Critical Race Theory video comment: U.S. Constitution must be burned

| May 24, 2021

Too many people assume that the U.S. Constitution addressed cultural, civilizational or other temporary “realities”. Based on this assumption, they feel that the U.S. Constitution should “catch up with the times” or be completely changed.

However, the U.S. Constitution addressed the results of human nature. It is human nature to want freedom. It is also human nature to do things that result in the loss of freedom. Our founding fathers understood this. They designed the Constitution as a hedge against the loss of freedom.

From PJ Media:

Doran read that these principles were centered around the idea “that reason is the primary source of authority and legitimacy and advocated such ideals as liberty, progress, tolerance, fraternity, constitutional government, and separations of church and state.” But she’s not into those things.

“Inherently, the problem with that, is that when our constitution was built, our constitution was built on those founding principles, but was not built on those founding principles including the humanization of marginalized folks.

“So you cannot cite our constitution, our constitution should be burned, because our constitution in and of itself is only written for who owned land? Men at the time, it’s still written accordingly. Who was owned? Black folks. Those amendments have not been ratified. You should read your constitution.”

Doran said the constitution as it stands now is full of “oppressive amendments and languaging.” “The constitution itself is only rooted in Enlightenment for white people, just like this country,” said the educator.

Leftists think that they are going to get something better if they get rid of the Constitution and implement their ideology. However, history shows that their ideas pave the way to ironfisted governments. You can read more on PJ Media. You can also view the video that this article references:

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Which Constitution?
There’s more than one which were ratified by various States, with slight transcription errors re punctuation, but the general understanding shall be the understood to be the same: F*** you, I’ll keep my freedom.

These people want total control of all facets in society and are using the dumbest emotional-cum-terroristic threats to achieve their goals.

(I skipped around in the video, around the 37-40somthing mark this dude takes some major condescensions. These people are inf**kingsane.)

AW1 Rod

I no longer bother listening to/watching the dreck that these bottom-feeders excrete. I don’t have to. It’s all the same bullshit. And my response is the same to all of it:

Go fuck yourselves. A lot. And often.


Hell! I’m Canadian and this offends ME!! As was said in one of my fav-films – ARGO-FUCK-YOURSELF!!!! Buncha fuck’n goofs…


Commies gonna commie. (All the hipster rappin’ etc. is just to sound cool.)


What in the ever loving phuque is this BS? Glad I didn’t waste any more time than I did watching that drivel. This is NOT education; this IS indoctrination. And it has been creeping its way into our education system for way yonder too long now.

The Constitution of these United States is THE most important document to grant true freedom to ALL people since the Magna Charter. I challenge anyone to show me a country anywhere in the world where there are more opportunities for freedom and advancement than these United States. Many of swore an Oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. I still take that Oath very seriously and am preparing to raise the Black Flag and sharpen throat slitting devices. Our Country, Our Freedoms, and our very way of life is at stake here. I want my Grandchildren’s children’s children to grow old in the same Country and Freedom that I did. Sadly, I don’t think that will happen. I used to think that I would not live long enough to see America destroyed, but, alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case now. I will sell my life dearly on a hill worth dying for.

If “Whitey” is so bad, and our Constitution so denying of freedoms to blacks, why isn’t Africa a leading Continent? Let’s have a critical conversation on the black tribes that have made war and sold one another into slavery for eons and are still doing it. Odd that of the 40 some odd shot and 11+ killed in Shitcongo this weekend, it was ALL black on black. The “mass” shooting in NJ this weekend was the same. And so it goes.

For your next blood pressure raising trick, thebesig, you gonna do a post on the “1619 Project”?


I want America back, not some Leftist 3rd-world sh*thole!

A Proud Infidel®™

A leftist third world shithole is JUST what rich liberals want to turn the USA into!

MI Ranger

You have it correct King of Battle!!! We swore an Oath to the Constitution. To defend it against anyone foreign or domestic, whether they be a terrorist, government, or idiot! Should someone seriously propose that the Constitution of the United States of America be tore up and replaced all Military, former Military and those that support us have obligation to rise up and defend it in both word and deed!


Nice of ’em to publicly identify themselves.


Think so too – make’s it a helluva easier to line ‘em up and draw a bead on ‘em…


I keep watching these types and wondering just what the hell our education dollars are being spent on. It’s not teaching American History to be sure. These “enlightened” types are gonna keep pushing until someone decides to push back. I hope they are fully prepared for what comes with that pushback.


