Report: Biden Allowing Some U.S. Military Veterans Deported for Crimes to Return

| June 28, 2021

Poe sent in this report on how people are being deported (or lack thereof) and now they are considering un-deporting people. From Breitbart;

Some lawfully deported foreigners are being allowed back into the United States if they have relatives in the U.S. military, according to a recent report in the Washington Post.

Biden’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, charged with removal operations, already issued a memo in May saying that service members and their immediate families generally should not be deported, the Washington Post reported.

“DHS [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s staff has been meeting with advocates, deported veterans, and members of Congress in recent weeks to gather information about the cases,” it added.

In a statement carried by the Post, DHS spokeswoman Marsha Espinosa noted that the department “recognizes the profound sacrifice that our military families make on behalf of our nation.”

“The Department is committed to bringing back military family members who were unjustly deported,” she added. “Additional steps will be taken to make sure that military families’ path to naturalization is easy.”

It is unclear how many cases are under review or how many veterans and their families have been returned to the U.S.

I can see the arguments in helping out veterans, but now we’re giving preferential treatment to those related to veterans. When it comes to un-deporting actual veterans, of course the PTSD is what drove them to commit felonious activities instead of seeking their US citizenship.

Many deported veterans fighting to return to the U.S. assert that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from their service in combat drove them into committing serious crimes such as felony drug trafficking. However, they stress that they did their time and deportation amounts to being punished twice.

Law enforcement arrested some of the deported vets with pounds of cocaine, an amount that is beyond what most addicts consider for personal consumption.

The DSM-V doesn’t list pounds of cocaine as a symptom of PTSD. I checked. We do know that President Biden has a soft spot in his heart for those who enjoy partaking in massive amounts of illegal drugs and Parmesan cheese.


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  1. Slow Joe says:

    Military service is not a get out jail card.

    If a veteran commits a crime, the law should always apply to all citizens the same way.

    PTSD my ass.

  2. KoB says:

    “Put That Sh*t Down” (PTSD) “…felony convictions of crimes…” Oh Hells to the Naw!

    “Behold my field………..”

  3. SFC D says:

    “However, they stress that they did their time and deportation amounts to being punished twice”. Nope. Your citizenship or resident aliens status was granted based on you behaving yourself and following the law. You failed to live up to your part of the contract. Thank you for your service, now go. Zero fucks given.

  4. Hack Stone says:

    So what crimes can a natural born citizen/honorably discharged military veteran be allowed to commit without any repercussions? They can’t deport us, because this is our place of birth, but if foreign born veterans can get a pass on their punishment, shouldn’t we get some consideration too?

  5. Only Army Mom says:

    One of the orgs I’m involved with is “looking into drafting a statement supporting those who served and ended up deported”. It was a hard no from me.

    I asked if that’s more like “falling pregnant” or “catching a case”, other euphemisms that imply no culpability on the part of the participants.

    In a surprise to no one, this was proposed by a veteran family member who never served but refers to their family members’ rank in the plural.