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| July 31, 2021

Colt Anaconda

Man Tracks Down Car Thief and Winds Up Shooting & Killing Him in Self-Defense

By Luke McCoy
We report on many defensive gun use stories here. Many of them could have been avoided simply by not confronting the other party. That includes going outside to investigate a noise. Or, like this story, tracking down a car thief yourself instead of calling the police.

A Dallas man had his car stolen on Tuesday earlier this week. He was able to track and locate the vehicle, which he found parked outside of a restaurant.

The vehicle owner confronted the suspect, which escalated into a verbal argument which then escalated into the suspect trying to ram the owner’s other vehicle, which then escalated into the owner shooting the suspect in self-defense.

Yea, I know that is a run-on sentence, but it gets the point across. The man could have avoided this conflict if he had just let the police handle it.

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Man kills naked man attempting to break into mother-in-law’s home, sheriff’s office says

By Jacob Gallant
SIMPSON CO., Miss. (WLBT) – A man shot another man allegedly trying to break into his mother-in-law’s home, according to Simpson County Sheriff’s Office.

SCSO was called to the scene on Dan George Road around 9 p.m. Monday where a caller says a naked man was attempting to break into her mother’s home next door.

The caller’s husband went next door and confronted the man.

After a fight, the naked man was shot in the torso and arm.

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31-year-old man dies after shooting at family members during altercation, Saginaw police say
Another family member returned fire, hitting the man once. He went inside a nearby home after he was shot, leading to a SWAT situation, according to police.

Author: Jennifer Prohov
SAGINAW, Texas — A 31-year-old man died Sunday after a domestic incident escalated into family members shooting at each other, Saginaw police said in a news release.

Police responded around 2:40 a.m. to the incident on the 300 block of Worthy Street. When they arrived, family members told police that the man, Terry McKenzie, had assaulted members of the family before he pulled out a gun and shot at them multiple times, according to officials.

Another family member then returned fire, hitting McKenzie once. He went inside to a home where a 1-year-old baby and 6-year-old child were asleep, and did not come back out. Officials say they tried to contact him, but were unable to get him to respond, leading them to believe he had barricaded himself inside the home.

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The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion. — Edmund Burke (1784).

To atone for yesterday, how about a true Trifecta?

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“The man could have not been shot if he had just not stolen the car.”

Fixed that last sentence for you Luke McCoy.



A DRT Trifecta and one of Colonel Colt’s Hand Cannons that we would ALL like to wrap our hands around. Life is Good and Wilted Willy grins.

Yes, you have atoned. Good Job!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

If that Dallas man had found his car while he was out/shopping, I think things would be Jake for him but I don’t know about tracking his car when he could have called the PD and filed a report so I don’t know what the outcome will be.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

$1,500.00 for the Anaconda. Not that bad.