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Winchester Model 62

Off-Duty Texas Deputy Shoots, Kills Man Wielding Knife At Knights Of Columbus Hall

NEEDVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – An off-duty Houston-area deputy shot and killed a knife-wielding man during a private event at a fraternal lodge, sheriff’s officials said Monday, June 7.

In a statement, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy was working security when the incident happened Sunday at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Needville, 38 miles southeast of Houston.

The deputy, said to be a veteran sergeant with the sheriff’s office, encountered a 24-year-old knife-wielding man involved in a disturbance with others attending the event.

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Cops: 5 arrested after victim pulls out gun while being beaten, shoots attacker

Five men were arrested on assault charges after Atlanta investigators determined they severely beat a man who in turn pulled out a gun and shot one of his attackers, officials said.

Police were initially called to investigate the shooting but learned of the assault after interviewing the victim and numerous witnesses.

The investigation began when a man was rushed to a hospital about 10:50 p.m. Saturday shortly after being shot in the 400 block of Edgewood Avenue. He was alert when he was taken for treatment, police said.
Witnesses told police the gunman ran away from the scene shortly before officers arrived.

However, upon further investigation, officers found a man near the scene who “appeared to have been seriously physically assaulted,” police said.

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“It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen.”
– Aristotle, Selected Writings From The Nicomachean Ethics And Politics

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    Fond memories of the shooting gallery at Revere Beach.
    I don’t recall anyone getting shot or even complaining
    about all those guns on the counter at a crowded sidewalk.
    There was a guy and a kid running the gallery.
    The horror!

  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Deputy shot and killed a knife wielding man at a KoC event.
    At the same time, the KoC event was halted because the chef could no longer prepare and serve the food.

    (humor, said with tongue firmly planted in both cheeks)

    • 26Limabeans says:

      The article is wide open for jokes.
      But that would be in bad taste…..

      • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

        Not “bad taste”. Rather, NO taste… there was NO food being served.

        Ok, ok, I’m a bad boy. As my dad would say, “whip me with a wet noodle”. (runs out of the room, LOLing, with pots, pans, a cat, and various assorted utensils being thrown).

        It’s Friday. It’s been a long and tiring week. I’m ready to collapse and sleep through the weekend, but there’s too much to be done, at work and at home. So, “hie ho, hie ho, it’s off to work I go, with a kick in the rear and a bottle of beer, hie ho, hie ho hie ho…..”

  3. KoB says:

    Start a knife fight where there’s a good guy with a gun? *sigh* teh stoopid is strong with this one!

    5 to 1 odds, severely beaten and still managed to shoot one. Fight back…bring every weapon to bear…headbutt the hangman.

    “…contracted with a young gunsmith named John Moses Browning” (Howitzer be His Name)

    Another FGS was submitted that must not have fit the Lame Stream Media’s narrative. The page has gone poof from the inherwebz. Gonna try to find it. Story was from SanFran.

    Hey, y’all notice the Headline in the thread? It reads “Friday FGS”. FRIDAY! Meaning the TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread will drop, eventually if not sooner. Bim will be lurking to defend his crown, and others may be paying attention. And of course, the Gun Bunny is always itching to call down a Time on Target FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION. Your advantage is the Gun Bunny has to be out and about for a good portion of today and will be AFK. Good Luck to all of the weeds of the D and to the Adorable Deplorables.

    • David says:

      Yawn…. some of us have work to do. Friggin’ grass growing so fast I have to cut more than weekly just to keep up. In the last month my lawn has been growing 4-6″ a week. Except for the long bahia grass stems, they grow 12-15″ a week.

  4. Tallywhagger says:

    That is a fine and handsome pump action rifle. My father had one in his youth, probably handed down from one of his older brothers. I think my younger brother now has it.

    Maybe 20 years or so, back, a Brazilian maker came out with a very nice imitation base on the design. Can’t remember who the maker was though I looked around for one for years.

    It’s not easy to do better than a Ruger 10/22 for out of the box accuracy, durability and reliability.

    Still, sometimes you just need a stick shift instead of an automatic.

    Those carnival guns were a LOT of fun, even had them at elementary school events.

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