Dan Wall – Still Waddling the Lie

| July 6, 2021

Daniel J. Wall is still at it. Telling people he is a disabled veteran. We wrote about Dan here and here. He claims he was the BLT 2/8 supply officer that inspected the truck that bombed the US Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23, 1983.  Wall then claims that he was allegedly trapped in the rubble.

If you believe that story then you must also believe in telekinetic transportation, traveling through black holes and bending the time-space continuum – because 2/8 was off the shores of Grenada and invaded the island on October 25, 1983. That doesn’t stop ol’ Danny Boy, because he also worked at Roswell.

Danny has been busy since we last visited him. If you look at his videos, you will discover that he had an unsuccessful run at mayor of Berlin, NH.  He claims it was a conspiracy theory to keep his name off the ballot by keeping his candidate papers from reaching the proper office – because he says they know he would win, he would rebuild the town and make it safer for everyone, etc.

Wall clings to the flag and his fictitious military service seemingly in an effort to gain sympathy.

Dan holds the distinction of being the biggest fake that Military Phony and TAH have ever exposed.  By ‘biggest’ I mean over 900 lbs.  Dan has eaten himself into a self-made prison of being completely bed-ridden.  He craps in a bucket and pees on a towel but spends his days reflecting on his non-existent military service.

We normally post and move on, but when someone continues we like to remind them that we are fully aware of their deception.

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Still rocking the lie… and will probably take it to the grave like so many others.

Dan Wall = cocksucker!


He doesn’t fit in a grave.
He doesn’t fit in a cremation oven, either.
Perhaps New Hampshire can do what Oregon did.


You want that much shit flying everywhere?

Well…. as long as we do it in Portland, I’m good with it.


When he passes they can build a bonfire around his house and create a funeral pyre


Largest grease fire ever.


Why wait?


Classic video. Descriptive of what might happen to old Dan if he were removed by explosives.

Forest Green

They’ll have to knock a hole in the wall and haul it down to Animal Control where they burn horse, bear, and other large animal carcasses, etc.

Hack Stone

How would you like to be a pallbearer at that funeral?


Would be what we from Iowa would call a John Deere funeral…..
Use the bucketloader to poke a hole in the wall, roll him in it then take it straight to the cemetery and dump him in the ground.
The Priest says ten Our Fathers and ten Hail Mary’s then it’s off to the bar !!!
Yep, John Deere funeral !!!

Hack Stone

Doubt that a John Deere could handle that much manure. Maybe one of those Caterpillars that they use for strip mining. And Jeremy Dewitte Of Metro State Services can provide an escort to the landfill, if he is out of jail. He seems to have a plethora of legal issues the last few weeks.

The Stranger

Damn! Talk about timing. I just mentioned this “Magnificent Fellow” in the comments yesterday and here he is….bigger than life and twice as ugly!🤣


I’m just glad I don’t have to clean his fat ass up after he ‘soils’ himself. Because you KNOW he can’t reach back there to wipe up.

Hack Stone


Bravo, Hack Stone!!!



I love Blade !!!
The best Vampire Movie ever !!!


South Park may’ve inspired him:


Who pays for all of the calories? It can’t be cheap staying that obese.


Oh, you know the answer already I am sure. We the taxpayer get to pay for him to do nothing but be a giant drain on the rest of us.


Does obesity qualify for social security disability? Fat bastard couldn’t get in a car to go grocery shopping, wheel chairs are not big enough, bobcat front loader can’t get through a regular door opening… and neither can he!

Someone has to be actively enabling his depraved lifestyle.

Then, there’s the question of what to eat to maintain such blubber. Dunkin’ Donuts is likely out of his budget.

Twinkies can be gotten via Amazon 🙂

I wouldn’t want to imagine what condition his teeth are in but he probably does spend much time macerating his intake.

Gluttony is one of the deadly sins.


make that “does NOT spend”

SSG Whiskey Tango

Yes, Social Security covers obesity. Also, people who are that heavy always have an enabler to bring them their truckload of food everyday. Because enabling a fatso like that is a fulltime job, the enabler also gets an “attendant” benefit from SSA.


