Biden boards the Blunder Bus on first overseas trip as POTUS

| June 17, 2021

President Biden went to Europe this week for the G7 Summit, hosted by Great Britain. Poe’s been sending me some of Biden’s characteristic gaffes and I’ve picked a few of my own out. Watch the mainsteam media and you won’t see much talk of any of this. In fact, you’ll hear from talking heads at CNN about how the world is refreshed at the return of United States’ global leadership. Well, if this is leadership, then I’ve been taught wrong on the definition of the word.

First up, Biden keeps forgetting he’s President;

Biden’s only allowed to call on certain reporters. Rumors that the White House Press Office vets questions ahead of time are totally unfounded, right?

Biden needs a flash card to remember that Trump is the source of all problems;

Biden uses his platform on the world stage to trash half of American voters. Keepin’ it classy, Joe.

Biden wanders off. Thankfully his wife Doctor Biden was able to find him and lead him literally by the hand back on course. She’s the POTUS seeing eye dog.

Lastly, we have this epic headline from Metro in the UK. “News…But not as you know it” is their tagline and it’s pretty spot on here. That this headline was done in “Pride Month” and under the rainbow logo makes it all the more poignant.

Joe and Boris are both gonna grab onto that sausage and beat off the EU. Merkel’s arousal intensifies. They better not forget Macron. He likes getting the hanky panky from people much older than himself and in positions of authority. If there’s a sausage to be worked, Trudeau is already on the case. He just needs to stop and reload on shoe polish so he can do it in blackface.

I know there are other trips Biden’s taken on the Blunder Bus, but it’s a full time job to keep up with his “leadership” on the world stage. Don’t get me started on him and Putin. The only winner this week was the globalist agenda as they all pledge to “Build back better”. Whatever the hell that means it’s guaranteed that it’s not putting America and Americans first.

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“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.” Barack Obama, Joe’s former boss and current puppeteer.

The history of who destroyed America will be erased from history.

Think you can vote these types of people out of office? Dominion machine…”Hold a ballot and watch this.”

The Other Whitey

Consider the magnitude of uselessness that rates such praise from Obama, especially in light of Comrade Vlad’s assessment of Barry himself: “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The bird knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, then struts around like it won.”


We are truly the laughing stock of the world now.

Green Thumb



Greybeard, take heart. Sorry, don’t mean to even half-offer to bicker with any of my Southern cousins but…as forgetful and awkward as Joe-B and his annoying doktor wife might be – I defy you – can anyone find an image of Biden(or Trump for that matter), wearing black-face or a picture of the President’s wives in a Halloween-Princess Leia costumes..? Fucking embarrassing. Just the briefest thought about Trudeau’s sycophantic grin in front of the World’s clicking cameras makes me what to projectile-puke and bitch-slap him at the same time. No friends, there’s actually someone equally if not, much more inept and that much more of a laughing-stock just North of the good ‘ol USA.


And as usual they gave me a list of the folks I’m gonna call on……Why isn’t the first question: “Who gave you the list, and why ?”

Only Army Mom





Because you’d never get on the list again. And you’d probably be removed from the room.



I saw this pop up from a friend who is on twitter:

Cliff’s notes: Biden gives Putin “a list of 16 critical infrastructure elements that should be off-limits when it comes to cyberattack.”

You know, sort of like that time FDR gave the Japanese a list of targets they weren’t allowed to bomb.


The catch is that some of the cyberattacks are probably not, in fact, done under orders by SVR or GRU… they can be independent actors within Russia. (And likely known to internal security.)

It’s saying, “Yeah, these 16 types of things? We don’t care if it’s you or just criminal syndicates within Russia attacking them – they’ll be responded to as if they were attacks ordered by the Russian state itself.”

In other words, reign in any criminal enterprises within Russia that are also attacking us, or you suffer the consequences.


No, it’s still bone-headedly stupid for two reasons:

First of all, giving a list of “16 critical targets” is like making a public post on Facebook that reads “We’ll be out of town for the next 3 weeks.”

Might as well hang a “ROB ME!” sign on the door.

You NEVER intentionally reveal your weaknesses to a potential adversary (even if you think they already know them, you never give confirmation – always leave them guessing.) That’s like the first lesson of Operational Security (OPSEC.)

The second reason it’s stupid is because when you give a list of 16 “off limits” targets, you are implicitly stating that it’s OK to attack anything NOT on the list.

So, stupid for two independent reasons.

It’s much better to make a more general statement that “we will respond vigorously to any and all cyber attacks on our infrastructure whether they originate from nation-states, from private actors acting on behalf of nation states, or from private actors acting with the knowledge and consent of nation states, with all appropriate diplomatic and non-diplomatic measures available to us.”

Only Army Mom



First of all, giving a list of “16 critical targets” is like making a public post on Facebook that reads “We’ll be out of town for the next 3 weeks.”

Do you know what the 16 are? It’s the CISA list. On their website. They’ve been up there, in public, on the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency website for ages, going back to the Trump administration, at least.

