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| June 18, 2021

It’s Friday, June 18, 2021, which means another week has quickly flown by. Since June is LGBT month, the above meme is presented. It’s an artist’s depiction of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Roh-Dog says:


    • Roh-Dog says:

      Two in a row! That’s right, grovel knaves!
      I promise to *never* be a judicious ruler.
      Fetch us a Miller Lite!
      Have a great weekend y’all!

      • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

        Miller Lite! Yuck! Have you no taste!? Where’s the top shelf al-key-hols!? and hand rolled Central American see-gars!? Dancing women! (who wants girls?)

        • KoB says:

          Welp, I can see now that I can no longer just lay back and watch the WOT hang there, waiting for someone to reach out and grab it. CW, Chippy, and some of you other miscreanted weeds of the D (and you Most Adorable of the Deplorables) needs to step up your game. One more and -Dog will have a 3-pete. That is no big deal in itself, and would be OK, even him getting a quad 40, 4 in a row would make only a trifecta of those, ChipNASA and myself being the only others IIRC. However there is, and can only be ONE (1) ACE of FIRST and I have no intention of that being allowed to happen. Don’t make me be the bad guy here! 😛

          FIRST (ht 2 Roh-Dog) I will offer my Rats of the Cong to My Connecticut Yanky Brother, a Queen of Battle, and all around fine fellow. Good on him for keeping the Crown of FIRST in the (GO) Army Family. Now I will have to address his Rain of FIRSTNESS. Yes, I said Rain, not Reign. He has RAINED on our loyalness by NOT offering any snacky stuff of anysort, and as Brother Tox so eloquently pointed out, NO Top Shelf Class VI Supplies, NO decent see-gars (not even a stale pack of C-Rat Pall Malls), and NO Adult Themed inhertainment. Hell, he ain’t even offered to show us any pics of his gf nekkid (I even offered to send him some of the ones I have of her). Hence the term in-her-tain-ment. C what I did there?

          Be careful there your Highness, your Natives may start getting restless. Miller light? Pappy, the Engineer’s sweat has more Al-key-haul per volume than that does. I guess those of us that survived PBR, Shlizt, Falsestaffs, and such, chilled in a steel pot cover by a pilfered CO2 Extinguisher, can and will survive a Miller Lite. Least it ain’t a Bud Lite, which itself is only one step above unrefined horse pee. This here is all about the level of the buzz and how quick can we get there.

          So, break out some munchies, top of our drinks, light up them stogies, and STAY OFF MY LAWN! Smooches from my 4 point of contact sent your way! 😀

          And yeah, thebesig, Imma ’bout ready for bringing some Fire and Brimstone down upon these Sodomites and Gomorrians. The Second Coming cain’t gets her quick enough.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            I got some sardines and Tapatio paired with a Goose IPA for ya… Its end-of-week for groceries so its hockey pucks and fish sticks in the freeze.

            And all y’all throwing shade at the Lites, how dare you! If I wanted to enjoy beer for taste, I got ’em. Lites get the job dun! Cost/benefit situation. The past two weeks I haven’t ‘earned my keep’, got kicked in the teeth going long on silver and not cashing out or selling to cover.
            Live and learn….or naw.

            Before crackin those open I can offer a mag or 3 for some target shooting, but as a despotic leader I’m not sure having the rabble well-trained is a good thing. (starting to understand the current admin’s take on things…)

            And FA, If you ever seen my girl in her b-day finery you ’bout die from dehydration. A sad consequence from a drool and sweat loss combo as I chase you down in the pick-em-up truck.

            Just for the insolence I’m taking next week’s WOT too.
            (And you get none of the Gentlemen Jack)
            (P.P.S. All said in jest, except for the defense of Mr Miller’s Fine Lite Pilsner. I’m drawing the line there!)

            • KoB says:

              Damn -Dog, sounds like you and Ms Hot Body “Make Me Break out in a Seat” Girl Friend needs to be Welcomed South Brother. Hell, I gots ’bout any kind of consumable rations you can imagine, prolly 90-180 days supply, including all kinds of snacky stuff, and yes, cookies with ice cream. One thing for sure about Firebase Magnolia, I might want to shore up that North Wall a little more, but a body is NOT gonna go hongry around here…or thirsty. I can even swap you coin of the realm for cartridges of the caliber. Who knows, I may find my sunken boat one day.