Let’s hear it for Free Sh*t. /sarc

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Daniel J. “The Wall” Wall.

Fat lying fuck.

As far as the Beirut barracks bombing goes, nobody inspected that truck prior to the explosion. Dan should read up on the history of the event since he’s bedridden. He just might find out why nobody is buying his bullshit.


Dan could kill/deadline a M151 all by himself.


151? Good grief he could deadline a 5 ton by himself.


Shadow off his ass must weigh 5 pounds alone..


There actually was a sergeant in my platoon who did just that. The Jeep had a permanent list to starboard. Not all fat, either, but when he stood at attention his feet were still at parade rest.


Interesting phony LinkedIn account.
No idea how new or old.
Not the best speller in Berlin, NH.

Daniel Wall
Business Owner at North Country Computer
Berlin, New Hampshire, United States
18 connections

Over Fourty years of computer sciences
twenty military and 28 in civilian IT.

Will I be discriminated against because I’m a disabled veteran again by other lenders?
Posted by Daniel Wall

Agent 52
US Government Agencies

Jul 1986 – Mar 200417 years 9 months
Naval Itelligence/MIB

USMC 1982-1986 2nd Lt., Graduate of Pensacola, Fla Officer Candidate School 1983
Wright Patterson AFB, UFO retrievals and technologies
Edward AFB Transport UFO materials to laboratories across the United States
Area 51, Groom Lake, S1, S2, S3, S4, reverse engineering UFO and other technologies rebuilding same
Dulace AFB Human and Extraterrestrial communications and technology exchanges
Project Manager of the Nibiru Systems Orbital Paraneters



And much, much more.
Cuckoo. Cuckoo.


He’s like Bernath, only Supersized, and not as smart.

A Proud Infidel®™

A Blobfish X3!

Pineywoods NCO

Three Dennis Heavy Chevaliers??


Bernath could fly although not very well.

The Stranger

“It’s Bernath, the flying ass!”

Sung to the tune of, “Toonces, the driving cat!”


Stylish tinfoil hat there, bro…

Hack Stone

UFO Materials? Does that mean he sold bootleg German Heavy Metal Band t-shirts in the arena parking lot?


Nope, he was battling UFOs from a secret base on the moon. See for yourself….


Bet you that he has all sorts of stories about how an alien abduction and anal probing is the reason he’s obese…

Doc Savage

That dude has his own gravity well…

Hack Stone

The aliens probing him rated hazardous duty pay.

Only Army Mom

No one gets to be that size without significant help. This is a mental illness of epic proportions. I’m not talking about him, rather those who enable this. Someone is choosing to continue to feed him, to keep him immobilized in a prison of his own flesh, and that is a form of sadism. Almost always, the enablers cry about their own victimhood as the one who is that size is mean, screams and yells at them if they don’t get the food they want. But the answer is quite simple…don’t do as they demand. What will he do, call the police he is being mistreated? That will result in being placed under State care, probably in a scummy State facility, to lose enough weight to become mobile on their own.

As someone else pointed out, the catastrophically obese are deemed disabled and the feeders get to live off the government largesse (forgive the pun).

The fact this guy is also a dirt bag that tells rank lies about military service makes it very hard to muster sympathy for his underlying mental illness. Talk about being smothered by the weight of your lies.


The amount of food he ate to get (and eats to stay) that size is staggering.


Can’t muster any sympathy. Lying about military service is usually only the small part of a persons shitness that just happens to appear above the waterline.


He doesn’t even get creative about– man, they kept me in a cage made out of bratwurst and I had eat my way out; PTSD makes me compulsively eat now!

Only Army Mom

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

“PTSD makes me compulsively eat now!”


Some things never change.




