Biden and his Admin lied about what they knew about Afghanistan

| August 18, 2021

As we all watched Afghanistan fall in record time over the last few months to the Taliban, whom we ousted 20 years ago in similarly swift fashion, we were repeatedly told by Biden directly and members of his administration (including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) that the Taliban weren’t a major threat and that the Afghan National Army (ANA) would be up to the task of securing their country.

The President, on 8 July of this year, was asked “Is a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?” His reply;

No, it is not…Because you — the Afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped — as well-equipped as any army in the world — and an air force against something like 75,000 Taliban. It is not inevitable.

General Milley, CJCS on 21 July of this year;

I don’t think the end game is yet written. A negative outcome, a Taliban automatic takeover, is not a foregone conclusion.

Even far-left, pro-Biden Politico took umbrage with those statements not appearing to be supported by facts on the ground.

Poetrooper sends in this Townhall article that looks into the quarterly Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General’s report on Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (the continued military operation in Afghanistan). In that report it seems is a lot of proof that the intelligence agencies were saying the exact opposite of what Biden, Milley, and others were telling us. They were lying at best and willfully, intentionally ignorant of the realities at worst.

From Townhall;

The Department of Defense Office of Inspector General released its quarterly Operation Freedom’s Sentinel report to Congress on Tuesday, providing “background about events leading up to recent, significant and fast moving developments in Afghanistan.”

The 98-page report reveals what the Pentagon knew about Afghan security forces’ capabilities and the threats posed by the Taliban and other terrorist groups in the country. What it shows is that the Biden administration knew that the events of the last few weeks were not only possible but were likely to take place. The report is peppered with DIA intelligence and media reporting that showed the Afghan forces couldn’t ward off Taliban aggression without U.S. and coalition support, yet the Biden administration responded with surprise as the Taliban took one provincial capital after another and last weekend arrived in Kabul.

As the IG report outlines, the Biden administration knew that the Afghan forces were unlikely to succeed in slowing or stopping the Taliban’s advance, it knew the Taliban had its sights set on Kabul, and it knew that the Taliban was only engaged in political negotiations to seek legitimacy but planned to step up its military offensive to take the country by force. It also warned that plans for Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport were likely insufficient due to a complicated agreement with Turkish forces.

More at the source.

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Biden and his administration lied, in other news, water is wet.


No question about it. In fact, every administration over the past twenty years has lied about the capabilities of the ANA and the long-term viability of the government.

I’ll grant that Biden couldn’t rightly say, “Oh, they’re fucked!”. That would cause chaos over there. But it’s one thing to avoid causing immediate chaos, and another to not have a plan on addressing that coming chaos because you don’t want to hear unpalatable things.

Hopefully there’s a bit of a reckoning to come in how national security issues are handled at the highest levels of government, not to mention how they’re presented to the American public.


Perhaps the lesson of the last 60 years is that the framers were right; We shouldn’t go to war without a declaration, make elected officials on every level and two branches put their signature on it.
Colin Powell’s memoirs, the one from the late 90’s offered a veritable checklist of situations to avoid, and it seems we violated every step.


Oh, I’ll give you an “Amen” to that brother.


Wellp… the Soviets bankrupted the USSR trying to annex Afghanistan, and failing after 10 +/- years…. and the USSR is no longer a “thing”, no matter how much Putin may long for them there Good Old Days….

You’d think someone in WDC might have taken a look at that, wouldn’t you? But common sense never was part of the plan to begin with.

And now the Taliban have not only achieved their own goal, but have teamed up with China as a backup, while they don’t really “get” that China is only after those rare earths buried in Afghanistan’s mountains. I wonder who is fooling who in that deal….

George V

“…failing after 10 +/- years…. and the USSR is no longer a “thing”…”

Sadly, after 20 years in Af and other things over the past 20 years, I’m not sure the USA is much of a thing any more.


How dare you cast aspersions on the american Empire!
We will scan your hard drives and find the illegal info we placed if you want to push your narrative.
So, shut up, take your booster and carry your papers, citizen.
Sin-cerely, The Management


Hang in there George V. Turmoil is a sign of birthing pains.

China is inflating its size and may split its britches and we’ll live to see it.

We must be patient.


Not that reassuring.

“…And what rough beast
It’s hour come round at last
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born”.
WB Yeats


in Dick Winters’ 2006 memoirs he wrote: “An officer should never put himself in a position where he takes anything from the men. Never abuse them by act or omission. As a commander, a leader must be prepared to give everything, including himself, to the people he leads. You give your time and you strive to be consistently fair, never demonstrating favoritism. In my opinion Compton had jeopardized his position as a leader by establishing an improper relationship with some of his troopers.” – Beyond Band of Brothers pp. 61-62

Every single GO/FO, political appointee, SES, and politician involved in the endless wars as violated this basic tenet of leadership—never take from your men and women.

But they have taken, and taken, and taken. Our elites have rewarded these men and women with position, authority, wealth, and prestige for doing so.

While the Presidents are accountable, the blame goes to the generations of GO/FO and senior leadership at the DoD and DoS who lied to everyone–likely including the White House.

After Viet Nam, the Army (in particular) went through a decade of learning and introspection. What came of that were people like Starry, Vuono, and Wickam. GOs who instilled a standards based, leader responsibility focused culture on the Army.

Apparently, these giant’s legacy has been discarded by the politically connected ass clowns we have now.


Fixing the damage will require removal of most of the current General/Flag officers.

Removal, not retirement.

And firing squads may be needed to make to point stick.


I would like to see a few them eat their gun.


“What came of that were people like Starry, Vuono, and Wickam. GOs who instilled a standards based, leader responsibility focused culture on the Army.”
Now we get people like Milley, Austin, and Vindman.


