Alec Baldwin’s Firearms Tragedy

| October 22, 2021

Alec Baldwin shot two people, one of them fatally, with a prop gun on the New Mexico set of his latest movie, authorities said Thursday evening.

“There was an accident today on the New Mexico set of Rust involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks,” a production spokesperson with the film “Rust” told Deadline.

In a statement shared with numerous news outlets, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Mr. Baldwin was the person who pulled the trigger in the incident at the Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Report: Tearful Alec Baldwin Asked Why was I Handed a ‘Hot Gun’ Following Fatal Shooting on Film Set


Alec Baldwin reportedly asked why was he given a “hot gun” after he accidentally fatally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and injured director Joel Souza, on the set of the upcoming Western, Rust, in New Mexico on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses say Baldwin repeatedly asked why he was handed a “hot gun,” according to a report by Showbiz411. Authorities are investigating after confirming that a prop firearm discharged by actor Alec Baldwin, while producing and starring in a Western movie, killed the cinematographer and wounded the director.

“In all my years, I’ve never been handed a hot gun,” the 63-year-old actor said on the ground of the Santa Fe movie set, according to witnesses, who added that Baldwin appeared in shock, but remained composed.

A witness told Showbiz411 that the bullet went straight through the body of 42-year-old Hutchins, who was the film’s director of photography, and then into the clavicle of 48-year-old Souza, the movie’s director.

The set was then immediately locked down, and Hutchins and Souza were sent straight to a hospital.

“He had no idea how badly they were hurt or Halyna was dead,” the source added.


The investigation and reporting are all about the loaded firearm- the gun control ghouls are already dancing in the blood of the innocents.

The ultimate responsibility lies with the person in possession of the weapon. Had Baldwin taken any NRA sanctioned firearms safety course this tragedy could have been averted.

The incident appears in comments on several posts today. Now a stand-alone post by popular demand, keep it civil. One dead, another maimed, and lives forever changed due to a negligent firearms discharge is not a time to gloat. We are not like the ghouls. Condolences to the family and friends of Halyna Hutchins, and a swift recovery for Joel Souza.

If you are going to handle firearms get training.

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According to the latest information the above NY Post article, Baldwin was rehearsing a scene using a supposedly “cold gun.” In movie lingo, a “cold gun” is one that is completely unloaded, empty of any cartridge, including blanks. Now, we still don’t know how may “beans” were in the “wheel.” As, I have said in prior comments, it is obvious if cartridges, even blanks, are loaded in the SAA revolver because the brass rims are visible from the side of the cylinder. In Cowboy Action Shooting, we load two SAA revolvers and our shotgun and rifle at a loading table at the range. When in a hurry to get loaded cuz you are next up to shoot, one needs to check to make sure you loaded both revolvers. To do so all we do is look at the sides of the cylinder, as the cartridge rims are visible. This would apply even is there was only one round in the cylinder. So, in my opinion, all the people to handled the pistol Baldwin fired were negligent. The armorer or other person who put this revolver on the cart was negligent for not checking what was in the cylinder on this gun. The assistant director was negligent for not checking the cylinder, and Baldwin was negligent for not checking the cylinder. To be certain, each of them should have opened the loading gate, pulled the hammer to half-cock, and spun the cylinder to confirm it was empty. Had any of them done so, this lady would still be alive, and this incident would not have happened. If any of them were so clueless they couldn’t perform this basic safety function, that person had no business handling this firearm, period.


Rehearsing could have been done anywhere on the set, not necessarily aimed at the camera. I’m willing to bet that the cinematographer could’ve locked the camera in place, place Alec on his designated mark, and then move away from the line of fire. Cameras can be replaced. Better to make an expensive mistake than a fatal one.


I suspect this was not a full-on rehearsal, but what is called “blocking,” where the actor and the camera people simulate the shots and where the actor goes through his positions and movements for the shot. Supposedly, Baldwin was to be practicing drawing the pistol from his holster, cocking, and dry firing it in the direction of the camera. That is why he was supposed to have an empty gun. I imagine this was a prelude to a rehearsal where he was to actually fire blanks in the direction of the camera. But then since they were trying to make the movie on the cheap, maybe not.