Pepperidge Farm may remember but this Canuk remembers the Marine Corps bombing in Beirut almost like it happened yesterday. Couple guys I went to school with, later joined the Marines and some months after that, got deployed to Lebanon. I recall getting a really cool post card from one of them saying ‘Having a great time but you should be grateful you’re not here’. Two/three weeks later, I remember the abject shock and disbelief of being told and later, scouring all the available newspapers for names and details about the bombing. After finding out that Hezbollah had been responsible for this, I went from despising them to regarding them as less-than vermin. In temperance, I found out some months later that both classmates had survived but also came to know that to this day, both still struggle with profound survivor guilt. Bottom-line: for Daniel Wall to lay claim to being a such an incredibly critical part of such an appalling chapter in American history goes beyond DESPICABLE and utterly deprecates the honourable MEN and the incredibly difficult mission the USMC undertook. Daniel J. Wall may believe himself to be many things but he’s never been a Marine and will always be less-than a man. My sympathy for him and his so-called ‘condition’ can be found in any dictionary between Shit and Syphilis.

*shrug* maybe this is Lars’ long-lost brother..?

MI Ranger

I believe in telekinetic transportation, traveling through black holes and bending the time-space continuum (prove it isn’t real!)…but I can’t believe in a 900lbs idiot becoming Mayor. Who is paying for his campaign? He probably is living off of the taxpayers already.

It’s too bad you can’t intravenously feed someone, then you could control their calorie intake and slowly wheedle this guy down to a svelte 300lbs!!


You can still control his calorie intake–leave his food on the other side of the room.


Just curious as to why that 2/8 America’s Battalion Logo has a picture of an Airman?


I can’t picture someone that size doing much beyond plugging up a black hole, Sweet Jeebus. That’s the guy whose picture is beside every all you can eat buffet on the Eastern seaboard with the words NO BUFFET underneath. What a frickin’ turd. Think we can arrange for a CH54 to bring him back to Area 51 and have the fellas from another planet take him off our hands before he gets any bigger and starts pulling satellites out of orbit?


No buffet is over! You just don’t turn it off!

I want for our country to love overeating as much as I do!


Dan’s rage.



A good suggestion and in spite of this toilet seat being rated to 400 kilograms, Wall would probably turn this seat into an IED if he actually managed to sit on it. *shrug* Just say’n…


I’m reminded of the line in Carwash said to a fat guy hopping on him moped: “You jump on that bike one more time, they’re gonna have to call Roto-Rooter to get it out!”


Now you tell me! I got pretty good at toilet repair & replacement when my inlaws lived with us.


This jackass need too see a doctor
Like yesterday. Instead of being a faker

Well done moron

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

If he doesn’t want to lose weight, he will always be up against a stone wall


..but he’ll be a better gardener when he starts push’n up daisies?

sorry, couldn’t resist.


“I’ll step in for GT here and a kind of malaprop this….”

GT would say “Galactic Turd”

Keepin' It Real

I’ll just leave this here…



He can call the Waaahmbulance…

Hack Stone

So, it looks like the Berlin Wall is back. AS someone who had a 2841 classmate perish in that terrorist attack, Hack Stone would like to extend a hearty “FUCK YOU, DANIEL WALL!”


If that fat fuck stopped eating today, it’d take a year for starvation to kill him.

Daisy Cutter

You heyah fo owah. You go now.


Took me a minute but I got it. Well done.

Yu so beeeg … Eat sum vege-ball


You scare my wife!

Daisy Cutter

Why yu so beeeg?




Scary part is, he’s dead now. Rip, John Pinette.

This human Jabba is still alive. He doesn’t have a heart–he has a concrete pump.

Daisy Cutter


Oyah! Bigga Boy,,come heya!


Yet one more example of the effort to keep a man down.

URL: https://safe.menlosecurity.com/doc/docview/viewer/docN3544CE61E336d22991f07b757ad535dc98f7f8dfbde735dc65e98084244f94cb465b006f32ef

“H20-0233A/B/C: Daniel Wall (Berlin, NH) v. Maine Coon Mgmt. (Boston, MA), Juan D. Arrieta(Somerville, MA), and New England Property Rentals (Boston, MA). Complainant Daniel Wall stated his position as the Complainant. Respondents were not present. Investigator Alice Neal reviewed their report and recommendations. Commissioner Helberg moved, seconded by Commissioner David, to find no reasonable grounds to believe that Maine Coon Management, EEC, Juan D. Arrieta, or New England Property Rentals discriminated against Daniel Wall based on his disability, national origin, and/or ancestry when they refused to rent to him. 3 in favor | 0 opposed.”

