Home health aide in Port St. Lucie faces multiple charges after Purple Heart stolen from veteran

| July 15, 2021

ninja sends in this sad story. WPTV reports;

A home health care aide in Port St. Lucie is accused of stealing property from four patients, including a former serviceman’s Purple Heart, and attempting to pawn it.

Detectives said last month they obtained warrants for the arrest of 22-year-old Vanessa Smith.

Sgt. Keith Boham said they began to investigate when one of the victims, identified as Dorothy Huddleston, received a credit card bill from JCPenney for charges that she did not make.

Police said Smith was hired through Veterans Affairs to assist in the care of the victim’s husband, Don Huddleston, a Vietnam War veteran and former Marine.

After Dorothy noticed the fraudulent charges, investigators said she found other items that were missing including her husband’s Purple Heart Medal, gold chain and a “Semper Fi” gold charm.

“I’m a trusting person. I never thought someone would come into my house and steal from me,” Dorothy Huddleston said.

Detectives were able to recover most of the jewelry at a local pawn store, however, the Purple Heart Medal is still unaccounted for.

Police said Smith tried to sell the Purple Heart, but the pawn store would not accept it.

“Sadly, since the theft of the Purple Heart, the victim has since passed away,” Asst. Chief Richard Del Toro said in a written statement. “We are hopeful that Smith still has the Purple Heart in her possession so that we may return to the victim’s family.”

Those close to Don said he was humble and spoke of not deserving the multiple medals he earned.

Port St. Lucie police said this case is a reminder to be careful who you allow into your home.

Thanks Captain Assistant Chief Obvious. It’s nice that the VA is now bringing their usual quality service to the home.

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A Proud Infidel®™️

People like that make me more in favor of reintroducing the Pillory as a method of punishment every day!


Root word – Pillock. In this case, THIEVING POS Pillock.
So, let me get this straight; this women applies for the TRUSTED position of health care aide, is background-checked and eventually hired to look after and care for the most sick and vulnerable and..then steals from her patients? She is worse than despicable!! SHE IS FUCKING PATHETIC!!!


Spanked eight hundred bucks for trespass-to-property/failure-to-leave-property-upon-order-of-owner.
Quite the up & coming Pillar-of-Society….


Good on the fence for refusing the PH.
They don’t cost much to purchase unless you are are one that bled for it.
Maybe that’s the solution. Serialize them to the original owner with chain
of custody as heirlooms.
What will become of my NDSM? Ebay?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

IIRC, PHs are s/n’ed, and a record kept of which one went to who.

I just hope that PH is recovered and not ditched by the bitch because she couldn’t “finch” it. (ok, ok, I pushed it for rhyming. So sue me)

I hope she bursts into flames the next time she takes a shit.


Ok fucker, I’m not laughing 😂 much.
You just bought yourself another slot in the The Hemisphere of Insults®™


It could happen if she transitions into a new line of work as a drug mule carrying internal cargo.


What a piece of utter crap she is.

Wilted Willy

Makes me wonder if that is how my pos brother got his? I still wish he could go to prison before I die! There is not a lower piece of crap on this earth than him! I have recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and the meds are really kicking my ass! I don’t know how much longer I have left on this earth? Thank you all for caring so much!!!


The story of Wilted Willy’s Brother, David “Doc” Schrum, sited at the two links below.

Hang in there, WW. Prayers for your epilepsy and your overall health.




Special variety of evil at work in this woman. Shameful.


“…hired through Veterans Affairs to assist in the care…”

If this is not her 1st rodeo
with the law,
then why the F did the VA approve this hire???


Like our Dept of Vet’s Affairs ‘Uh, musta blinked an missed it. Sorry’. NO! They didn’t blink and miss it – they just didn’t do the complete ‘due diligence’ process. Yet again, more egg on VA’s puss…



Was wondering the same thing.

As Hatchet expressed, looks as if the VA did not complete the vetting process (background check).

What I find interesting is that Smith turned herself in, yet the PH has yet to be recovered.


That Purple Heart HAS to be returned. Period. That Purple Heart doesn’t come back, that gringa gonna be seriously overdrawn at her Universal Bank of Universal Karma… Absolutely NO points for turning herself in. Good that her guilty conscious causes her to take the first step of unfucking herself, now she’s got some marching to do. BY THE LEFT, QUICK MARCH!!!!!

pookysgirl, WC wife

Didn’t it come out (after the Navy Yard shooter, or Snowden, or both) that the companies that do background checks are so backlogged that they just rubber-stamp 90% of cases? Or am I completely misremembering?

Mustang Major

Big business ripping off nursing home residents in Florida.


Rope, scaffold, this skrunt! Some assembly required.


Now, now, she is only a thief. Besides, aren’t the non-melanin challenged entitled to hit a “lick” as they call it in da hood?