73 year old Vietnam vet beaten to death in broad daylight in mostly peaceful Chicago

| July 15, 2021

Keith Cooper (pictured) survived two tours in Vietnam with the US Marine Corps, but he couldn’t survive Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago. He was beaten to death by two young urban troubadours in broad daylight as they attempted to carjack him. They didn’t even get the car.

To their credit, bystanders intervened, but not before Cooper was injured so severely he died from the strain which caused a heart attack. The bystanders helped the cops find the two wayward youts, and they are in police custody.

Source; ABC 7 Chicago

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Survives two tours to be accosted to death on the streets of the country he served.
What a damn shame.
Thank you Mister Cooper. Welcome Home and Rest Easy, Dear Sir.


More blood of good Americans on the (D)emon-rats paws.

May you rest in peace, Mr. Cooper. We salute you, and honor your service.

Steve 1371

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Chicago, we will fight our country’s battles. Rest easy Marine. Your country owes you much more than what you got.
Hope your attackers get what they have coming to them.


“Hope your attackers get what they have coming to them“, and then some.


Sadly, it’s shitcago, they’re probably already back on the streets… And money says they’ll get 10 years, if that..


Keith A. Cooper’s Facebook page:


His profile states:

U.S. Marine Corps
Message Center, Helicopter Gunner
October 17, 1964 – October 16, 1968
Teletype operator, Huey Gunner

Duty stations listed are Camp Lejeune, Okinawa and DaNang.

He had just completed his COVID Vaccination in February.

So Sad.

A Proud Infidel®™️

But just ask any liberal and they’ll blab that the perps are just “Misunderstood Victims of Society” and shit like that, how about restoring Law and Order, oh wait, that’s “racist” , dumbass moi, never mind…


If only there was a way to give them what they gave him….

Rest in Peace, Mr. Cooper. See you on the other side.

E4 Mafia 83-87

When does the Black Lives Matter protest start? A black man was needlessly killed, so BLM and their allies will be out in force, no? I look forward to the coverage on CNN.


BLM is too focused on Cuba and how they’re victims of US policy to care about actual Black Lives.

George V

May God grant his eternal rest to Mr. Cooper.

Sad as this is, it is heartening to read that the bystanders in the community came to his aid and helped the police find the perps. Maybe that can give hope that not all is lost.

Wilted Willy

Another demorat controlled shithole!
Thanks for nothing Biden



May God’s Peace bring His Comfort to the Family. And may His Vengeance bring His Punishment to these punks. I wouldn’t mind being one of the Mysterious Ways that brings His Wonders to behold. Rest Easy, Mr. Cooper.

Hey your DizzyHonor, Mayor Lightheaded. YOU own this, skrunt. You and all of the other demonrat politicians that have allowed the Good Citizens of your cities to be preyed upon by the trash that you enable. Damn shame when you can’t go to the grocery store, in broad daylight, with less than a full rifle squad to protect you.


The irony of it all is that according to his Facebook, Keith A.Cooper was a Biden/Harris worshipper and hated Trump.


BTW, gabn/hbtd/rtr.



Rest in peace.

And a big thank you to those who tried to help him.


I gently second both sentiments. May Mister Cooper forever rest in peace and the scum that did this, be exponentially tormented for the rest of their days on earth.


Another decent law abiding citizen of that shithole known as Shotcago murdered by a couple of pavement dwelling predators. They are in custody, but will likely be out on low bail tomorrow or Monday. This felony murder would have gotten them the rope or a lightning ride under English Common Law and statutory law 80 years ago, before our legal system was wrecked by Progs. Gee, does anyone think BLM will come up with their bail money?