In more than a cruel irony, the conservative movement abandoned education back in the 60’s with the introduction of the “New Math” which I still have no clue about.
Since then conservatives have refused to fight back against the commie run unions and education outlets in America.
I fought like hell to get the “whole language” program stopped in the OHS in the Madison WI area.
I was successful for a while, but as usual, they never give up even if they have clearly lost.
While that happens we get people like romney, bush(es), mccain etc that continue to appease something that they know deep in their hearts is not just bad, but ruinous.
So this is where we ended up. all we can really hope for at this point is a peaceful resolution to these ideals being foisted on our kids and grandkids. There are an assortment of people fighting back and they are starting to have some success, it’s just going to take a huge loss for the commies in the left wing to finally get the real picture.
Hopefully it will end before the bloodletting begins.
These morons are hoping and crying for a revolution, they better watch what they ask for, they just might get it.
For a really clear picture of the goings on I quit watching or listening to any news media or any media for that matter.
I get my news from Instapundit, it’s all there and I can pick and choose what I want to watch and believe.

The Dead Man

I had one history teacher worth a damn going through school, most taught straight from the book with no… attempt to make it relatable or explained in a way that makes it relevant today etc.

This is the same education system I felt was too dumb, back in the early 2000s as a student. This is the same system, that while tutoring a cousin, found out they bypassed large swathes of US history and even went as far as to remove mentions of things like the Magna Carta. Nevermind my issues with science teachers, math teachers and even literature teachers. Same cousin, same tutoring, teacher told him the book ‘Dracula’ written at about a 4th grade level, wasn’t suitable for high schoolers.

Schooling needs a thorough shakedown and refocus.


I’ll bet your handle stands for “Bill of Rights”.


Thanks but it’s actually first name of Bill and last name begins with R. I’m a big lurker on TAH but I had thoughts on this article. I like many on here served in the armed forces. Just a buck sergeant in the AF back in the 80s when they had a split rank and I am less than thrilled with what passes for education in our schools. I take the time to teach my grandchildren about what I think this country really means and how exceptional we as a nation are.

A Proud Infidel®™

TET another sample of the SHIT that is being poured down the throats of children via the NEA and other liberal entities. The Oath I swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic ant I don’t remember there being any expiration date on that. The left is doing all they can to fester discord and foment a domestic war!

A Proud Infidel®™

“YET another…”


Tet seemed appropriate there, given how nasty an enemy surprise it was.

A Proud Infidel®™



Those who want some extra-Constitutional method of altering or doing away with the Constitution (read, revolution) clearly do not have the popular support to change it to their Utopian vision by the amendment process.

And that’s because your ideas suck.

It used to be a common thing to say in the 80s (and I think it’s high time to bring back) “Like Communism? Go to Russian ya pinko!”


The same people who agree with this logic are those who will also hide behind the constitution at their earliest convenience.


Is this bimbo, this bitch on a roll here, even vaguely aware that in the 18th century, there were a great many people in the population, who were known as indentured servants, or bond servants?
They were WHITE people who got out of being jailed for prolonged periods or even hanged for such minor offenses as being highwaymen in England, who were “offered” the choice to work off their sentences by being deported to the Colonies as bond servants. The British prisons were awash in these people. It was either send them to Newgate or send them to the Colonies.

They came from essentially the poorest end of the financial section (thieves, beggars, prostitutes, etc.) and it was go up the steps to the nubbing cheat (the hangman’s rope) or get deported to the Colonies and work off the punishment there. And they were WOMEN as well as men, and they were WHITE PEOPLE.

This beeyatch needs a lesson in real history.

The US Constitution has long since withstood the test of time. It does NOT need changing, nor does it need to be replaced.

What a sorry slimeball she is.


“Is this bimbo. . . even vaguely aware that in the 18th century. . .”

One thing that I have found about your average angry leftist (almost no other kind) is the complete lack of any historical knowledge, let alone perspective. To them, time began in the Trump era. No problem caused by collectivism or positive thing accomplished by free markets is to be remembered.


I have done the best I can persuading both my daughters, yes, beautiful daughters, thank you very much, about real history especially when it comes to WWII.
My generation was born after WWII, me ten years and three months after, and it was still the biggest thing going.
We have to inoculate our children from the real focus of evil in the modern world that Reagan, Thatcher and the rest were talking about…
I refuse to watch any news anymore…..

Slow Joe

And to think I was convinced Islam was our greatest enemy.

What a fool.

The Other Whitey

Don’t blame yourself. Nobody really knew the magnitude or toxicity of the domestic menace skulking in the shadows until it slithered out into the open.