              Guess since I can’t have any Gentleman Jack, I’ll have to swill down some of this Crown I got left over and chase it with a Yuengling. The horror! 😉

              Full disclosure…used to knock the bottom out of multitudes of them little Pony Miller Bottles (they didn’t last long enough to get hot) and I keep some of Mr. Miller’s Light Artillery around for Baby Sister. I may even let you play with my Rusty Wallace #2 Miller Lite Race Car! (2002 Ford Taurus) 😀

          • ChipNASA says:

            *Bows head*
            Welp, I was actually working on this “new” “Federal Holiday” and I forgot it was Friday and what time it was. I’m a couple hours late to the party.

            Oh well, Maybe I’ll protect and call for DEFUNDING THE WoT!!!!!!

            (“Oh shut up and Go Fuck Yourself!!”)

            It’s much like the three headed giant around here some times.

            “Brave, brave, brave, brave, ChipNASA!!!”

            • Graybeard says:

              I think it’s rich that the Feds (and specifically the Party Of The KKK) had to appropriate a TEXAS! holiday to show their (meaningless) support for the end of slavery by Republicans.

    • Graybeard says:

      Rats of the Cong to ya, Roh-Dog

      But Miller Lite? Wussy beer? Dude, are you Real Army?

      Shiner Bock, St. Arnold’s Ale, Guinness, something with some manliness to it.

  2. Lurker Curt says:


  3. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Ok, second!

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

      Damn! Third!

  4. Green Thumb says:

    The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) takes it in ass by appointment only on Thursdays.

  5. Sparks says:

    10TH! Woe that doesn’t happen often

  6. Graybeard says:

    Fourth or Fifth independent commenter.

    • Graybeard says:

      The humidity has dropped so that 95 is actually bearable in the GB Compound AO

      Green beans and corn are done for the season, tomatoes coming on well, yellow squash is still going great guns, butternut squash looks to be a bumper crop, watermelons and pumpkins have a good start.

      Doc put a heart monitor on me this week to try to figure out what’s going on with my ticker. Nothing serious we think, but odd. (Figures, considering who.)

      To all you fathers out there – hope y’all have a Happy Father’s Day</b). I know there will also be a ton of hurting folks for this holiday, but here's wishing you the best.

  7. 13th in line. congrats Roh-Dog.

  8. Poetrooper says:

    Some more welcome news: Texas governor, Greg Abbott held an official bill-signing ceremony at the Alamo yesterday wherein he made the Lone Star state not only a Constitutional Carry state but also a Second Amendment Refuge state.

    Texas joins this list of Constitutional Carry states:

    Iowa (7/2021)
    New Hampshire
    North Dakota
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

    And these states which have varied forms of state-level Second Amendment protections for their citizens:

    North Dakota
    South Carolina
    West Virginia

    In addition, nearly half the counties in the country now have some form of gun rights guarantees against federal infringement.

    • Graybeard says:

      It is important to note that Constitutional Carry does not convey all the rights that a License to Carry conveys.

      Some places a LTC can legally carry a CC cannot, and some places are still felony violations for either one.

      • Poetrooper says:

        True, GB, but it still means a more widely-armed citizenry, a proven deterrent to successful criminality. I say successful because while there will always be perps who still attempt it, their chances of being stopped in the process by armed citizens is vastly improved.

        Also, there’s no question of being charged for having a firearm in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. When Miz Poe and I were traveling frequently, I always researched the state laws where we were going to determine the laws governing vehicle carry.

        It was a damned mare’s nest of differing details from state to state, making it a pain in the ass to be certain of compliance: in some states it had to be in a locked case, in others in the trunk, in some unloaded while in others loaded was okay. In some, you had to inform LE while in others not, on and on with silly restrictions imposed by state legislatures.

