, it is hard to quit arrogant self-worship.


Only been patronizing and running ranges a few decades, but if asked to list some of the worst gun-handlers and pig-headedly stubborn about gun safety egotists, a whole lot of cops hit both categories. They are trained to believe they ARE the authority, and the only folks who should have guns, but most fire only a few rounds a year. Are there great shooters in the police? Sure, but most cops work at it as much as the everage civilian sends in safe-driving courses. And they have ZERO training in fake gun/blanks loading and operaton.


I was a CBP contractor for 3 years, and I was amazed at the amount of range time they put in and the amount of ammo they go through.


Still remember when we had cleared the range and were checking targets in El Paso and a CBP who had remained at the benches loaded and ran the slide on his 9. Excitement ensued.

In their defense… used to LOVE when they came out en masse to train… and just dumped their brass. Have thousands of cases courtesy of CBP.


“Excitement ensued”. Like the excitement I felt when a KATUSA drew his weapon from the arms room and promptly fired a blank that had been left in the chamber. Good times.

A Proud Infidel®™

KATUSA, a number of us swore that stood for Koreans Against the US Army!


When I was at Ft. Benning we used to use a lot of blanks. Sometimes the locals actually followed us around during exercises to scavenge the brass. I carried an M-60 so I was especially popular. One time I couldn’t move, I was surrounded. They did everything but rip the belt out of the gun.


Like I said from day one….not his fault.
He does not understand the concept of “my fault”.
It will be Trumps fault before it will be his fault.
And even then….not his fault.


Ignorant, arrogant Dipsh&t.


I’m looking forward to him self-deleting.


Let’s see – Alec owns the production company. He owns all the equipment. He (or his people) hire everyone on set. Other production companies may or may not have a problem with firearms safety – Alec’s is the only one to recently demonstrate knowing so little about firearms safety that Alec actually killed someone while seriously injuring a second person.

So, Alec, what is stopping you from doing exactly what you suggest others should do?


If our local Home Depot can hire off duty sheriff deputies AFTER locking up all the power tools in the store, Alec Baldwin can spare some of his wealth to hire police so he won’t kill anybody else due to his own stupidity.

My 67 YO arsch caught the deputies attention for bringing one of those flatbed carts into the paint section to pick up a 5 gallon bucket of paint. He didn’t want to help load it in my car.:-(

Hack Stone

All of you haters are piling the shit on Alec Baldwin for killing this woman through his carelessness with a firearm. What about all of the times he didn’t kill a woman through his carelessness with a firearm? Have any of you even considered that? Of course not, because you are all Trumpsters.


Alec and his fake Spanish wife, Dora The Attention Whora have to be one of the dumbest couples in Hollyweird


She fits in well in the Hollywierd world of PR bullshit and make believe. She figures the public is so stupid none of them are smart enough to figure out that she was born and grew up in the U.S., and that her parents didn’t move to Mallorca until she was an adult. So she thinks TV viewers will really think she doesn’t know the word for cucumber, implying English is not her native tongue. What a maroon. A perfect match for Alec.


What a ridiculous waste of law enforcement trained persons. Any experienced cowboy action shooter could train everyone who might handle the firearms used in this movie in about 20 minutes. Checking firearms to make sure they aren’t loaded is not a law enforcement skill. Even checking modern semi-auto firearms to insure they are unloaded is not rocket science.

There were about five thousand armed Civil War Reenactors participating in the movie, “Gettysburg.” No one got shot, I never saw or heard of an accidental/negligent discharge of a blank or live ammo during the three months of filming. We had no cops or anyone else checking our weapons.


A lot less colored-hair idiots in the 90s.

Worthy of a study: Likelihood of negligent shootings by users of koolAIDS hair dye.


Yep, never seen any reenactor with purple hair or a man-bun.


Oh, brother. Preview hype.
Camera tears, and softballs from Steph…

About a revolver. With a hammer. And a trigger…
(Baldwin) “The trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger.”


I sent this to Mason and AW1Ed. I said in my comment to them and on Fakebook…
“I’m sorry but I said it elsewhere and now this is getting coverage and growing legs.
He’s so far in denial, his head and his ass are up (each other) in Lake Rweru on the border of Burundi & Rwanda.
Who did Alec? Booth? Earl Ray? Oswald? Chapman? Sirhan
x2? Fudd?


Trump’s fault! He did it! He’s the one!



I see it generated a new article,
while I out and about (VA hospital).