MI Ranger

All well and good but not from a cinematographic sense. They were trying to ensure they got the right shot. None of the cameras were rolling. Why his finger was even on the trigger is the biggest question!
Some things to note as more information becomes available:
– Baldwin (as the Producer) was going cheap on everything to include very inexperienced Armorers (non-union, inexperienced, young).
– They had already had two other negligent discharges on the set two days before.
– The Assistant Director (Hall) had previously been fired from a set for mishandling guns.
– They had all just returned from lunch (off set), so the Armorer may not have even inspected the guns before they started.
– There is a rumor that some of the set folks, over lunch, took the guns to target shoot (reason there was live ammo on a closed set). If they can identify those people, they will hang!
– Ultimately as the Producer, Alec Baldwin is responsible for what happens on set, especially monetarily (hope he was insured)
– Separately: Mr. Baldwin is so anti-gun I am amazed he was ever willing to be in the same room with one. Karma seemed to have bitten him, after his 2017 comments about an accidental police shooting!


In answer to your question about why he had his finger on the trigger: At some point, Baldwin had to have the motor skills and muscle memory to cock and fire blanks with this single action pistol. So, he was likely practicing drawing and dry firing it at the same they were blocking the camera shots. Obviously, this would save time and money. It could have been done safely if the people who handled this gun on the set had merely taken ten seconds to confirm the gun was empty. The open the loading gate and cylinder spin is done at every cowboy match before the shooter can leave the firing line. Occasionally, the unloading table monitor catches a live road left in the gun. Thus, we don’t have ND’s of the line. I am also surprised I have never seen anyone have an ND drawing their pistols. Guess that is because no one cocks until the pistol is pointed down range. If Baldwin had participated in a few of our matches, this likely would not have happened because he would have learned some safe gun handling skills and procedures. But then arrogant a-holes usually think they are too smart to need training.


That is “live round.” Eff auto=correct.


I should also add, for those unfamiliar with Cowboy Action Shooting, that part of the reason no one to my knowledge has been shot at many hundreds or thousands of cowboy matches, is the stringent safety rules. For example, one is not allowed to move with a loaded pistol to the shooting line unless it is holstered with the hammer down on an empty chamber. Also, when one is done shooting, he or she moves to an unloading table where, after unloading their pistols, someone checks each of the shooter’s guns to confirm they are empty.


In examining one of my SAA Colts, I just figured out how this ND shooting could have occurred. If the subject revolver had a single live round left in the cylinder and it was resting in the bottom position of the cylinder, but all the other chambers were empty, the gun would appear unloaded without close scrutiny from the side of the gun. If placed on the cart with two like pistols loaded with blanks for filming the scene, then the subject gun would appear unloaded. Without inspection, the assistant director could have believed he was picking up the only empty gun of the three. However, with the gun in this configuration, Baldwin would have to have cocked the pistol and pulled the trigger three times to index the live round. Otherwise, the cartridge rim would be visible on the left side of the pistol.

We won’t find the full details until everyone who handled that pistol is fully interviewed. According to the sheriff investigators, the fired cartridge case had already been removed from the pistol when they arrived on scene. The armorer has likely lawyered up and won’t be talking to anyone about what happened and what she did. She, Baldwin, and the AD will all likely be sued unless there is an early settlement by the insurers.


According to Reuters, Baldwin was practicing quick/cross draws when he shot the cinematographer:

All the more reason to personally check the gun before he started practicing.


He likely thought he was too important to check his own “prop.”


Quote from the young, inexperienced armorer:

“Reed also said on the podcast that “‘loading blanks'” into a prop gun is the “‘scariest thing to me.'”

And this:

“‘You have to like look at the front of it and determine which one is the blank if it’s dummied up. That’s how I tell at least,'” she explained. “‘Every movie I’m learning new and new things — it’s all very quick.'”

Plaintiff lawyers are gonna LOVE that kinda talk…


Yes, the plaintiffs’ attorneys will have a field day with her comments. At first, I thought maybe a reporter misstated what she said, but this was her recorded comments about a job she appears not competent to handle. There is nothing dangerous about loading blank cartridges in a revolver or any other gun. They are considerably less dangerous than dealing with real ammunition. For over 40 years reenactors have been using blanks and shooting them at each other safely. In Civil War reenacting we even made our own using black powder. In the movie business, blanks have been used since “The Great Train Robbery.” Blanks are a hell of a lot less dangerous than most stunts in movies, especially those car chases.


That term “scariest” certainly isn’t the language of a confident professional, is it?


I think her true calling and skill set involves a stage, but one with a pole.


Website for Bonanza Creek Ranch.


Yes, We Have NO Bonanza.
(The Three Stooges (1939)) (16:10)

This short is an old west bad boss story.

Hack Stone

They must be in the Witness Protection Program. Baldwin is big donor to the Democrat Party, maybe Hillary invited the crew members to a midnight picnic at Fort Marcey Park.


