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| August 15, 2021

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Texas car owner shoots thief stealing catalytic converter, police say

Jared Leone
HOUSTON — A car owner confronted two thieves who were stealing the catalytic converter from his vehicle, shooting one of them Saturday morning, investigators said.

Houston police said the car owner heard the thieves around 5 a.m. and confronted the men, KTRK reported.

The car owner then started shooting striking one of the men, KTRK reported.

A witness said one of the thieves had a power drill and tried to approach the car owner, prompting the owner to open fire, KTRK reported.

The suspect who was shot was taken to a hospital for treatment. The other man is in custody. It is unclear if charges will be filed. Their identities were not released.

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This is an FGS First- bringing a drill to a gun fight. Link thanks to our Gun Bunny.

Sheriff: No charges after driver kills man who pointed gun

A driver fired in self-defense when he killed an aggressive driver who pointed a gun at him during a road rage altercation, authorities in South Carolina said.

Investigators determined the unidentified shooter acted lawfully, even though he did not immediately report the incident, Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said during a news conference while outlining the events that led to the Aug. 5 death of Travis Antonio Draper, 41, of Pacolet.

“We’ve called everyone we know asking if there is any way or any reason how we can charge somebody in this case,” Wright said, according to news outlets. “There is no code of laws that I’ve been made aware of that we can charge this young man. He did this in self-defense. ‘Do I like it? No.’”

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Translated: We tried every way we could to hammer the shooter, but we were foiled by annoying facts and the Second Amendment.
Charlotte Observer

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The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now. — SOUTH CAROLINA v. US, 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905)

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Now that’s what I call defensive driving.


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Stealing catalytic converters? Hopefully has trouble sitting down and walks with a limp for the rest of his life.

Was taught that there are two reasons to bring out a gun. To clean it or to use it. Sounds like angry gun-producing driver-guy found out the hard way.

And that drop-dead-gorgeous rifle-toting women could cover my six any day but in all truth, I’d really rather cover hers… As our Wolfman Jack was so often heard to declare “As long as you got the curves, baby, I got the angles”!!


That weapon system there needs some TLC on my work bench, no Cuomo.

I have a feelz bad story for y’all, 50 years ago today the US essentially defaulted on the Bretton Woods Agreement/The Constitution by reneging on the USD backing by redemption to gold.
Fk you, Richard Milhous Nixon for the multitude of illegal acts you committed, this being the most egregious.


I can see using a cordless grinder with a cutoff wheel, but a drill? They deserve to get shot for that stupidity alone.


They may have the drill handy in case the owner had a catalytic converter shield ($120+ for a Prius) installed.

A RN my wife works with had two converters stolen from his Prius at his apartment parking lot. One before the shield and one after. Each time they had a back wheel up on a concrete block so he’s got 2 spare concrete blocks now.


Not sure what has got me turned on the most…the gunz pr0n or the gunz girl.

I do know this…I WANT them both. Who says guys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses!