Antifa won World War II

| June 7, 2021

Landing on the coast of France under heavy Nazi machine gun fire are these American soldiers, shown just as they left the ramp of a Coast Guard landing boat, June 6, 1944. CPhoM. Robert F. Sargent. (Coast Guard)
NARA FILE #: 026-G-2343

We didn’t put up a D-Day commemoration post yesterday, but I’m sure almost everyone here didn’t need the reminder of the significance of 6 June. I’ll take the blame for not getting something up on the topic. Not to compare myself to God, but he and I both like to rest at least one day a week.

Anyway, back on topic, we were made aware of a new Lincoln Project video. You’ll recall the Lincoln Project (named after the Great Emancipator himself and the first Republican president) as a virulently anti-Trump conglomeration of very small “r” Republicans. The ranks of the organization are filled with neo-cons and RINOS. Most of them only use the words “conservative” or “Republican” to refer to themselves when they’re appearing on left-wing media outlets to parrot Democrat talking points.

The new video from the Lincoln Project is the height of revisionist history and is as insulting to millions of veterans as . Antifa, the black-clad violent left-wing group that espouses Marxism and likes to riot, burn down courthouses, and assault police and reporters, were in fact the real heroes of D-Day. Not just D-Day. Antifa, they say, won World War II. Move aside Jonas Salk, Marie Curie, and Albert Einstein, Antifa might be the best humans to come out of the 20th Century!

Here’s the video if you want to get mad. I’ll even go so far as to call this stolen valor. I recommend not watching it. First, it’ll only anger up the blood. Second, it’ll give them clicks and thus money. If you’re a masochist (I admit I watched it), then here you go;

The Post Millenial does a good write up on the video, including many quotes, that is a bit easier to stomach and won’t give the Lincoln Project and/or Google any clicks/money.

If you want to know just how deranged and out of touch with reality the Lincoln Project folks are, this video is but only one example. Organization co-founder Steve Schmidt just on Friday said;

Trump has the ability to kill and destroy with the spoken word.

People have accused Trump (rightfully I admit) of having a god-sized ego, but rarely do you see someone suggest that the God Emperor actually has god-like powers to kill with only a word. Not just kill, destroy. I suppose General Soleimani, who was given two blew eyes at the order of Trump, is the exception.

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F* left/libtards…


FFS!!! Is pantyfa also the father of Mother Teresa? Is that on the next video?

Nah, I didn’t watch it. Blood pressure is finally back down around a steady 124/69 and I don’t want to throw this ‘putor across the room. Might hit my new TV Set with it.


Fuck revisionist history and all the puss-nut-low-life`s that try to sell/tell it to naive as some kind of ‘truthful historical narrative’. Doom on them one and all…


Pantifa? Riiiiight, they couldn’t have defeated one of the German stomach or ear battalions from 44-45 let alone any of the early or mid war units; can anyone imagine what the Pacific would have been like with the likes of them running around? Not pretty.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Shit on antifa, BLM and all of their minions.

E4 Mafia 83-87

I just about shit a solid gold brick when I saw this WASN’T The Onion or Babylon Bee posting this story.
No fucking way you can compare the trans-puprple hair-beta male-man bun generation with that generation that stormed the beaches in Normandy, Italy, Tarawa, Iwo, and so on.
This might be the greatest insult in a long line of insults from the so called piss-ants the fill up the media’s ranks. I bet even Lars can’t believe this analogy. I can call my crew The Knights of the Round Table, but it didn’t mean I am on on par with Richard the Lion Heart. Fuck antifa, the media, and all those that support them.

BTW, Creepy Joe says they’re just an idea not an organization.
End of sermon.


I was right there with you. Had me laughing till the end.


Fucking morons…
This is not playing well anywhere except their blew shithole cities. McAllen Texas just flipped to a Conservative Republican in a decisive defeat of the liberal klowne for supporting unqualified illegal immigration .
It’s been blew for decades. It is also mostly Mexican immigrants.
Texas itself is now 57% minority so us white folks are actually a minority here.
Texas went for Trump by 9 points, even with all the fraud.
So there goes that narrative…


interesting take by the Maoist Project.

It is important to note that the European Pantyfa groups all failed and had ceased to exist as organized efforts by 1938.

Then, as now, they were primarily panty wastes who desired a strong socialist government…you know, like the fascists and national socialists, but one in which they, not the “other guys” would run the gulags, concentration camps, and punishment battalions.

They always lose.


Visiting relatives in a sane part of Oregon, where Trump yard signs lined streets in 2016 thru to now, a construction business had a trailer-mounted porta-potty inside their fence. On all visible sides of it, and professionally stenciled, was a sign stating “Antifa Snacks”

A Proud Infidel®™️

I would SO ENJOY pounding a few of those pasty little soy-sipping booger-munching pantywaists the moment they decided to mess with me, my Family or Friends but wait, most of those I hang with would want a piece of them as well. Anyone ever notice that those maggoty candyasses never mess with Vets, Bikers, or anyone not afraid to fight back?


for the same reason PETA doesn’t harass bikers for their leather vests…

Pussies gonna pussy

Just ask our resident fluffer


They tried.



Hey Lincoln Project – guess you’ve gone and lost even more of your tiny little millennial mind… ANTIFA did not win the War – the Allies did. For the Record – my father, grandfather and my almost all of my uncles DID NOT serve with ANTIFA. Fuck you very much, LP!


So far as Trump Killing with word… IIRC from my middle school days you have to be at least an 18th level Wizard to memorize the spell Power Word Kill and the target has to have less than 60 hit points.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

And Donald “Muad’dib” Trump was able to Kill and Destroy with a Word.


You posted something from the North American Man Boy Lincoln Association? Ick.

As to those Bourgeois Posers, they will be the first ones liquidated as Enemies of The Party, come The Revolution.

Boozhie, every last spoiled brat posing idiot one of them.


Thank God my Grandfather (a veteran of WWI who fought at Tarawa) was not alive to see that shit from those cocksuckers at the Lincoln Project (aka NAMBLA lite).


The historically illiterate shills of the “Lincoln Project” putting out propaganda for the Marxists on the left. It’s almost as if google search didn’t exist and there was no history ever written about the Pre-WWII German Communists, Antifaschistische Aktion, which is the historical predecessor of today’s Antifa. I mean, even their flag is the same


We had a couple of GOP types who were part of LP here (looking at you, Jennifer Horn.)

To say she’s a pariah around these parts would be kind. Paybacks a bitch, ain’t it?


Antifa has no resemblance to WWII anti-Fascist Allies other than their name.

If they are trying to say that Antifa should be lauded because they use a similar name, then the Democrat Party should be banned for starting the Civil War and maintaining segregation for 100 years. Can’t have it both ways.