Here’s a link:

To say that’s ‘giving away target information’ is like saying, “We’ve got F-35 jets, so don’t mess with us!”, and then decrying he revealed we have F-35s. It’s not a secret. It’s a statement, to a world leader, that is already out in the public.

The second reason it’s stupid is because when you give a list of 16 “off limits” targets, you are implicitly stating that it’s OK to attack anything NOT on the list.

I really don’t think it does, even if I agree that it could have been worded better. If some asshole put his hands on my daughter, and I told him in no uncertain terms that if he did that again, I’d kick his ass… that doesn’t implicitly give him permission to do other shitty stuff, like harassing her online, stalking her at work, or other such shit. It’s just me calling out the current, critical need.

If you haven’t followed the SolarWinds or Pulse Connect attacks (the latter attributed to China), they deal with critical infrastructure. He’s just emphasizing the current threat, there’s no implicit OK for other targets.

Again, I agree it could’ve been stated better, but it’s not some stupidly horrendous thing. It’s just a statement of US cybersecurity official position.


“Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.” – Sun Tzu

Wonder what ol’ Sun Tzu would think of beginning by handing your opponent a list of sixteen things you hold most dear, LC?


See above. This is akin to telling people we have a Navy. It’s not a list of covert facilities / assets, it’s like saying, “You know we have a Navy, right?”

If you’re going to argue we shouldn’t say that because it’s giving your opponent information they might not otherwise have confirmed, then .. well, .. that’s a special kind of magic.


Once upon a time, we gave our adversaries a list of what we considered our interests.

Korea was not on our list.

Shortly thereafter, we were at war trying to stop a Communist invasion of the ROK.


And where does Biden get the authority to say “you can’t attack -these- Americans” ? Implicitly they -can- attack others?

Nothing occurs, for long, in Russia without Putin’s permission.

We shall see if Biden has any better luck with this “red line”.

It may be the Short Bus that Biden Rides, but it is still the Blunder Bus.


We publish this list. This is just saying, “I’m explicitly stating to you official, public US policy, and we’re serious about it.”, and complaining he’s giving away something top secret.


LC, publishing the list is a far cry from the head of state handing it to another, potentially hostile, head of state.

That act lends those targets a heightened importance/strategic value and brings it to the clear attention of the wrong person.

And it in no way equates to pointing out we have a navy. It is far more akin to handing him a list of coordinates of naval installations and telling him, “You damned sure better not EVER hit these bases.”

Do you honestly think Putin didn’t immediately assign greater strategic value to the entities on that list?

And why do I think you would be denouncing this as an act of incomprehensible stupidity if it had occurred but a year ago?

Hmm??? 🤔🤔🤔


Slow Joe Biden is the most mentally inept world leader since George III.
Not that we have it any better with our national embarrassment.We have goat smegma for brains Justine Turdeau who sucks the wee wang of the ChiCom Party for breakfast.


Post a spew alert, wouldja? Goat smegma?


We could coin a neologism here at TAH to describe Joe: smegmatic…🤓🤓🤓


PM Zoolander probably doesn’t have a gag reflex when it comes to CCP schlong… like his old man…


Come on…. CCP schlong barely makes it passed his gums 😉


OK All you fucktards, I’m trying to cobble something together here for the The Hemisphere of Insults®™ and I only have “Goat” 2 times and “Smegma” not a all (shocker)

Goat Smegma, inept national embarrassment, brains, wee chink wang that barely makes it past toothless gums, smegmatic (adjective)

OK here goes….(hold on to your horses or caprine as it were…)

“Smegmatic goat cheese curd generating, inept, national embarrassment, wee Chink Wang herdsman, minute member that barely makes it past your toothless meth gums, mouth massaging, hope and loose change generator of dubious economic origin, bordering on endless capital based public assistance, ”

OK, I think I’ve got a new entry.
Thanks for the lay up dudes.


It really doesn’t matter what Putin agrees to at this summit. Always remember and never forget, Vlad is still old-school Soviet and has KGB roots. He’s gonna do whatever suits him at the moment.


To quote him:


If Biden had misplaced his list before the meeting, ol’ Poe’s willing to wager that Putin could have pulled one out of his suit pocket and said,

“Here, use mine–it’s much longer…” 😝😝😝


Trump was so on target about the Euro weenies & NATO. They play the USA for patsies. Phuq being liked & being part of the club. We need to stop subsidizing their genteel lifestyles on the American dime. Force them to pay up their minimum 2% on defense, and play on equal footing on trade & tariffs.
Having Potato Head Joe who needs teleprompters & note cards to answer even basic questions is terrifying. The European ‘allies’ are picking America’s pockets again.
Joey shuffles shuffles shuffles at the back of the G-7 pack, and they are giggling w/ glee this demented fool is going to bow to their wishes. Thank teh lawd Orange Man gone. No more being held accountable to pull their share of the burden.

The Other Whitey

Vladdy is looking across the table at Quid Pro Joe and thinking to himself “This is too easy!”