Oh, Here We Go…. Again

| September 20, 2021

Buttermilk pancake

Pigs in the UK will have to be sent to the killers due to a shortage of CO2 for the food and beverage industry. The store shelves in the UK are literally bare, thanks to this failure to keep up with demand for foodstuffs that can be stored on the shelves and in refrigerated cases.

The source is at the following link:


With winter coming on over the northern hemisphere, the idea that there’s nothing in the pantry may soon be a reality. It’s the reason I stock well ahead.

Hey, don’t ask me: I just find the stuff and hand it to you!


The problem has to do with CO2 use in the British food and drinks industry.

It’s complicated, so I will break it into simpler terms. CO2 figures in carbonized drinks like beer and soda pop, in baked goods such as bread (bread, my friends, requires CO2 to make yeast flourish and make your buns get all fluffy), and other things such as keeping frozen foods cold during transport (dry ice, etc., people!). CO2 is also used to slaughter hogs at the abbatoirs. No, they don’t CO2 them to death: they use CO2 cartridges to do the dirty deed of turning piggy into bacon and ham and breakfast sausages and pork roasts.

It’s not quite as simple as KoB going out with a hunting rifle and decimating the local wild hog population so that he can have his roast beast for supper.

CO2 is also involved in making cheese, among other things. Those holes in Swiss cheese are the products of unreleased CO2 bubbles while the cheese ingredients ferment into Swiss. You will likely see other types of cheese with smaller holes that look like distorted bubbles. CO2 is the culprit there.

So, a lack of CO2 in the British food industry is a problem. And frankly, the farmers, upon being told they have to slaughter their piggies, are none too happy about it.

There is more at the article link. Enjoy it and be happy that over here – so far – we have not had this issue occur… so far. Ah, but remember last winter, when suddenly, you could only purchase ONE box of kleenex and ONE pack of bath tissue?  If you recall the shutdowns over here last fall and winter because of the covid lockdowns, and the shortages of breakfast sausages and beef in the meat cases, do we really want to go through that painful stuff again?

But think for a moment before you go “pshaw!” and sniffle over it. Do you REALLY want to drink flat beer??? I don’t think so!

And to think that, thanks to Boris the PM (that’s not what they really call him) and his girlfriend Princess Nut-Nut’s idiotic decisions, as well as all the Greenbeaners and Ecohippies who have been complaining loudly about the “high” levels of CO2 in the world, when CO2 is a mere 0.04% of a percent of the entire volume of the atmosphere itself, there is now a massive shortage of CO2 for the British food industry (including beer and other liquid refreshments) and the contents of the shelves at the groceries are low to bare.

I have seldom had such an urge to fall down laughing.

What’s next? No more garlic for dill pickles?

Stock your shelves, folks. If we have another national lockdown over nothing but the dumbocrats being the incompetent control freaks they are, we’re all gonna need those calories on our pantry and closet shelves, and we may have to go back to making bread like that 18th century re-enactor in Indiana.

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Found out this morning there is a shortage of distilled water.
No big deal you say? tell that to people who use CPAP machines.
Found some at a gas station of all places.
The world is ending…


If they don’t open the Canadian border soon there will be
a shortage of Molsons going into Hockey season.


Distilled water requires special well drilling equipment, and also has unique pumping and storage needs over and above that required by standard Dihydrogen Monoxide.


I could make the stuff myself on the stovetop but that requires patience..


Also used in automotive applications; batteries, to thin DEF and modern coolant systems.
I worked at a stealership, we got our distilled at the grocery store (cuz it was cheaper than getting it delivered).
This is kinda a big deal.
Anyone mention certain booze types/sizes in Penn’swoods yet?


*deionized, not distilled.
Affect, effect.
Potato, pResident.
Let’s call the whole thing off.


No spinach on our grocery shelves for weeks – and we grow that here in Texas!

Gas prices soaring, healthcare industry struggling, food shortages.

Shades of Venezuela!!!

Thank you (NOT!!!) Democrat/Socialists.