        With constitutional carry, much, if not most, of that legislative nit-picking is gone. If you have the right to carry a loaded weapon then you have the right to have a loaded weapon on open display and close to hand in your vehicle.

        Furthermore, in most of the constitutional carry states, you DO NOT have to inform any LE stopping you that you have a loaded weapon in your passenger compartment.

        Contradictorily, in some constitutional carry states, if you are permitted, you ARE statutorily required to so inform LE of that licensure when stopped.

        All in all, it still remains advisable to check the current gun laws of any state which you are traveling to or through.

        • Graybeard says:

          I agree entirely Poe, but some folks may not be aware of the nuances.

          And trying to keep track of the different laws from state to state is troublesome. Here in TX one can carry at church unless they put up the 30.06 and 30.07 signs. In Arkansas one cannot carry in church whatever the church leaders say. (or couldn’t a few years ago)

          But at my home church any individual with evil intent has to think very carefully about it. Our security staff may or may not be open carrying. The rest of the congregation probably is concealed carrying. Bad Guy’s chances are very poor.

          • Poetrooper says:

            “Bad Guy’s chances are very poor.”

            And that makes us all feel better. Ol’ Poe’s not a religious man but he most definitely believes that those who are have the right to worship in peace, free of the fear of crazed gunmen.

          • 26Limabeans says:

            In Maine one can carry concealed without a permit but must
            inform any LEO that they are armed should they have contact.
            If you get pulled over it had better be the first words you speak.

            With a permit you don’t have to say squat.

    • David says:

      Even more noteworthy, Abbot exempted Texas made suppressors from NFA regulation. Might be some Federal pushback on that.

      • Graybeard says:

        I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on YouTube or any other platform but:

        My understanding is that since the suppressor has to be 100% Texas parts, the Feds have no jurisdiction over what is allowed. It is confined to State borders and therefore a State concern.

        Of course, a court (specifically a Dimokrat tool in a judicial office) may argue differently, but very few legal jurisdictions in Texas are gonna give it a chance.

        • Mason says:

          I imagine the federal courts will rule along the lines like they did for the firearms ban at schools. Very, very broad interpretation of the interstate commerce clause.

          • Poetrooper says:

            Mason, the real legal contest will come when the sanctuary states like Texas say to the federal courts,

            “Your federal ruling does not trump our state legislation which ensures the protections of the Constitution to our citizens.”

  9. Commissioner Wretched says:

    Major-league hat tip to Roh-Dog for being FIRST in the WOT!!! Always earned, never given!

    This week, the trivia column is the promised “silly laws” edition. I hope you all enjoy it!

    What are some of the silliest laws that are still on the books?
    By Commissioner Wretched

    As people say, “There ought to be a law …”

    Actually, too many laws exist. Some are pretty strange, too.

    In response to numerous requests, I am dedicating the trivia column to the ridiculous laws on the books that are rarely enforced, rarely mentioned, and rarely known, even by the police.

    The silly laws make you wonder, “Why in the world was that law enacted?”

    Just when you were totally sure about the potential future of human stupidity, you realize someone, somewhere, had to actually do what the law was written to prevent.

    So, if you’ve ever said something similar to, “There oughta be a law,” here’s your chance to see if that law does, in fact, exist. We’ll return to the usual trivia in next week’s column.

    Did you know …

    … wearing slippers in a public place is illegal in New York after 10 p.m.? (You can wear your pajamas, but not your slippers.)

    … in Thailand, stepping on the country’s money is illegal? (This one actually makes a kind of sense, since the money has the picture of the ruling monarch on it, and nobody wants to voluntarily step on the monarch’s face.)

    … in Florida, men may not be seen in public wearing a strapless gown? (Well, there goes my outfit for the gala ball!)

    … in Virginia, the law prohibits chickens from laying eggs before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m.? (You have to wonder who’s running the time cluck in the hen house.)

    … Canadian law prevents the sale of comic books which depict any illegal act? (What does that leave for Superman to do?)

    … in the United Kingdom, placing a postage stamp on an envelope upside-down is considered an act of treason? (Even if you love the Queen?)

