Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Super-Spreader?

| August 9, 2021

Sturgis, South Dakota

David sends.

A massive motorcycle rally rumbles into South Dakota. Attendees should stay outside, health experts say.

Edward Segarra

Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts have descended on South Dakota’s Black Hills for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, again raising concerns that COVID-19 will rapidly spread among the hundreds-of-thousands expected at the event.

Last year’s rally drew widespread criticism, as maskless attendees gathered en masse, even as most in-person events were canceled around the country. This year, vaccines have made more gatherings possible — but Sturgis still stands out.

Some recent large-scale events, including the music festival Lollapalooza, have required attendees to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test and to wear a mask. Because the nation is currently battling growing cases as the highly transmissible delta variant circulates, even those precautions have been called insufficient.

But health precautions at Sturgis are optional.

Some 700,000 people were expected to attend. To put this in perspective, how did last year’s event fare?

In 2020, of ~460,000 attendees, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the rally had been linked to 649 cases in 29 states, including one death.

That infection rate was a stunning 0.135%. This without the enhanced mitigation measures taken this year, to include widely available testing and COVID-19 vaccines.

Personally, attending events with large numbers of drunken revelers holds little attraction for me, Covid or not. My choice, just as attending is theirs.

Yahoo News

Thanks, David.

As a by-the-way, no such mitigation measures were in effect at Barry’s 60th birthday party. Seems it was attended by a:

“…sophisticated crowd, saying that the guests were following all the safety precautions.”

Fox News

Like masks and social distancing?

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AW1 Rod

Bathhouse Barry’s “sophisticated crowd” of attendees are apparently no more concerned about what the “health experts” say than are the Sturgis attendees.


comment image


Is that idiot going bald, or is it just the lighting?

Sturgis – maybe next year, but only if I can thumb a ride or borrow a horse to get there….


Naw, that is just the light reflected off his gray hair.


Any updates on the Harley, the cancer, or the restricted DD-214 of
Phony Vietnam Veteran Alaska Bob Glaves?

After all, he did con a charity
to fund his motorcycle repairs, and a trip to D.C.,
that unsurprisingly never went to D.C,
and instead detoured to Sturgis.

[UPDATE: ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves’ “Restricted” Files
Steve Balm | October 11, 2019]


Flashback…. (preserved on the internet)
Todd Ortloff radio show LIVE.
Kelly Cook is in the radio station studio.
Bob Glaves is on the phone.

“terminally ill”
“not a lot of time left”

[Todd Ortloff Show July 18, 2019
July 19, 2019 Radio Pacific, Inc

“Wall Before I Die” motorcycle journey for dying veteran
to get to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC]


The Fu of Google on [“Robert Glaves” Alaska] shows….
Not seeing anything resembling retirement nor disability.
DOT updated
MCS-150 DATE 16-MAR-21


There are a lot worse things you can catch at Sturgis…just sayin.

A Proud Infidel®™

Bikes, booze and celebration at Sturgis, people partying and enjoying themselves, something liberals hate because they themselves are always miserable in their quests to further control and manipulate people, thus they’re bawling about the Sturgis Rally!


Used to do a business trip to that area annually about this time. Thought it amusing that 90% of the bikes I saw were on trailers, till I thought about the joys of riding in 100+ degree weather at 70mph. Maybe when I was a kid, but any more I don’t even drive with the top down in that.

Love how all the stats have changed, from deaths, to hospitalizations, to confirmed symptom cases, to diagnoses. Interesting article on American Thinker recently showing how amidst the upsurge in diagnoses, the death rate keeps plummeting.


Update 8.10 in the PM – note the almost complete absense of any news from SD. You would think people would be dropping like flies by now.


Obama is so concerned about rising oceans due to “climate change” that he bought a $12m oceanfront home.

Obama is so concerned about COVID that he’s hosting hundreds of people, flown in from all over the country (maybe world) and not using masks or social distancing.

If these people, by their actions, don’t show that they believe what they’re saying, then why the hell should any of us believe them?


ND he bought the Magnum P.I house in Hawaii for $8.7 million crumbs to bull doze it for a new love shack. OCEAN FRONT!



Didn’t think it possible but I now abhor Obama THAT much more…


He did that just to be a dick.

A Proud Infidel®™

GEE WHIZ, if the Sea Levels are going to rise due to Glowbull Wormening, then WHY do libturds like the 0bamas and others buy and own so much Oceanfront property?


