Marine Corps Vet Disarms *Alleged* Robber

| October 21, 2021


Marine Corps vet disarms gun-wielding robbery suspect at Arizona gas station, video shows

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran in Arizona was caught on video single-handedly disarming a gun-wielding juvenile who was attempting to rob a gas station on Wednesday.

The incident happened at around 4:30 a.m. inside the convenience store at a Chevron gas station, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said.

The sheriff’s office released surveillance footage from inside the store that shows three suspects entering the Chevron – with one suspect brandishing a handgun.

The armed suspect walks next to a lone store customer while pointing the weapon toward the cashier, according to the 8-second video clip. The customer acts immediately, lunging at the armed suspect.

The Marine said that the Marine Corps taught him to “never mess around.”

We stress the word “alleged” because we don’t know whether he did it or not.  He has to be charged and convicted before he can be called a “robber.”  The other guy could have made him do it at gunpoint.

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Quick, decisive, overpowering.

Good job, Marine.

“alleged” [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]

Ah, the legal fictions which must be employed…

Prior Service

Brutal but effective. Nice.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Great job Marine. Does anyone remember a number of years ago when a tour group in St Thomas VI’s were held up by a knife wielding perp and a WW2 combat Marine who I believe was in his very late 80’s or early 90’s ended up getting the knife from the perp and killing him while the perps sidekick ran away. When questioned, the Marine tells the LEO that his Marine Corps training and combat in the Pacific kicked in and he did what he was trained to do. Case dissmissed. When we visited that port aboard the LPH 3, their wasn’t any crime and it was very nice to visit.


Wow! What a story. Thanks for sharing that one Deckie.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Alleged robber indeed….

I’ve often decided to buy gas while pointing a firearm at the attendants…they find that quite amusing…(/sarc)

Nice to see the thoughtful action of the Marine, waiting for the “alleged” piece of shit to point the gun away from the Marine who then pops him right in his dumb face…

I like the accomplice quickly scrambling for the exit as he realizes this would be “alleged” robbery isn’t proceeding as discussed in the parking lot….

I hope the “alleged” robber finds years in jail in his future.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Go Marines!

Slow Joe

That guy must have been a pog in the Marine Corps.

He failed to gain control of the weapon even though the skinny was doing everything in his power to give the weapon away, and had to wrestle the skinny to the ground.

USMC Steve

Not exactly. As long as the weapon was not under control, it gave the jarhead the excuse to pound on him in an attempt to subdue him.


Watch the slo-mo. He wasn’t targeting the weapon. He went for the knockout, just brushing the gun aside.

Not necessarily the wrong approach, if you don’t know the other guy’s speed. Higher risk approach, perhaps, but valid. Especially if you know your punch is heavy enough, and fast enough, to take someone down.

He had two to tangle, so fast KO also appeals.

Pro tips – dont stick the pistol way out, and dont get into arm’s reach of others.


From my vantage point, 11B, it appears that his plan of action was deflect the weapon and land a heavy punch.
He had enough time to realize that the alleged robber didn’t weigh as much as he with much less muscle mass, he is obviously still in great shape, the alleged robber had few-to-no weapon handling skills, and the alleged robber had no situational awareness nor tactical experience, therefore knock the weapon up (that was a palm-up blow to the alleged robber’s forearm) and land a good right, with all his 200+ pounds of muscle to the alleged robber’s jaw.
The end result was probably as he expected – the alleged robber goes down, his “buddy” gets the heck outta Dodge to save his own skin (SOP for those punks) and he gets to keep the alleged robber under control until the LEOs can arrive – whatever extra force that may have taken. (Can you say “Educational beatdown?”)

Possibly Sloe Joe is just jealous?


The “wrong approach” would have been to continue exiting while holding the door
for the other perps and then waiting outside for them to exit. Then draw your
concealed carry and kill them right there on the sidewalk thus not making
a mess of the store. No need to knock over the potato chip rack.

A Proud Infidel®™

Everyone else in Creation is a POG to you, aren’t they?


Remember that “Army of One” clusterfuck? Well… that’s Joe.


That wasn’t a robber…. that was a reparator!

A Proud Infidel®™

NO, that was some poor “Victim of Society” lashing out from his oppression and…


It’s Donald J. Trump Thomas Jefferson’s fault. (See other thread, THAT WILL FIX IT!!! )


Two mopes bring a gun to a fist fight with a single Marine. Poor urban troubadours didn’t know how outnumbered and outgunned they were.

Boiling Mad CPO

Hey Poor Joe – I bet you ID with being a USMC POG which no one in the USMC should be called.

Next thing you will accuse this vet of is attacking a juvenile.

If you were snarking, you should indicate that – if not ‘get a life’

Get a life

Daisy Cutter

Although this story had a feel good ending, I recall seeing a video out of Philly where a customer in a convenience store went for a robber’s gun and was shot in the head.

The police were painting him as foolish and said it was an example of what NOT to do. It’s only money and/or merchandise. Not worth your life to try and be a hero.

So, I’m kind of in the middle. If I feel that my life or other’s lives are in danger, I may go for the gun, but it may also be best to be a bystander and not escalate the situation. It really depends.

I’ve seen it where the employee gets fired for pulling a gun on a robber.

Crazy world.

A Proud Infidel®™

That happened at a AutoZone store in Virginia where there was a string of robberies done by “The Bearded Bandit”. The AutoZone Employee was a USAF Vet who was out back for smoke break when he heard the store being held up and fetched his handgun from his Pickup, then went in and aimed it at the robber who then screamed and ran out of the store. That company has a no firearms policy for its employees and the Vet was quickly fired, that’s why I don’t shop at their stores anymore.


OK Help me out here.
Old movie TV show quote and my Google Fu is shit right now…something about…

“You may want to file down that front sight”
“Why’s that?”
“So it doesn’t hurt so much when someone takes that from you and sticks it up your ass.”

Something to that effect and give or take specific words.
You get the gist.


“you just shot an unarmed man”

“Well, he should of armed himself”


Yeah I got that. Clint, and for some reason I think it’s him, but I can’t find that except a reference for a movie called A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe, 1975 ‧ Western/Comedy and I *know* that’s not the quote (I mean it matches that but that’s not it.
Heartbreak Ridge?
Dirty Hairy?
It’s something I’ve seen more than once and regularly (I think) over the years… *stumped* 🤬


The Howie Carr show (3-7 pm weekdays) uses it as a lead in coming
from or going to commercial. Yeah, that was Clint but don’t know
the origin.



early 90’s


Sheriff “Little Bill” Daggett: You just shot an unarmed man!
Bill Munny: Well, he should have armed himself if he’s going to decorate his saloon with my friend.


Oh I’ve seen it a bunch, can’t find that 15 seconds of quote. At lease not in Unforgiven. I’ve even tried to scrub movie scripts for the text and parts of it.



OK I TOTALLY get the quote Lima is speaking of “You shot an unarmed man”.
I’m speaking of the original TV or Movie quote my brain distinctly remembers as (basically)
Someone holding a pistol, shaking and the script going something like (as I posted) “You may want to file down that front sight”
“Why’s that?”
“So it doesn’t hurt so much when someone takes that from you and sticks it up your ass.”

So yeah, like I said, for some reason, I know I’ve seen it multiple times, it *seems* like an Eastwood western (or Cop?) quote, but I can’t find any reference online to a movie or TV show but that Spaghetti Western from 1975 listed above and after watching the clip on Tube of You, it’s completely unfamiliar and not the quote I’m remembering. (even if the words are there.)
It could be “Ahnold” or Chuck, but now I’ve got Clinton stuck in my head and I’m pretty sure it’s not Good Bad Ugly/Fistfull of $$$/A few $$$ more BUT I could be wrong.
I was just certain this crowd would say “Oh yeah, that??, yeah, it’s….”
Thanks for responding tho.


This one is just as good, if not better:

YMMV, of course.


NOTE: This is from Brazil, and the woman is a military mom.

Don’t mess with mama bears.

Don’t mess with military mama bears.

Don’t mess with armed, military mama bears.


Deputies are seeking the two other suspects, who had fled the scene when the Marine veteran intervened.

Seems his friends are “alleged,” too.


Oh snap, Steve Balm done snapped up the FGS I’d sent in to AW1Ed for tomorrow’s posting. Man, them FGS are getting hard to find. Oh, well, back to the news feeds…oh, wait, I gots to go dark right shortly.

BZ Marine!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Yuma? Yuma AZ? Can’t be the Yuma I once knew. I spent a week in Yuma one night. My how times have changed.

James A M

Hope the Marine didn’t cut his knuckles on the kid’s teeth. The Marine could catch something.


Oorah Marine!




Slow Joe wrote: “That guy must have been a pog in the Marine Corps.” ONCE AGAIN, Slow Joe has demonstrated that he thinks his feces do not stink and that he is better than others. The US Army, the Infantry and your Valor Award are NOT forever, Slow Joe. Oneday, after you retire from the US Army, you will find out. Who knows…if you decide to work after you retire from the Army, those “POGS” may end up becoming your Boss/Manager/Suoervisor. KUDOs to that Marine. SALUTE. Slow Joe: Please, Please, Please…Please always remember that your respect and treatment of others as well as being humble (Your Charactor) IS FOREVER. Have yet to see you provide ANY comments on Mason’s WEEKLY Valor Friday…So Sad. BTW, Slow Joe, not all who received Valor Awards ARE or WERE Combat Arms. Two members of the DENTAL CORPS received the Medal of Honor during WWI and WWII. THE MEDAL OF HONOR: One again, a song for you sung by the late Mac Davis, 1980..lyric only: “HARD TO BE HUMBLE” “Oh, Lord it’s hard to be humble.. “When you’re perfect in every way… “I can’t wait to look in the mirror.. “Cause I get better loking each day… “To know me is to love me.. “I must be a hell of a man… “Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble.. “But I’m doing the best that I can. “I used to have a girlfriend.. “But she just couldn’t compete with all of these love starved women who keep clamoring at my feet.. “Well I prob’ly could find me another… But I guess they’re all in awe of me… “Who cares, I never get lonesome… “Cause I treasure my own company… “I guess you could say I’m a loner… “A cowboy outlaw tough and proud… “I could have lots of friends if I want to.. “But then I wouldn’t stand out from the crowd… “Some folks say that I’m egotistical… “Hell, I don’t even know what that means… “I guess it has something to do with the way that I fill out my skin tight… Read more »