A Proud Infidel®™️

I wonder just how many debts he’s tried to skip out on? Rental outfits like to do credit and background checks on prospective tenants and it sounds to me like he’s flunked that with them!

Hack Stone

Note to TAH Editors; please correct headline for this thread to read “Dan Wall – Still Waddling the Lie”. If this fat piece of human shit were to rock, the entire Northeast seacoast would fall into the ocean.


He could capsize Guam all by himself.

Hack Stone

Ship him off to Asia, they can always use another Buddha statue.

A Proud Infidel®™

If he was to go on a hunger strike he’d have at least a two year life expectancy.

Hack Stone

Daniel Wall’s favorite war film is Pork Chop Hill.

Daniel Wall never met a meal that he didn’t like.

Daniel Wall takes a garbage can to Baskins Robins and tells them to fill it to the top.

Daniel Wall always uses a condiment because he practices Safe Snacks.

Daniel Wall was going to be awarded the Medal Of Honor, but they Department of Defense did not have enough ribbon to fit around his neck.

When Daniel Wall announced his candidacy, he said that he was looking forward to his waddle for the Mayor of Berlin.

Daniel Wall is so fat, he qualifies as his own duty station.


Daniel Wall went to KFC.
Told the clerk “I want a bucket of chicken”.
Clerk says “What size, sir?”
Daniel Wall says “The one on the roof.”

Daisy Cutter

“Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.” — Animal House —

Let’s hope he doesn’t drink heavily.


Yup. One fart and he’d wipe out vegetation for miles…

Green Thumb

I doubt this clown is solid enough to produce a good fart.


Thanks for that mental picture, dude! Now I’m off to order a gallon of brain bleach from Amazon.


If elected mayor of Berlin, NH – Wall will issue a decre declaring that All-You-Can-Eat buffets are free to veterans or to those that self-identify as veterans.

The next logical thing he will do is have the town hall meetings held at the buffet.

Hack Stone

A fat piece of shit who has fictitious military career, believes in space aliens and waddled for Mayor. He should team up with Joe Cryer for the 2024 primaries under the Mental Party.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone just put Joe Cryer’s name into the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, and he sure has a stellar career of stiffing his creditors. Four years ago tomorrow was his ill fated lawsuit filed against The Shipleys, which did not go Cryers way.

ORDERED that Defendant’s Motion to Quash Service of process is hereby GRANTED as this Court finds that service upon the Defendant was made in violation of Maryland Code Ann., Cts. & Jud. Proc. 6-305; and it is further ORDERED that considering the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss Complaint as to Extreme Seal Adventures, LLC, as a motion for summary judgment in light of the supporting documents attached thereto the motion for summary judgment as to Extreme Seal Adventures, LLC is GRANTED.

His latest appearance on the charts isC-23-CV-21-000052, also known as Carrie Ward, et al. vs. Joseph Cryer, which looks like a foreclosure. Does Wittgenfeld have space in his 1974 Ford Pinto station wagon for a room mate?


Thanks Hack…
Needed a good laugh after a two week flu..not covid but just as vile…
Ford Pinto has me giggling like a school girl…


Nice tits!

Green Thumb

That All-Points Logistics employee Insurance plan maybe getting “stretched” to its limits.


It’s Phony Silver Star time again.
It’s not often we see a phony on active duty.
Less often, an O-5 LTCOL.

Google the names…. (LTC) Kane Mansir. And Chelsea Curnutt.
Plenty of juicy crap.
I immediately found the June 2021 baby registry.

[The Army is investigating a married officer accused of
faking deployments and awards amid affairs with several women]


Wow, an effed up Civil Affairs officer, the remfiest of REMF’s. Sure glad I didn’t go through with the plan to branch transfer to Civil Affairs from Infantry. I went to one of their pow-wows at Reserve summer camp one year. What a bunch of self-important pussies.