Guest post update

| November 7, 2021

Concept only, the actual one being worked on is better. Click for larger view.

The above graphic is what I submitted as a concept for the guest post. What’s being developed is better than what the graphic shows. The test post that’s in one of the non-public sections here allows the guest poster to add images, provides a larger comment box, provides a title section, etc.

The guest post feature would allow you to directly submit an article for live posting consideration. Just come to this site, click on the guest post section, type your article, do a quick review and edit, then submit your article for review.

We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of submissions that you will provide. When the guest post feature goes live, it will look different from the above photo.  More detailed guest post guidelines would also be provided.

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Old tanker

Will that also be the spot for submission of nice pictures of problem solvers? You know like from my friends Smith, Wesson, Remington??


This could get to be veeeeerrry interesting.


I hope so! Popcorn stocks are now higher higher!


All right. Future posts:

“Staring Into the Abyss of TAH”

by Commissar


Yeah, these all will be screened by a friendly TAH proof reader prior to posting.


(for all tents and porpoises, it’s a joke)

“Staring at [redacted] Through a/an [object] While [redacted] Stares Into the Abyss of TAH”

by [Unnamed Subject 1]


In all fairness (and self deprecation) mine would be “I’d Rather be Funny: Random Youtube Videos and the Foods I Love”.

by nobunny


The Commissariat approves of this… and it will be a platform to continue to indoctrinate you to my empiric data!


Rumor has it your ’empiric data’ doesn’t, um, ‘stand up’ to scrutiny unless there’s a whip involved and a red flag up your 4th point.

Got stand in a bread line, putz.