    … in Florida, showering naked is against the law? (Not sure how they imagine you’re going to get clean, but hey, whatever works for you.)

    … in the nation of Barbados, wearing camouflage clothing is illegal? The reason is the country’s police wear camouflage uniforms.

    … walking around one’s house with no clothing on is illegal in the city-state of Singapore? Nudity is considered pornography in Singapore … and pornography is illegal. (Yeah, but they don’t let you chew gum in Singapore, either.)

    … running out of gas on the road in the city of Youngstown, Ohio, is illegal? (It’s also indicative of very poor planning on the driver’s part.)

    … in the city of Blythe, California, you must own at least two cows to legally wear cowboy boots? (So if you only own one, can you wear just one cowboy boot?)

    … the law in Indonesia says a woman cannot be taller than her husband? (What if you’ve always wanted a wife you could look up to?)

    … people in the town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, are not allowed to lock the doors of their cars in the downtown area? Cars must be left unlocked in case someone needs to take shelter from a polar bear. (You have to hope the polar bear can’t operate the door handle, though.)

    … the law in the state of Washington states that anyone under the age of 18 must have written parental permission to throw a tear gas canister? (I’d like to think that would apply to people over 18, too, but that’s just me.)

    … keeping an elk in a sandbox in your backyard in North Dakota is against the law? (But you can keep your elk in a tree house or garage!)

    … the law in South Korea forbids anyone under 16 from playing video games between midnight and 6:00 a.m.? (Good thing they don’t observe Daylight Savings Time.)

    … Alabama law does not allow you to drive a car while blindfolded? (It’s also dangerous, and pretty darned stupid, too.)

    … Florida law forbids fishing from your car while driving across a bridge? (You’ve heard of fly fishing? This would be drive fishing.)

    … riding an ugly horse is against the law in Wilbur, Washington? (There’s an obvious “Mr. Ed” joke in there, but I am not touching it.)

    … in the town of Bromide, Oklahoma, children cannot use towels as capes when jumping off a roof pretending to be Superman? (If I lived in a town named after a sedative, I’d be jumping off a roof too – cape or no cape.)

    … in Alaska, whispering in someone’s ear while they’re hunting for moose is a legal no-no? (Even if you’re whispering where the moose is?)

    … singing off key in North Carolina is not only annoying, but illegal? (Hence, why I never sing when I’m in North Carolina.)

    … bees are not allowed to fly over the village of Kirkland, Illinois, or through any of its streets? (One has to wonder how flowers are pollinated in Kirkland, then.)

    … tying a crocodile to a fire hydrant is not permitted in Michigan? (Notice that it isn’t illegal to have a crocodile in Michigan, just to tie the croc to a fire hydrant.)

    … selling your eyes – or any other organ – is illegal in Texas? (Especially if you’re still using them.)

    … in Florida, it’s against the law to sell alcohol during a hurricane? (Even though that’s when most people need it?)

    … French schoolchildren are not allowed to have unlimited ketchup, mayonnaise or salad dressing? (Ooh la la!)

    … Florida law forbids rats to leave the ships docked in Tampa Bay? (Espcially if they’re sinking.)

    … carrying a fish in a fish bowl while riding a public bus in Oklahoma is illegal? (Well, where the heck else would you carry it – in your pocket?)

    Now … you know!

    • Graybeard says:

      Back when I was in college, the Blood Mobile would come to campus and you could actually get a few bucks for donating blood. Not bad for a hungry college kid.

      I understood that the wineos abused that offer – they’d give a pint and get a pint, and soused.

      Now they just give you t-shirts, mugs, and points to other goodies. Just no cash.

    • rgr1480 says:

      … in Thailand, stepping on the country’s money is illegal? (This one actually makes a kind of sense, since the money has the picture of the ruling monarch on it, and nobody wants to voluntarily step on the monarch’s face.)….

      Back in 1968 when my Dad was posted to Thailand as advisor to the 11th Regiment (King’s Own Bodyguard), we were briefed (1) never step on Thai currency, and (2) always stand in the movie theater during the playing of the Thai national anthem.

