Biden has a challenger for dumbest person in his administration

| November 8, 2021

That Biden is one of the dimmest wits of all time is now without question. Just this weekend he insinuated that Americans are too dense to understand the supply chain issues. It was classic Biden. It would have been better if he’d just said, “It’s so complicated, even don’t understand it.” Biden really is the world’s greatest example of failing upward.

Standing in the wings waiting for the old man to die or be incapacitated is the second dumbest person in D.C. Kamala Harris also ran for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination, during which she called Biden’s policies and statements from when he was a sitting US Senator racist. As soon as it was politically expedient though, she went to work for the man (who is indeed racist, repeatedly and casually so, right up to today).

Now Kamala’s been hiding her face, for which we are all eternally grateful. I for one have not missed her shrill insincere Hilary-like cackling. When she has come out of Joe’s basement, it’s to kiss her husband on the lips while they wear masks (and a second time five months later). She also hires some children to pretend to be in awe of her as she explains that they will be see the moon with their own eyes. As if this multicultural band of kids came together entirely organically and has never looked up and seen the largest and brightest thing in the night sky.

Now, she’s recently gotten a brief from NASA on their abilities to monitor vegetation from space by satellite. Naturally, her deep understanding of science and the important issues of the day shine through. Rising gas prices, racial strife, soaring crime rate, a pandemic, the chaos at the border, foreign policy blunder after foreign policy blunder are all issues. Does she talk about that? Nope. She talks about “environmental justice.” Doesn’t even talk about anything related to what NASA’s actual mission is about.

Here’s the Vice President asking if NASA can “track trees” by race;

Black (walnut) trees matter.

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Green Thumb


MI Ranger

So now it is a racist thing to have more trees than others! ‘Cause you know, only them rich white racist folks hoard all the trees for themselves and make everyone else cut them down!!!

I sense new study to be funded by Congress. Unfair distribution of trees by race!

Now I will probably be called a racist because I have a tree farm. Heaven forbid I cut them down and replant them (like a crop) because that would be showing my disdain for the climate!…’cause you know Trees trap carbon and cutting them down means I am redistributing the carbon for others to use.


Those studies have been done. Tree equity is a long-accepted issue in urban planning.

Crime drives out business, loss of business drives a loss of community investment, a loss of investment leads to less tree cover on neighborhood streets, which somehow leads to global warming and increased crime – so we just need more anti-racist trees…

There’s a reason Hitler (an urban planner) lost the war.

A Proud Infidel®™

“THE FOREST was shrinking, but the Trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that his handle was made of wood that he was one of them.” – Old Turkish Proverb

AW1 Rod

Amazing. If there was a Mount Rushmore for morons, Heels Up Harris would be right up there with Jimmy Carter, Slick Willie, Odumbo and Retarded Uncle Joe.


They called that the Mount of Babel in the ancient days.

Amateur Historian

Trees have race now???????


Black oak, Black walnut, white pine, chinese elm…

Amateur Historian

Oh… duh. I feel stupid.


No, no, good for you. You look at trees and only see green. Who’s the real raciss?



Yellow Birch.

Slow Joe

I read something else….

Slow Joe

I had to do a double take….


Yellow Pine, Black Cherry,

Lest we forget Orange Stars, Yellow Moons, Pink Hearts and Green Clovers


Hmmm, so what you’re saying is that Lucky Charms aren’t magically delicious, but raciss?

Who knew?/s


Lucky Charms are culturally insensitive toward the Irish.

Who am I kidding, the Irish aren’t pussies and don’t insult that easily.


That’s why they are still around when all the rest Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemia, Chief Wahoo etc are all gone.


Brown eyed Susans.

Hack Stone

Trees are used for lynching, and as we all know, only African Americans have ever been lynched. Ergo, trees are racist. That is why you don’t see trees in downtown Chicago. Otherwise Jussie Smollett would have hanged by those White Supremacists from Nigeria.

Frankie Cee

Brazilian Pepper, Norfolk Island Pine,
Jamaican Ganja, er, uh, oops, that is another thing. Never Mind.

Forest Bondurant

It’s not just trees the lunatics want to change, according to this article>


In case you’re serious, she’s not really suggesting that trees have race, but that we could track the amount of trees in geographical regions over time, and relate it to the racial demographics of those same areas, and … abracadabra!… environmental racial injustice if that correlation looks a certain way. (And if not, we change it to one that does.)

In essence, it has the tiniest sliver of a fair point, but then runs with it in ways that ignore all sense and reason. It’s like (to give another very real example Ive heard people say) suggesting that efforts fighting climate change are biased because they predominantly focus on countries in the Northern Hemisphere. This, too, has the tiniest sliver of truth, though it misses any number of enormously important points, including my favorite: ninety percent of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere. To ignore stuff like that is to be an idiot, and thus, a politician.

Amateur Historian

Yeah, I read the sentence above the video first and then jumped the gun a little. Saw the video after. Makes a bit more sense now, even though it is still horrendously stupid.


Also gender. And not just the two.