Shocked I am, just totally flabbergasted that we were lied to. Who would of thought that the man that has done such an outstanding job as a Senator, Vice President, and now President would have mis-led the people. And what of our dedicated public servants in the intelligence community, holding back information from our brave and dedicated military leaders? Surely they went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure accurate, timely information was presented. One would think that the pure warrior class we have at the top of the military food chain would have let the troops and the American people know what was coming. It must have been the deep state holdovers that Trump had placed in position that caused this lapse. If only Joe had of given Hunter a break from his painting to take charge of all of this, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. After all, Hunter is the smartest man Joe knows.

If you need the /sarc/ attached to the above, then you haven’t paid attention to anything I have ever commented on.

Remember Joe said, “…darker days are ahead…” The ONE time that mofo DIDN’T lie.


Plus, Hunter has all that military experience as a naval officer. He would definitely put all those smarts he has to work to solve this A-stan situation.


And no one who uses their brain for something other than formulating plans to make themselves look good and/or feel good is surprised.


As far as the people of Afghanistan go, why the chaos? What’s the big deal?

This is what they wanted, isn’t it? The Americans out and their people back in power.

Well, they got it. You’re welcome, Afghanistan.

For 20 years we gave the people of Afghanistan every chance, every opportunity, to fight the Taliban. They either chose to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, or to actively aid the Taliban.

And before someone says “well, what about the Afghanis who aided the US and NATO forces?” Well, I guess they did a shit job of convincing their fellow Afghanis to back us.

So this is what they get. Salaam Aleiekum, dumbasses. It’s your mess to deal with now.

Slow Joe

I must agree with you.

People ask, what about the terps and other people who helped us over there?

Well, they knew what they were signing for. They were generously recompensed for their services.

We owe NOTHING to the people of Afghanistan. It is their mess to fix. We expended trillions, they population double in the 20 years we were there because of how much food we gifted them.


Don’t worry! The Big Guy is fully prepared to illegally imprison U.S. citizens and rip apart the country to ‘protect’ it from the hordes of anti-vaxxers and Conservative Americans who believe in the principles of the U.S. Constitution and want to uphold it.

Meanwhile millions of illegals pour in, trillions of monopoly dollars spent to destroy our nation’s remaining economic infrastructure, and and our military led by communist and radical sympathizers that support a military industrial complex beside a hostile authoritarian regime that uses medical tyranny to strip away the rights of the individual.


And now this:

“Biden’s Bogus Claim That Afghanistan’s Military Was Larger Than Those Of Many Of Our NATO Allies”


It’s pretty bad, when the lies are so outrageous,
that even The Washington Post is (forced to?) calling them out.

For Biden, that is.
Punchline – Only 3 Pinocchios.
Irony – 2 articles about Trump on the WashPo website main page today.
It never ends with the Washington Post…. who maintains the slogan
Democracy Dies in Darkness.


You are guilty of old-think. The New, Improved NATO (With **Enlarged Membership) has members such as Albania(8,500 active duty), Croatia(15,200 active duty),Czech Republic(27,000 active duty),….

So, technically Biden is correct, although the bar is ludicrously low. This ain’t your grandfather’s NATO.

**Not to be confused with Enlarged Prostate


Coincidence.. on the Stolen Valor front.

The hair way over there…. yes, SCPO DS,
has confessed that he hasn’t always been honest,
and he was not honest about
WHY he began pursuing Phony x Navy x SEALS.

It coincides with his days long meltdown over his personal life,
son, stepdaughter, drama, and lack of access to grandchildren.

It sucks.. but he’s putting it out there in public.
It may signal a change…
and certainly an indicator as to why the frequency of his busts
on phone and/or on video…. are way, way down.
(With the list he has, and no reliance on FOIA, he should be BUSY.)
Even though, IMHO, there has been no decrease in the number of phonies.

I hope he keeps it together.
He’s a good guy, even if somewhat off at times.


(correction) Not step daughter, but daughter-in-law.
He blames her for most of it.


Sports a hellish mighty rack…
but now looking really stupid (or highly incompetent) at age 63.
Perhaps he should have taken the age 60 retirement
like most are forced to take, often much earlier.

Hell, that age 60 retirement should have been forced on Senator Joe Biden,
you know, back in the G W Bush years,
when everything Afghanistan was new and sexy exciting,
and Cheney and Rumsfeld acted like they were studs, who could shoot a gun.

Letting your enemies, foreign or domestic, write your history,
is never a good thing.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

As said in the past, stocks in the arms industry are booming as long as their are wars even in 9th century Bannanastan. So everything didn’t go Jake over there.


Josef Stolin became Senator 1973.

Apparently, he saw mo harm in repeating April 1975.

Don’t forget that, folks. He knew just how bad things could go wrong, personally.

He gave not one fuck. He embraced it.

Yes, he did.

And anyone who supported him is culpable.


Austin and Thoroughly Modern Milley are giving a press conference right now.

Austin is, “Uuh, you know, as I said, uuh,” really unimpressive in the role of SecDef and Milley’s doing his share of him-hawing as well.

Far too many “uuhs” and ‘you knows” from those supposedly leading our military forces.

Command presence is AWOL…




A non-denial from GEN Mildew about retaking Bagram.

This dude shouldn’t ever play poker.


Staff colleges, War Colleges, advanced degrees, etc.

Just goes to show, “You can lead an officer to education, but you can’t make him think”.


NSFW, humans or farm animals,,, is what it is.


And now Joe is saying that no one could have done a better job than he did evacuating Afganistan.

What a delusional piece of crap.


He may actually be right, but even if he is, so what? He campaigned for the job, he asked the American people to put him in this job.

So when things go to shit, he gets to wear it. That’s how this works. Whether “someone else” could have done the job better or not is irrelevant because it’s HIS job and he fucked it up.