Texas planted less due to low demand due to Covid:


The shortage is nationwide. I couldn’t find any at the commissary.


It’s not just spinach either. Potatoes are a big problem. Last year they destroyed millions of tons due to the factories being shut down. Now that the factories are open they are buying them all leaving shortages at the market.



Let’s not forget about the bigger problem:

Aluminum. It was being stressed before Covid due to the high demand for batteries. Recycling went way down due to the collection centers being closed. Now bottlers are struggling to find product which could mean….



Beer shortage? We’re all gonna die!!


If these issues are not government created, they are at very least government enhanced & exacerbated.

On my part, I harvested about a peck of okra today alone off of maybe 15 plants – and they are just getting started.
Turnips are about ready to start harvesting. Have several watermelons and butternut squash still coming on.
And peppers! This ol’ Texican ain’t ’bout to do without his salsa!

In a pinch, there’s fish in the lake, squirrels in the trees, and pigs in the woods. We topped off our propane tank and can last a good 2-3 years boiling our water and cooking our meals.

Commissioner Wretched

This is really gonna cause a problem when Popeye can’t get his spinach.

I wouldn’t want to be around when that happens.


Actually, I think that would be the best time to be around Popeye. At least I would then have a chance to beat him down and steal that broomstick, Olive, from him.


Commissary shelves getting empty here at Osan…they claim shipping delays. They are almost out of milk.


Well, the healthcare shortages are self imposed with these ridiculous jab mandates. Employees with he ability to do so, and the wherewithal to think for them selves are leaving rather than submit.
As to the aluminum shortage, another factor is that the coup in Guinea is putting the stops on mining of bauxite, the ore that leads to aluminum.. so once again, a third world shithole run by morons is screwing up the civilized world…
Yep, most of this is related to democraps, or their dangerous ideology.. and exactly NOONE is surprised…


Bauxite is available everywhere on Earth. We don’t mine it here because of the EPA regulations. We shipped almost all of our equipment for mining and processing Aluminium to China years ago along with all of the manufacturing in America and THAT is why we are having a shortage of aluminium.
It’s again an engineered shortage while people in the elite classes line their bockets we peons are left with nothing.
I bet there is enough aluminium left here for building private jets….


Always thought that CO2 was released during fermentation, then collected for later use.


Champagne, beer, cheese etc all produce their own, it’s a bi-product of the fermentation process. though additional CO2 is used to push the beer from taps…


Perhaps if the world’s population of greenie eco-warriors would all just hold their collective breaths for 10 minutes or so, and stopped exhaling CO2…


The food shortage in the UK is about a lot more than CO2 shortages. There are also energy, factory labor and truck driver shortages. It’s not just supermarkets; fast food chains such as McDonald’s are also closing their doors due to supply chain failures and retailers are unable to find product, right before Christmas.

Imports from the EU are a bit a slower and more expensive as well. JIT inventory has failed.


The CO2 problem isn’t just effecting the food industry but a large variety of industries rely on it.



True CO2 story:

Back in the 70’s I worked at a Military Industrial Complex place.
Coulda been anywhere in CONUS.
Remember the Polaroid film cameras with the little tube and sponge
to coat the “instant” film photographs? It was gray with a little cap.
We used to provide photo copies of all test data using scope cameras.
I would go thru hundreds of film pacs a day. We also were “oven” testing
the product in a cold chamber that ran on CO2. The dry ice would build
up in the ovens and occasionally we would clean them out saving a small
piece to put in one of the film sponge tubes, cap and toss under a desk.
You had to be there…


That’s evil. I like it.


Grubermint created shortages. Where have we seen this before? More attempts to control, “We, The People”.

There will not be a shortage of pi$$ed off “We, The People” when there isn’t any bacon and beer.

Hunting rifle went down with the leaky boat and freedom seeds are at a premium. Trap and a real sharp shank.



A Proud Infidel®™

S’what happens when you blindly follow those who THINK they know everything!


That didn’t take long. The UK has put the army on standby in preparation for fuel riots.

They are out of gas.


They are out of fuel truck drivers.