I was at work on Friday. As soon as I got the message “Bunt Cake” was going to be at NASA, where I work specifically, I was all like, *fucking great*, but the closest thing I got to her (thankfully) was leaving out the back gate around 6 pm and seeing a BUNCH of security and motorcades and shit camped out by Building 29 where my office used to be where the big Clean Room is.
They were probably touring her around there.
Yay, I hit the gas and headed for the Parkway.
Friday afternoon late visit to a nearby government facility to blow smoke up the environmental bullshit argument’s ass. Figures.
It’s completely normal. Do shit and release shit on Friday. So they let bitch titties out of the house on Friday evening for a little while as a shill for a press op? Yeah, my shocked face.

Anyway….I hope this is helpful, you hateful twunt…


Oh and “Twunt” is NOT directed towards you Amateur Historian
After I re-read that I though it may sound that way.
I mean it’s OBVIOUS who I’m talking about, but, I didn’t want there to be any confusion.
Right Brandon?


Monty Python fan hey? I’m so surprised… sorry, not… not surprised. Here’s a product for you (it’s a Ministry of Funny Walks watch):


Silly Walks… my bad.

AW1 Rod

Rush called it in The Trees, from their 1978 album Hemispheres!


“And the trees are all kept equal, by hatchet, ax, and saw.”
Great song.


Old Pete Buttplugplug has at least gotta be in the top five buggest idiots in that toxic swamp, seeing as how he thinks all those ships idling off the coast of Commiefornia are somehow a sign of the flatulent resident’s screaming hot economy…


I feel dumber for having watched that. Maybe next time, post a warning?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I don’t Atree with her A-Hole comments.

Forest Bondurant

Like one of the meme’s on this past Sunday’s “Boomer Sunday”:

“We will resolve supply chain issues by eliminating supply!”

(No supply, no supply chain, no problem.)


Excellent idea, Comrade. Is Soviet Politburo-approved solution to problem!


In Kamala’s defense, she told the kids they may be able to see things on the Moon with their own eyes I believe in the sense that they may somefay travel there vice. using telescopes or video. That being said, “dumbest in this administration” is a crowded race. She started just off the pole and has held her position nicely in a dead heat.


For those who follow polling:

USA Today/Suffolk University shows a 37.8% approval rating for Biden with a 59% disapproval – more than 21 points underwater. Forty-six percent of those included in the survey said Biden has done a worse job than expected, and 64% said they don’t want Biden to run for reelection.

Fear not, Kamala’s are even worse.

Harris has just a 27.8% approval rating with 51.2% disapproving of her performance in office, also according to USA Today/Suffolk University. That is more than 23 percentage points underwater.

Fox News


Prezzie Brandon eloquently explaining why supply chain intricacies are too difficult for us ignorant deplorables to comprehend:

“Why is the price of agricultural products, when I go to the store, why is it higher? What, like for example. if I had, if we were all going out and having lunch together and I said let’s ask whoever’s at the next table no matter how, whatever restaurant we’re in, have them explain the supply chain to us. You think they’d understand what we’re talking about. They’re smart people. The supply chain. But why’s everything backed up? Well, it’s backed up because the people’s supplies or materials that end up being on our kitchen table or in our, in, in, in our, our fam, our, our life. Guess what? There close those plants because they have COVID.”

You dumbass dickweeds got that now that it’s been so clearly explained to you?😂🤣😂


Reading that was painful.


Having a liberal dumbass leading this great nation is painful.

Having a senile, incoherent, publicly incontinent, liberal dumbass represent this great nation at world forums is even more painful.

By orders of magnitude more painful for those of us who have served and sacrificed for this great nation…


Correct on all counts, Poe. And, there are pictures and video to show just how woefully inept old Gropey Joe is. Sleeping, walking to the wrong door, falling up the steps.


At the risk of invoking MarineDad61’s disapproval at using them as a source, ol’ Poe is posting this interesting tidbit from Gateway Pundit:

“New Poll Shows Kamala Harris Has Lowest Approval Rating In Recorded History”

“The closest comparison – which involves slightly different methodology and margins of error – would be former Vice President Dick Cheney, the most unpopular US vice president in polling history,” Business Insider reports. “He bottomed out at 30% in Gallup’s tracking survey, but that wasn’t until the end of former President George W. Bush’s second term in 2007.”

And if you remember, Cheney had shot someone with a shotgun and still beats out ol’ Heels-up Harris…


Independent UK agrees.
Drudge Report links to Independent UK often.

[Kamala Harris’s approval rating worse than Dick Cheney’s, poll finds

Voters currently have a dimmer view of the first female veep
than of the the vice president who once shot a man in the face]


The Race Card…again! I think Ol’ Possum can sum up our feelings.


And we got dumb!


Ol’ Poe read somewhere that leftists are making ominous public threats in an attempt to intimidate the jurors into a guilty verdict regardless of the evidence.

That’s how the left does fair trials…


The jury wasn’t sequestered, an amazing oversight, and is now being threatened. Declare a mistrial and move the venue, or just halt the entire charade altogether.

Skivvy Stacker

Vell, as far as I’m consernt, ve got tooo many Norvey pinse up here in Minnestoda, ya shur.


But according to BootyJudge roads are racist.