Obama/CNN told me “no”.


Sturgis looks more healthy (fresh air outside) versus Bathhouse Barry’s tented super spreader event.


The Media and Faucist said the same thing last year. Remember when Antifa got their ass kicked? Good Times!


Did Sturgis in 81. (In the middle of a cross-country run from Washington to Florida and back).

100,000 bikes.

Only trailers present were for breakdowns…

30 years later, was in the middle of another 6000 mile cross country run in Colorado…

Sitting outside next to my HD when a dually crew cab pickup hauling a 35′ trailer pulled into the motel parking lot.

4 individuals (long hair, leathers, chains, knives, guns, tattoos,do-rags,…etc) jumped out and said: “Hey bro!!!”

Just looked at them…

They then informed me: “We just came from Sturgis!!!”

I asked them: “Where are your bikes?”

“In the trailer!!!”

“You aren’t my bro…”

“Stolen Valor” comes in many shapes and sizes…:)


Stolen Iron Butt


An acquaintance many years ago, biker type, had a way of calling some folks

“”Motorcycle Enthusiasts””

Which sounded about two steps lower than the way some crusty old NCOs say “Lieutenant….” to new 2LTs.


Over 400K peeps jampacked at Lollapalooza Chicago or the big maskless party Rashida Tlaib had. Fraud-ci doesn’t want mostly peaceful protestors in front of his house so he won’t mention Obama or Tlaib.


Only thing gonna be spread at Sturgis is the wanna be biker bitches legs at Piggy Park.



John Seabee

While the Sturgis Rally is NOT a super spreader, Dr. Fauxci certainly IS a shit spreader.


It is. He is not.

You are a bullshit spreader though.


Dude, you spread more shit than most Organic farmers.


It eats shit but refuses to die…..
Like our great Lt. Th***** back in the day.



That and you’ll always be a FRAUD…


Look who’s talking.


If I sit this one out then it lessens the prices for everyone else that is there. It’s simple economics.
I’m willing to make that sacrifice.
You’re welcome, bikers.


Yes, it is a super spreader.

And the first one was a super spreader….soon after the last Sturgis there was a massive Covid spike in South Dakota. A spike, particularly in that county, that can only be explained by the Sturgis rally.




Yes. The 7 day average of case count went up 18 fold across Meade County from the week prior to Sturgis to the two weeks after. In raw numbers that’s 1 case 7-day average prior to 18 2 weeks post.
Interestingly enough, the 7-day average for deaths went from 0 to statistically 0 (.5 deaths/day).

Just throwing is out there: In event with 10s of thousands of people, many are above age 60.

This is a non-event.

A Proud Infidel®™

You’re using facts and logic, two things that Major Moonbat is extremely allergic to, that and he has NO experience in the Private Sector other than his short stint at a hamburger franchise.


Sorry but I can’t sit idly by allowing the Headline Readers of the World dictate facts when that data is available and easily understood.

This is psyop bs, buzzfeed news found as source of that “infograph”: “…[I]f the numbers stand up to subsequent analysis, it would make the Sturgis rally, held from August 7 to 16, the biggest single “superspreader” event in the US coronavirus epidemic. “This event is accounting for 19% of the national cases over this time period,” Andrew Friedson, a health economist at the University of Colorado, Denver, and one of the researchers behind the study, told BuzzFeed News. “That’s huge”“

Back of the envelope calculation would put the death toll at around 200 deaths of just the attendees of last year’s event. [(460k+7k)-81%)-99.8% recovery rate]=177 deaths, using national averages.

Now, look at any picture of this place (No offense); obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, old age… if there was a mass die off, I think buzzfeed would be emblazoned with ‘we told you so’s.

How many actual deaths? That I’d like to know from a scientific standpoint. But from the numbers from Meade County it’s clear, the virus did impact the local population but was no more impactful from a statical standpoint than Bartender Sally from The Full Throttle slipping on a banana peal and into a wood chipper.


Well then Commie-czar-ZEK, why don’t you enlighten us all with more of your pearls of wiz-dumb..? Also, curious to know if Momma ZEK ever had any children that lived? *shrug* Asking for a friend…


Nevertheless, thank you for proving – once and for all – that you actually are dumber than a steaming pile of dog-shit… But hey! No worries Dicky-boy, you’re still a FRAUD!!