      Resultant anecdotes (the plural of which is “data”) told how the miscreant US boys and soldiers had been beaten by irate Thais for disrespecting the king.

      I will say that King Bhumipol was a great king and did much for his country and people. The current king — who favors wearing crop tops — is a piece of ki อึ

  10. The Other Whitey says:

    For those interested:


    • Graybeard says:

      Looking good TOW

    • Commissioner Wretched says:

      Outstanding, TOW! The level of detail is incredible! Great work!

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Damn. That’s some talent!

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Actually, it’s mainly a mix of frustration, foul language, and time (and fast reflexes, so I can duck when my wife throws something at me for the aforementioned foul language).

        I just did the first round of interior paint on my baby daughter’s B-29. I’m almost done with the dio scene of my uncle. Also working on a couple of 1/350 ships with my two oldest kids. Got some other projects starting up as well: my wife’s B-17, niece’s Mosquito B. Mk IV, and other niece’s J2F Duck. Also kicking around a couple more Red Dawn dio ideas. And since I introduced them to The Chieftain’s channel on youtube, my kids now want tanks to go with their aircraft and ships.

        • KoB says:

          Progressing very nicely TOW! Thanks for sharing. Don’t forget my P-38 Lightning and remember the C-130 for the Aircraft Carrier, because…after all, THAT IS a transport/Aerial Artillery Platform/a bringer of the dam dam onto badguys that CAN and HAS landed and taken off from a Carrier…and the engines and wings are mounted properly. 😛 (Takes a cue from TOW and ducks)

          • The Other Whitey says:

            I’ll keep it in mind, KoB. I’m thinking of something featuring the militia infantry from the previous Red Dawn dio scene using a knocked-out T-62M for cover in a firefight. Also got some thoughts about an un-retired and possibly up-armored M4A3 76(W) HVSS Sherman, or maybe an M24 Chaffee or M41 Walker Bulldog in the same scenario. Hell, maybe even an M103.

            • KoB says:

              fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap. Go ahead, tease me some more. On the tanker side, a Stuart Light Tank (yes named after J.E.B. Stuart) would be a nice touch for Pacific Operations. And we gonna need some Arty here and about. One thing that the domestic enemies of our country may not have realized is that in a Red Dawn situation, there is an ass load of Historical Re-enactors with multiple black powder cannons, fully crewed and well trained, ready to defend the high ground. Old Buddy of mine 2 counties over does WW! & II in addition to WBTS AND provides stuff for Hollywood. He has a full compliment of tanks and Arty, fully functional, with former service people that act as crew members and such.

  11. CCO says:

    Nice picture.

    Check these guys at Adventure with Purpose:

    I don’t know em but they seem ok.

  12. UpNorth says:

    In honor of Juneteenth, I just found out, via a woke TV broadcast, that there are only 2% of video game designers and developers who are black. Here, all along, I though it was just about killing zombies and Call of Duty 27, or wherever they’re at. Who knew?
    And, watching the local news last night, I was regaled with the tale of a guy(?) who wants to add at least 5 more colors to the Pride flag.
    They’re really reaching, when it comes to “news” these days.

  13. Devtun says:

    Looks like the diversity officer for SOCOM, Richard Torres-Estrada, was reinstated after command investigation.


    • Hack Stone says:

      Hack Stone often wonders how the US Military has been so successful in combat for 246 years without a Diversity Officer on site pointing out how their racism and toxic masculinity is detrimental to winning battles. Anyone who is qualified to lead warriors in combat will be pushed aside in order to bring “inclusivity” to the battle. We need more gender confused leaders to get the troops to march in lock-step for the mandatory Gay Pride Parades, but don’t spend any time training for important things, like combined arms exercises. Don’t know how any veteran could encourage their family members to join today’s military. We had a good run, but it doesn’t look like we’ll recover from this “transformation”. See you all in the re-education camps.

  14. ninja says:

    Welcome To The E4 Mafia!!!


    Sergeant Major Dropped To E-4, Gets Confinement Over Sexual Misconduct At Fort Stewart”