Comment #200.

The pile ‘o shit is growing on the young armorer.
Safety Related. Again.
And NOT in a good way. Again.

$50,000 insurance payout, from HER policy.

[The 24-year-old former model allegedly told police she saw Dyer and Butcher drink four to five beers each at the party,
but still gave her boyfriend — who was already on probation for a DUI —
the keys to her own motorcycle so the two men could leave, the outlet reported.

Gutierrez-Reed’s boyfriend was only supposed to be driving
vehicles that had a Breathalyzer attached,
which her motorcycle didn’t have, according to the outlet.]

[Rookie armorer on Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ set tied to friend’s fatal crash]


Welp, we knew this woman was shot with a lead .45 long colt bullet, which was recovered from the shoulder of the director standing behind the camera lady, after the bullet diagonally traversed her torso and exited the woman’s back. The pistol was, as I predicted, an Italian made copy of a Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army. There were at least two of them on the set, as there is a photo of the “armorer” holding two of them. The gun in question was made by F.LLiPietta. I have purchased many of their percussion pistols. I recently acquired one that has about a 2 pound trigger pull; it came that way out of the box. Pietta guns are the cheapest price-wise of the SAA’s available; thus, that is likely why they were purchased for the movie. I am reasonably certain that the live round was the only one in the gun. It would have have taken about five seconds for someone familiar with this type of revolver to put it in half-cock, open the loading gate, and spin the cylinder. But the armorer, IMHO, should be on the pole instead on handling firearms. And the assistant director could handle the music as the DJ instead of being an AD.


Q – So, what does someone do, 1 week after accidentally
shooting someone to death in the desert of New Mexico?

A – Go shopping in the Cadillac Escalade, 2,100 miles away,
at the Neiman Marcus in Manchester, Vermont.


You didn’t really think he was going to lie low, grieving over the fact he he fired a .45 slug through his camerawoman honcho and into his director, did you? He has been an arrogant a-hole his entire adult life, anyway since he starred in a few movies or TV shows. This shooting would have been prevented if any of the three had performed three simple moves that everyone who has ever handled and loaded an SAA does: Pull the hammer to half cock, open the loading gate, then spin the cylinder at least 360 degrees.


More than most in Hollywood,
I am actually looking forward to seeing his mugshot
wearing an off the (jail) rack orange jumpsuit.

Hack Stone

John Landis escaped any significant punishment from his negligence on the set of The Twilight Zone, and he was responsible for the death of three people, two of them being children. Hollywood has a habit of closing ranks to protect the elite. They even give convicted child rapist Roman Polanski standing ovations.


Hack Stone,
Yep, for over 100 years,
back to the hey day of silent movies.
You name it, silent movie producers, directors, and actors did it.


Likely won’t happen, but I would like to be a fly on the wall when Alec has the “who gonna be da wife” discussion with his 300 pound cellmate.


Oh oh.
Digging more holes.
Alec B (with nodding wifey) live on TV today.

If you watch this, that’s 6 minutes you never get back.
Just so you’re warned.


And having a romantic dinner in a place that was closed to the public so she can heal his PTSofD…cause, “he’s like a soldier now”



Cucumber phony wifey in action…..


Fortunately, I heard it on the car radio, so I didn’t have to see his obnoxious mug. If one is going to act in movies that are full of gunplay, we would think the actors would want to learn something about guns, but not this douche canoe. IMHO, most actors are a bunch of pussies anyway.


Of the handful of males out of my high school
(6 years during the 70s) who went into acting,
100% of them are either publicly out of the closet today,
or dead from AIDS.

1 of them even went on the TV show “The Amazing Race”
(as a male couple, of course),
and really embarrassed themselves, as morons,
and it appears to have affected his Hollywood employment,
which dried up within 1½ years.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (Seinfeld)


I think I saw that season with the the two gay lover competitors.


The guy on the left was in my Boy Scout troop,
5 years older.
His Hollywood name is reversed,
1st name is Joe.


Woulda been better if they were wearing that set of tees that said: “Goofy” and “I’m fucking Goofy.”


Oh oh.
Trouble in pair o’ dice.
The WHOLE roadside video, uninterrupted by news talk faces.

Watch the wifey act like she has anything to say or add…
and then watch how Alec responds to/at his wifey.
In English. No Spanish.

“well oiled machine”???

[Alec Baldwin Doubts ‘Rust’ Will Continue … After Halyna Hutchins’ Death]


(correction) –
“.. very very well oiled crew, shooting a film together…”


Well oiled ’cause baldwin is such a greasy, slimy, mofo.